uae new transit visa policy for all passengers

Can I leave the airport when I make a stopover in Dubai?

The United Arab Emirates cabinet has given the green light to a general policy that will grant entry visas to passengers in transit at all airports in the country, who wish to visit places of tourist interest in the UAE.

Passengers traveling through any of the country’s airports can get transit visas. Earlier this month, Dubai airports unveiled a proposal that allowed transit passengers to leave the airport for the city experience.

According to Khaleej Times:

Approximately 4.5 million passengers pass through Dubai International Airport every month, reaching more than 50 million per year. Of these, an estimated 46 million do not visit the city.

Most passengers stay in the lobby, shopping or eating and drinking. Average airport spend is AED 9, while those visiting the city can spend up to AED 1,000. Every year, 14.9 million tourists visit Dubai, and the number is expected to reach 20 million by 2020.

The new visa policy aims to improve transit visa procedures to allow passengers in scale to enjoy a day in the country, thus boosting the tourism industry. More than 70 per cent of the total number of passengers who passed Emirates airports in 2017 were transit passengers.

The cabinet formed a working group, led by the Federal Authority of Identity and Citizenship, to prepare the new policy taking into account the positive effects it will have on the tourism sector and the economy in general. 70 percent of the total passengers who passed through the United Arab Emirates airports in 2017 were travelers in transit.

The new policy will list visa fees, mechanisms to increase the number of intermediate visitors and ways to promote the country’s tourist attractions.

The new transit visa policy is excellent – those passengers have more time to stay can go out and enjoy some of the most popular places in the U.A.E before their flights, rather than spend a long wait at the airport.

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