Xbox One and Ps4 gaming console dubai uae
Xbox One Vs Ps4

 Xbox One Vs Ps4 which one to Buy?

It is an unusual event, unique in just over thirty years of life of the consoles. For the first time in the history of video games, the two great rival machines go on sale at the same time, with just a week apart. In the past, different machines went on sale for months, even years apart and there were no need to think about, and choose which one to buy. Not now. Xbox One and Ps4 start simultaneously, and only a privileged few will be able to buy the two. The rest, we are left to choose from.

Xbox One and Ps4 gaming console dubai uae
Xbox One Vs Ps4

The Xbox One shows that Microsoft is doing things well and raises a question: is it worth to buy or not?

Do you plan to buy an Xbox One or a PS4? It is a difficult decision. They are similar machines and at the same time very different.

We show you the reasons why you should opt for the Xbox One, rather than the PS4.

Multimedia Center: Xbox One is more than just a Console

Microsoft’s vision when designing Xbox One was to create a media server that became the nerve center of the living room. A unique device for watching movies or TV shows, play games, upload content to social networks, or video conference with friends.

Because it’s the cheapest and easiest way to play

Many buyers think of an Xbox one console to play: no headache thanks to a closed system, buy the game and play without thinking about installing any software. There will always be players who do not mind spending them for that process to play with the best possible conditions, but also always be players who do not want to go through it and console them what they need.

So it is the only console that includes an HDMI IN pass-thru connection to connect the decoder or the television cable and integrate television channels in the console interface. So you can watch TV programs while you play, or chat with your friends to comment on your favorite show, even if you’re thousands of kilometers away.

Because it is the Best BluRay player and 4K / HDR

In addition, the Xbox One is a perfect complement if you have a 4K television, as the Xbox One can plays BluRay, supports 4K video and even has an infrared sensor to communicate with televisions and other devices. For example, we can put Netflix in native 4K on our TV without the need of Netflix 4K count; the Xbox would be responsible for everything to do it. If you’re buying a BluRay player, then why not buy one that comes with video, hard drive and Windows?

xbox one console dubia uae

Because it is a perfect complement to a PC with Windows

Returning to the subject of crossplay accompany a good computer with Windows an Xbox One can be more entertaining in certain situations: play a game in the lounge if you want to be more relaxed and to play on the computer if you want to get more serious, or quit an Xbox in the living room and keep playing outside with a laptop. Both systems can coexist without any problem, and knowing that Microsoft is betting on what they call ‘Play Anywhere’. You can even make streaming of Xbox to Windows 10, if the television is busy.

Because Project Scorpio still some way off

Finally, one of the main reasons why you should buy the Xbox One gives it to Microsoft itself: at E3 2016 announced they were working on Project Scorpio, a console that would meet the needs of virtual reality. The problem, always playing with existing leaks and rumors, it would have to wait until 2018 to buy it.


It is true that no good press among hardcore gamers, but the Xbox One Kinect camera will not be used to play. At least not most of the time. Unlike PS4, the camera with motion sensors comes standard on all consoles, and is fully integrated into the interface using the console. With Kinect you can control Xbox One without charge. And with the voice pluck of the console, you can put up games, you change the channel or pauses a movie. Simply with hands you choose menu items, you make the camera and it will focus on video conferencing, and interact with the interface. Kinect recognizes you, loading your user profile and your preferences when you stand in front of the TV.

Kinet connect by Xbox one dubai

Launch games

If we look at the list of games launch, as a whole, we realize that quality and these proposals are similar in Xbox One and PS4. However, the first titles of the console from Microsoft are more varied. The Sony has hurt the delay in last inute Driveclub and Watch Dogs.

In both machines there are plenty of shooters, fighting games and sports game … But Xbox One can find a Golf game, Powergolf, a kind of simulator zoo, Zoo Tycoon a “simulator” driving like Forza MotorSport 5 games of Japanese origin as Crimson Dragon …

And also they give FIFA 14!

Xbox car racing games


The first exclusives also seem to tip the balance in favor of Microsoft. Ps4 has been released with Killzone: Shadowfall, a spectacular shooter but very conventional, and Knack, family platforms quite discreet. It has triumphed with Resogun, a classic arcade that gives to subscribe to PlayStation Plus.

Xbox One offers Ryse: Son of Rome, set in ancient Rome Dead Rising 3, an orgy of blood and violence with zombies Forza Motorsport 5, a driving simulator Killer Instinct, an arcade fighting, and said Crimson Dragon…

In the future, things seem more equal: with Titanfall Xbox One, and the recently announced PS4Uncharted 4, for example…

Skype Call

Microsoft bought Skype two years ago and already integrated into Windows 8. Now has done the same on Xbox One. Being integrated in the operating system, you can use it anytime. For example, to chat while playing a game or watching a movie, or to create a full screen video on TV.

Skype video calling


Xbox One is a true multi-tasking console. It is the reason why the console interface sucks much memory.

You can instantly switch between a movie, a game, or an app, and then return exactly where you left off. That’s the main reason why people love an Xbox One console very much.

Online Beefier

The online Microsoft has always been more stable and effective than Sony. And the first games seem to confirm that, for now, will remain the same. In the current generation Sony had the excuse about the Xbox One’s online payment. Now, what will be the two? So Sony will have to put the batteries to keep up.

Control Knobs

This is an eternal debate that will not lead us anywhere, because both consoles have excellent control knobs. It has always considered that the Xbox is better for shooters, and now Microsoft has improved its weaknesses, such as ergonomics or crosshead, so it’s even better.

Xbox one’s Control Knob

Best Interface

Microsoft is essentially a software company, and it shows when comparing the interface of their consoles. The dashboard of Xbox One gives many turns while the Ps4 is slow and outdated. And everything suggests that in this next-gen, the same thing will happen.

Microsoft has integrated intelligently television; movies, games and social networking, and everything can be controlled with hands and voice. Visually, it’s nicer.

Hopefully it will not take up too much advertising…

The second screen

In this generation, the second screen (tablets, smartphones, laptops, etc) will play a crucial role. The games will allow both machines use a second screen as a map, inventory, and other functions, and even play games on them, via streaming.

Sony series integrates smartphones and the PlayStation Vita console, as well as thousands of devices by means of mobile apps for Android and iOS. Microsoft will also have apps for iOS and Android, but plays with advantage, as a driver of Surface tablets 2, Windows 8 and Windows Phone.

It has already confirmed that most Windows 8 apps will work on Xbox One series, and if it gets Surface 2 then it will be successful, it will be an asset to create a second screen based on solid ecosystem.

You can even connect up to 16 tablets or smartphones at the same time.


Both machines will integrate cloud architecture, although it is not yet clear how or when.

Sony bought Gaikai, specializing in streaming company, and already used to allow play games before downloading them completely. It will also use the cloud so we can play games in PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3 directly into Sony’s servers without downloading them.

Microsoft said on the day of the presentation of Xbox One, which has 300,000 ready servers to provide cloud services for Xbox One. Has recently opened data center Project Mountain, exclusive to Xbox One and Office 365, which cost $700 million dollars.

It will use the cloud in games like Forza 5 to Titanfall to improve the artificial intelligence of enemies, without consuming resources of the console that can focus on other tasks. Microsoft has more money than Sony, and cloud applications will more profitable because you can use with Windows, Office and other software, so their arguments seem more solid.

EA loves Xbox

Fifa14 football game by EA Sports

Although EA, the largest gaming company in the world, is cross platform and also launching their games on Ps4 and other systems, it has a very close relationship with Xbox. The FIFA 14 promotion is a good example.

Titanfall will be an exclusive Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.

Also, today much downloadable content are available for Xbox One.

Fusion series and games

Steve Ballmer’s company (briefly) has announced that it will shoot a series on Halo, produced by Steven Spielberg. Also it will roll remake of the British science fiction series Blake’s 7. Both series will be broadcast exclusively on the Xbox platform. It is supposed to make games based on them.

The ability to see the show and play the games at the same time or even the events of a means to influence the other is fascinating.

Will Sony something to say about it?

Listen to your CDs and mp3s

In Xbox One you can listen to CDs and MP3s, but in Ps4 there’s no option. Really Sony has promised to fix it with a firmware update, but has not said when. Meanwhile, you can use your music service Music Unlimited payment.

Rectify is wise

The presentation of Xbox One was a disaster for some players, for what we deceive. The players sat them like a shot when Microsoft banned the use of second hand and used games, and compelled that Xbox one to be permanently connected to the Internet. The reactions on social networks were brutal, and Conas on YouTube, anthologies…

Microsoft has shown that they can rectify, eliminating these restrictions. Either that or it is that suddenly panicked at what fell over… They never recognize what the real reason for this retreat, but not necessary, because we all know. (Yes, panic …)

We seem 15 solid reasons for you to seriously buying an Xbox One, The Xbox One are the best console of Microsoft, and may be need to purchase

Do you seem to be enough, or you disagree with them?


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