buy and sell used products apps

Dubai is the amazing Emirates city where people like to make money even apart from the regular job and also desire to make money sitting at home!

Do you have the second hand and used products at home and aspire to sell out and you can also make money by sitting anywhere?

If the answer to the above question is a yes, then you are heading to the right place. It completely depends upon the products which you are trying to sell through the apps and accordingly you must download and install the apps for your classy smartphone and also use the app. You can make good amount of money by selling the used and second hand products. You can buy and sell second hand products online via best classified app and selling sites. 

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buy and sell used products apps

5 Apps For Buying And Selling Used & Second Hand Products

Here is the list of 5 must download apps for your smartphone to buy and sell the used products:

#1 Vinted app

It is also the wonderful app for buying and selling used products and get money instantly by sitting anywhere. All you have to do is just posting the ad for free through this app along with the used product photo and also the description which is catchy. The major focus for this app is buying and selling used product related to the fashion and also you can get money in a fraction of seconds.

vinted appIt is the best app to be used for your smartphone and also get the money instantly. Vinted app is the best app for selling your old stuff & you can use it in your smartphone and just add the classy photo of the used product like the clothes and also other kinds of items too. These products also include the fashion brand clothes which are used ones and second hand ones. A listing of the items is completely free through this app and you can post the items for sale through the iOS and Android handsets in the blink of an eye. And this app helps you to find the buyers of your used and secondhand products quite easily to the core. The best platform for making money through the used and old products selling.

Which are the best classified apps of UAE is most searched by the people in the UAE and they can know about the best apps for selling used products.

#2 Mercari app

This is yet another best selling app which is available for the Android and iOS handsets. And this app is also free to download and through this seller getting 100% from the sales of products. Though this app, you can buy and sell used items in Dubai and make decent profit. Though this app, the user will be able to buy and sell the different varieties of handmade products and also the new products, right from clothing to video games and also other kinds of stuff.

Mercari app

This app has come from Japan and here it has turned a shopping place and then this app got launched in the US in the year 2014. Sellers can check out the items through the list and then also through taking the photo of the products and then opt to write the description plus include the price, condition and the brand. The sellers are also required to indicate if they want to include the shipping costs or not. Mercari app will be sending you the FedEx or the USPS shipping label when your item will be sold off.

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#3 LetGo app

Sell your items online through LetGo app available for the iOS and Android devices, this is also the best app for your smartphone by which you can sell the used products. This app is also designed for helping the users to buy and sell stuff in your local place and this involves various used stuff like cars, electronic products, clothing, accessories, sports products, books, home and the garden items and much more included. Not like other kind of apps, this particular app is also used for buying and selling of the used and second hand products and this app also discourages sellers from the shipping of the products to the buyers.

letgoThis app also encourages the app user to interact in a better way through the private chat feature for arranging the in-person sale too. Listing also shows the approximate place (but not the right address) or where ever the item had been posted so that the buyers can check out as to how far it is from their town. For creating the listing, the sellers can upload around 5 snap of each product and also add the description plus establish the price. These apps also say that there are the interaction and negotiations between the buyers and also the sellers too, plus the complete responsibility of parties being included in it. 

#4 Offer Up app

This app is available on the Android and the iOS handsets and is also free to download. Though this app, sellers also keep 100% of the sale and there are no such shipping fees included. This is the wonderful app for buying and the selling various used and secondhand products and get good amount of money. It is just like the Craiglist and provides best reviews of the buyers and also through the sellers. Just like the Letgo app, this Offer Up app also not provides the shipping related features and alternatives, but also encourages the users for messaging the app for arranging the sale in this regard. You will find different kinds of used stuff and can sell it online.

offer upThen you will have to meet up at the person and then finish up the transaction. The rough locations of where the items are sold will be shown up so that people will be able to scroll through the listings in the local area as such. The extra feature of this particular app is also the optional TruYou Program and this enables users for validating their whole identity to enhance the confidence in the buyers and the sellers. For taking part in the program, you are required to verify your complete Facebook profile and also scan the driver’s license and also (the state-issued ID or the U.S passport will do) and take a selfie.

People in Dubai also like to make money by sitting at home to make good money by selling off the second hand products and there is a wonderful platform for this. The best classifieds app UAE helps you to post your second hand products ad for free and you will get the buyers through this app which will fetch you good money.

#5 Gone app

This app is available for the iOS and Android devices and is free to download for the smartphone. None of the commissions shall be deducted for using this app. So, are there any kind of used and second hand electronic products at your home which you want to sell out? If yes, then this app is, must use for you. Though this app, you will be able to sell out the laptops, phones and the tablets for the e-readers and also the smartwatches.

Gone up

Gone app will be able to help you in making good money through the selling of the used electronic products. All you have to do is take the picture of the product you wish to sell through this app or just record the video of your used electronic products and you will be able to make decent money through this app by sitting anywhere. This app can also send you the prepaid shipping materials and also the printed label for dropping off at the UPS place. This app will also help you to list your items and bring buyers for you and you will be getting the payment when the product shall be sold off.

The Final Word

So, the above listed are the amazing apps for buying and selling the used products in Dubai, UAE and through this you can sell the used and second hand products easily by sitting anywhere, be it home or any other place. The students can make money apart from the studies they do and the people doing jobs can make extra money through this app apart from the regular salary through the job, Just download these apps and you can buy and sell Dubai used products easily through these amazing apps. So, did you love reading this engrossing post? If yes, then you can subscribe to our blogs section. If there is any kind of buy and sell apps, then you can share in the comments section below.


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