How to get the (Certificate of Good Conduct) in the UAE

Expats seeking UAE work visa need to get certificate of good conduct ahead of work permit

Starting next month, there will be major changes in the U.A.E visa system in the form of a new requirement for incoming foreign workers to prove they have no criminal record, either in their own country or in a previous country where they lived. The Indian missions here have sought clear instructions on the certificate of good conduct that has been made mandatory for work permits of those seeking work in the UAE.

The new law came into force on Sunday 4 February, as part of the background checks of foreign workers, before work permits are issued to them.

It is estimated that there are 4.5 million foreign workers in the United Arab Emirates.

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If you move to Dubai (or the United Arab Emirates) for work, there is now a new document that you will have to take with you. A certificate of good conduct, which is a police verification certificate, is now an essential preliminary document for anyone wishing to work in the UAE.

But to make the process easier, the Dubai police have posted on their Twitter page that the application can be made online, through the Dubai police website.

The link on the Dubai Police website also provides information on the requirements of the certificate of good conduct, contact details and cost of the document.

An application for a resident in the United Arab Emirates is priced at Dhs220, and for a non-resident it is Dhs320.

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The “certificate of good conduct” should be issued by the country of origin of the person or country in which he / she has lived in the last five years.

The Indian missions have addressed the issue with the United Arab Emirates authorities and requested further details on the implementation of the new rule, the Consul General of India in Dubai, Vipul told the Gulf News on Monday.

Senior diplomats said they believed the police clearance certificate (PCC) issued by the passport offices in India will be granted by the U.A.E authorities.

Indians residing in the United Arab Emirates who wish to seek the PCC from India can do so through Indian missions, confirmed by the officials.

Indian expats, who have completed five years of residency in Dubai, like other expatriates, can also get the PCC from the Dubai police.

Without the ministry’s work permit, companies will not be able to process work visas.

While explaining the reason behind this major decision, the committee said; “the procedure is part of the United Arab Emirates government’s efforts to create a safer community. They added that it will also contribute to making the country “one of the most peaceful in the world”.

It is worth noting that dependents do not need to obtain a certificate of good conduct. So if your family comes to the United Arab Emirates with your visa, they will not need to receive one.

The certificate will also not be necessary for tourists or anyone entering the United Arab Emirates with a visiting visa.

You can learn more about Police clearance good conduct certificate here.

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