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Featured Ads

Featured Ads

What are the Featured Ads?

The feature ads services are the apt way to create money with a Classifieds website. It gives the users with quality-oriented services by upgrading their ads to generate good sales leads by getting to the top place in top search engines like Google or Yahoo.


Why featured Ads are Necessary?

Featured ads are the apt most suitable to distinguish your impressive ad from the other relevant ones in the category. It all depends on the category where you are placing your ad. Featured ads get placed above the general and normal ads. The best advantage of the featured ad is that it helps you to generate decent sales leads and there to generate higher revenues for your business.

When compared to normal and general leads, featured ads get higher sales leads and also 18 times more views on the site.
Benefits of featured ads:

Featured ads provide numerous benefits which help your business in marketing and promoting in very less time. Every business desires to make handsome profit and featured ads are the best way to do the same.

The benefits of the featured ads are:


1. Featured ads get displayed at the very first as compared to other ads in display.

2. Featured ads are those ads which are ranked high in any category.

3. Different search engines display the featured ads if it is apt for the featured ad criteria.

4. At the time when user will browse the ads, featured ads will be coming right in the beginning as such.

5. You can place your classy featured ads at any place on the blog by using the tool Featured ads widget.

6. It is a simple configuration featured ads by making a Fee category which uses the “Featured Ads” checkbox, thereby helping    us for buying the ads for the Fee Category to be featured as to where it gets posted.

7. Featured ads also offer complete admin control. It is very simple to set or unset any ads which are featured from the AWPCP Admin panel without any hassle.

8.The Featured Ads promote high visibility of your business for the whole world,which in turn helps you in generating good sales leads and get business in a short span of time.

9. By using this option of featured ads, your items will certainly steal the show in fraction of seconds, if users and the customers are concerned. The most suitable way of marketing, advertising and promoting your business in colossal manner, these ads attract the customers, users and visitors globally as you get a marvelous response from the customers

10. You can opt for this featured ads services for different purposes, for instance, selling your car, different home appliances and various other vast array of products.

11.The premium module will show up the latest ad headlines and also the excerpt. All you need to is just go to the landing page of the cities of UAE & Afghanistan, opt for the category you wish to post your ad for sale and go to the next processes to gain a good decent number of customers.