What if iPhone breaks

Apple recently announced its 2017’s flagship lineup of devices. The 10th Anniversary iPhone X features an edge-to-edge 5.8-inch OLED display, the brightest and crispiest Apple ever produced. Other new interesting features include Face ID, allowing the owner to unlock the phone just by looking at it, an improved snapper for perfect pictures, and native support for wireless charging in an iPhone first time ever. See also:

But the harsh truth is that it’s also the company’s most expensive smartphone ever, with prices starting at £999 and can go up to an eye-watering amount of £1,149. When you’ve invested this much money in a gadget then you really don’t want anything to go wrong with it.

So what should you do if it happens to you?

With iPhones so expensive, many people choose to take Apple’s own AppleCare+ insurance. The service costs you additional £199 apart from the original device cost for the iPhone X, which is £50 more than for other models.

Research suggests that one in three iPhones are lost, damaged or stolen.

This insurance includes two years of telephone technical support and hardware cover, including two incidents of accidental damage. However, there’s an excess amount to pay for accidents: £25 for screen damage, or £79 for anything else.

Without AppleCare+, screen repair costs between £136 and £176, and a non-screen repair can cost hundreds of dollars or pounds. It’s also possible to get your phone insured by a third party service provider. Policies start at as little as £4 a month, although this may only cover damage but not theft. So what’s the sense?

Though Apple provides one year of warranty for its phones, however, it doesn’t cover accidental damage, disassembly, unauthorized service, and unauthorized modifications.

What’s your take?

If anything goes wrong by any means and you don’t have an insurance to cover it up then it’s clearly your fault. “Prevention is better than cure”, so always keep your phone safe, secure, and an insurance. Go for the third party insurance if you can’t afford Apple’s insurance as “Something is better than nothing”.


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