2018 month of reading in the UAE

Last week, all Federal government officials took a step from the usual work routine and started reading as part of a newly implemented “reading time” initiative.

Some departments chose to close the wireless LAN for an hour, but other departments invited parents and children to join them reading books.

The Federal Agency (FAHR) announced that as part of the reading month, it was necessary to spend one hour on reading. Following it was an exhibit of commitments from all federal departments.

reading hour initiative in uae

Dubai’s Knowledge and Human Development Department (KHDA) chose to turn off the Wi-Fi connection in the building between 11 am and 12 pm. For that, the staff was shocked due to loss of connection, as they changed the name of Wi-Fi to “KHDA’s reading time“.

KHDA arranged a special reading corner for all employees, provided free stuff for both English and Arabic to the staff and entertained them during a 60 minute break.

KHDA ‘s CEO, Fatma Al Marri, told local newspapers, “the best way to let people read is to turn off the entire office’ s internet network”.

She said that: “all of the staff left their computers and came from the conference rooms, picked up the books to celebrate the reading time”.

It turned out to be a wonderful way to relax and try something different from routine every day. Even they encouraged their visitors and guests to read the collection of their books.

there are so many books to read in Dubai

In the Dubai Health Department (DHA), the child patients staying in the hospital’s network were invited too to read in a timely manner.

The DHA tweeted a child and a staff member holding a book about Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum and Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the two great leaders and the founding fathers of UAE. A story that began in UAE – and amazed the world.

Director Dawood Abdul Rahman Abdullah Al Hajiri of Dubai Municipality (DM) joined the employee and observed the reading time at the head office.

He said, “we arranged a wooden shelf in the courtyard of the municipal main building, and released a book from poetry to short story and personality development. And the staff was advised to take the book home for a week to two weeks to achieve reading.”

This is only one of the many leading initiatives DM introduced to employees.

To date, 20 events have been organized, including a book fair at the municipality’s headquarters for staff and school students, and a “Me and My Mother Read“, organized for municipal nursery children and their mothers.

A spokesman for the authority said that the reading-hour initiative aims at receiving the reading habit in the work environment.

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