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Top 5 Tourist Attractions of Ajman 

attractions of ajman

Ajman, the most beautiful and the smallest in the area Emirate of UAE which has some of the class picnic spots which attracts people from around the world. This Emirate is situated within the area of 260 square kilometres. Another name by which Ajman is famous for is ajman and there are 2 small areas nestled at the Ajman, Masfut & Manama and these 2 areas involve the agricultural features because of the situation along the Persian Gulf as such. Masfut is the agricultural area in Ajman and Manama is the eastern side of the Emirate. About 235000 inhabitants are living in this Emirate city in UAE. Much of the population of this city lives in the capital, Ajman. The commercial business is growing at a rapid pace in this Emirate city. You will find various commercial offices, markets and  around 50 international and the local retail shops located at this Emiratre city.

Though you might not find that kind of dazzle and glam as the other Emirates city like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, etc., but Ajman beaches, Ajman museum, Ajman dhow building yard are the highly-favored tourist attractions of ajman to watch out for in the year 2017 if you are a globetrotter to the core.

5 Smashing Tourist Spots to Visit in Ajman 2017

Here is the list of the tourist attractions of Ajman which you must certainly visit in the year 2017 and have the time of your life in these places.

1 Ajman Museum

Nestled in the eighteenth century fort, Ajman museum is the class architecture which includes the features like the corals and the gypsum. One of the best tourist spots in Ajman, it is built in the way that it appears to be the most royal and eye-popping look. This particular place had been the place of Ruler’s royal residence and had also been the office till the period of 1970. By the royal look, this makes the perfect tourist place and picnic destination. Inside the gallery of the museum, you will find various old weapons, arts, crafts, manuscripts, etc. which will leave you amazed. From the period of year 1970 to 1978, the exhibition hall was also the police headquarters. This fort also includes 2 watch towers, 2 wind towers and there is also a gateway which is being fronted by 2 giant canons You will find the magnificent traditional lifestyle of the locals from the ancient age in this museum.

2 Flabbergasting Ajman Beaches:

Though this Emirate is not as developed as other Emirate cities which includes Top 7 beach hotels in Dubai, UAE, but has some of the best beaches which you must surely visit once in a lifetime. Yet another lavish tourist attraction of Ajman is the beguiling beaches which you must certainly visit once in a lifetime. These beaches are being highly-Favoured as the best tourist destination who are looking forward to have the whole of their time to enjoy and capture beautiful memories. You will also find multifarious luxe hotels at the Ajman beach side. The most admired private beaches of Ajman is the Kempinski beach which His just so breathtaking.

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3 Ajman Dhow Building Yard:

The Dhow Building Yard of Ajman is yet another smashing tourist attraction which you must certainly visit once in a life time. One of the best places to visit in Ajman, it is the most beautiful place to see in this small Emirate. You will be mesmerized to see the traditional way of constructing dhow by the hands who have the laudable skills in building dhow and have got these best skills from their earlier generations as such. The interesting part is that the construction o how do not have any sort of blueprint formed in the beginning. There are also Parks & Resorts in Dubai, which people love to visit who make a tour to the UAE, the most amazing gulf country.

4 Mowaihat Archaeological site in Ajman:

The reason why this astonishing place is the best tourist attraction is because it was discovered in the year 1986 and there were various materials found here such as tombs, copper elements, Umm-Al-Nar ceramic vessels, around 3000 beads and also some corpse remains of the humans. If you love to see the historical places, then this place is the must visit for you in Ajman. The Mowaihat archaeological site is one of the most famous sites of Ajman, UAE.

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5 Beautiful Etisalat Tower:

This extravagant place of Ajman, Etisalat Tower was just plan to be built in the conventional style of mosque- with the paints of pink color on the tents as such and it also has good stats and it also resemblance just like the big golf ball. One of the world famous skyscrapers, it attracts people from around the globe who love to see something of huge height. This is the symbol of development in this small yet modern Emirate state. The big golf ball is just something which you would surely not miss even from a far distance. The most attractive architecture of Ajman.

Wrapping Up:

So, did you love reading about the amazing tourist spots of the Emirate city, Ajman in UAE?

For reading more such related posts about UAE and wonderful tourist attractions of ajman , then you can check out the blogs section and get engrossed in reading. The above listed 5 best tourist spots are worth the visit once in a lifetime, but don’t forget to share your experience of visiting in the comments section below.

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Happy visiting 🙂


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