“Does your teen have a weekend coming up that they want to spend with their friends and enjoy?” Here’s some ideas!

There are ‘n’ number of activities to suit all teenagers who either visit or live in Dubai. Dubai can be easily enjoyed with popular places to entertain teenagers for hours.

To help you organize your weekend ahead or a day out for your teen and their friends, here’s a list of Dubai’s top 20 activities that are super teen-friendly and fun, fun, fun!

Things To Do in Dubai For Teenagers

Please check out below the list of top teen friendly attractions:

#1. Desert Safari

teenagers activitiy Desert Safari Dubai

Take a camel ride

A once in a lifetime experience where the children can ride a camel, go Sandboarding, holds a falcon, dress up in local costume, get a temporary henna tattoo, and belly dance after dinner! For kids that love car racing and a little adventure, take a trip over sand dunes into the desert in a 4×4 vehicle with trained safari guides (but watch out for the car sickness), then and eat grilled meats and salad under the stars at a traditional Bedouin-style camp.

Whether you are living or visiting Dubai the experience is not complete until you have had a day out on a desert safari. A desert safari is often enjoyed by many teenagers who are visiting or living in Dubai. A desert safari in Dubai is a day full of amazing and exciting activities such as dune bashing, camel riding and henna followed by the most popular activity: sand boarding down deep and daring sand dunes. The desert safari is then completed with an evening of entertainment as well as a BBQ dinner.

#2. Heritage and Diving Village

teenagers activitiy Heritage and Diving Village Dubai

Pottery and weaving

Give the kids a feel for old Arabia at a recreation of an old village in the oldest part of Dubai, Shindagha. You’ll witness anything from traditional dancing and singing to local boys participating in (replica) rifle twirling contests at the Heritage & Diving Village. See the ancient arts of pottery and weaving, eat a lentil-flour pancake or hop on a camel.

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#3. Abra Routes

Abra Routes Dubai for teenagers activitiy

Hail a water taxi

The oldest open-sided boats, called abras, crisscross Dubai Creek, ferrying workers and tourists alike. On the wharves on the Deira side of the Creek, dhows (wooden trading ships) load and unload fascinating items of cargo bound for Gulf ports. This traditional mode of water transport is now motorized and the only marine public transport that is allowed to navigate the waters of the Arabian Gulf.

#4. The Arabian Sea

Play volleyball

Dubai has superb sandy public beaches, such as Umm Suqeim – which is very popular with kite surfers – adjacent to the Burj Al Arab. The private Jumeirah Beach Park is a family favorite with plenty of shade, a playground, landscaped parkland, and barbeque facilities. It’s the ideal place for a game of beach volleyball.

#5. Wild Wadi

teenagers activitiy Wild Wadi dubai

Fun on a water ride

If the beaches are too calm for the kids, the antidote is Dubai’s most famous – Arabian-themed – water park. It has rides for all ages and fear levels, artificial waves, and the Jumeirah Sceirah ride, located in front on the Burj Al Arab – all based on Juha, a famous character from Arabian folklore.

#6. Creekside and Zabeel Parks

Kebabs in the park

By late afternoon, as the heat dissipates, the parks are packed with locals. At Creekside Park and Zabeel Park, you’ll see Dubai’s multicultural families playing games of football and cricket while Dads barbecue fragrant kebabs. You can hire a four-person bike to cycle around Creekside Park or hire a boat at Zabeel Park and mess about on the lake. There’s even a cricket pitch.

#7. The Dubai Mall

Shop and play

Dubai has scores of malls, but the best for the kids is The Dubai Mall. It has an aquarium and ‘underwater zoo’, SEGA Republic indoor theme park, an ice-skating rink, and the Dubai Fountain that shoots water jets up to 900ft. Also take the kids up the interactive lift to the 124th floor of the Burj Khalifa and take in the view. The fun KidZania Edutainment Centre gives the children role play exercises, so they can act out what they want to be when they grow up. Explore property market & real estate in Dubai, UAE to Rent, Buy or Sell Residential and Commercial Properties with Better Homes.

#8. Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa dubai teenagers activity

Hit the heights

Already the star of an action movie, the vistas from the viewing platform of the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa, are amazing. The elevator has the long travel distance in the world, and when you get to the top you can take in the astonishing views of the city, desert and ocean beyond. 

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#9. Ski Dubai

Take to the indoor slopes

Dubai’s indoor ski resort at Mall of The Emirates has a fun kids snow park and a gentle beginner run with a ‘magic carpet’ ski lift. Kids can enjoy snowboarding, tobogganing, rolling down a ski ramp inside the Giant Ball or just playing in the snow – they also get to meet the Snow Penguins. Just buy or bring winter gloves – the rest is included in the price.

teenagers activitiy Ski Dubai

Located in Mall of the Emirates, Ski Dubai is a well-known indoor ski resort that can be enjoyed all year round with teenagers. In ski Dubai has the largest indoor snow park in the world; it is easily able to keep teenagers entertained for hours along with popular activities that include skiing, tobogganing and snowboarding. Each of these activities are enjoyed for those who are beginners or advanced skiers. Not only this, some teenagers as well as young children can enjoy seeing the newly arrived penguins.

#10. Dubai Museum

Meet pearl fishers

Located in the city’s oldest building, dating back to 1787, the official city museum has interactive life-size dioramas of Dubai’s old port and a bustling Souq as well as insights into the desert and its animal life. Children get to meet life-size pearl fishers, the desert Bedouins and the date farmers.

#11. Go to the waterparks

teenagers activitiy water parks dubai

The two most popular waterparks in Dubai are Wild Wadi and Atlantis. Both waterparks are home to some of the most jaw dropping and breath taking rides that are experienced by the many teenagers who visit for the day. For those who enjoy more than just the waterslides, the Atlantis waterpark is also home to many fish, stingrays and even sharks which can be seen when sliding down some rides. Waterparks in Dubai are one of the most truly enjoyed the places that can keep teenagers entertained for the whole day.

#12. Go sky diving

Teenagers who enjoy heights and want a catchy experience will surely enjoy going to the distinctive indoor skydiving. Located at ifLY Dubai, teenagers can enjoy the challenging adventure of indoor skydiving with no experience needed, meaning that every teenager can enjoy the experience. The experience involves a wind tunnel that moves vertically, allowing each person to have an exciting sky diving experience. iFly Dubai is popular with mainly teenagers.

#13. Go to the Observation deck

teenagers activitiy Burj Khalifa Dubai

Dubai is home to the tallest building in the world otherwise known as the Burj Khalifa. Teenagers can be given the amazing opportunity to go inside the breath taking building and visit the observation deck where they can discover the stunning views that Dubai has to offer.  If a teenager is visiting Dubai on holiday, then going to the observation deck is a once in a lifetime experience that they are able to remember the most.

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#14. Go in a hot air balloon

teenagers activitiy Go in a hot air balloon Dubai

To truly capture the views and if you are looking to see more of Dubai then there is no better way than to go on a hot air balloon. This is a perfect activity for teenagers to explore and discover the spectacular place. Teenagers who take interest in this activity will have the opportunity for a one hour Balloon ride across the desert starting with being able to see the sun rise. This is a relaxing activity to do when taking a break from the crowded malls and waterparks. It is best to take in as much of Dubai as possible if you are visiting on holiday.

#15. Go to the mall

For something simpler, going to the mall is also a way to keep teenagers busy on the weekend or in the summer holidays. Dubai is well known for its malls with the Dubai mall and Mall of the Emirates being the most popular for teenagers to enjoy with friends. The malls in Dubai are sure to entertain all teenagers with the many places to visit. They can go to the cinema, visit the aquarium, go bowling, go ice-skating, go to the arcade and of course visit the never ending choice of shops. If teenagers decide to visit the Dubai mall, they are able to have the chance to see the well-known Dubai fountain in the evening. Refer to classified apps UAE in case you think online is becoming a more popular place for buyers and sellers.

#16. Go to the beach

teenagers activitiy Go to the beach Dubai

If teenagers are looking to do something with friends, then Dubai has some of the most attractive beaches and visiting them is very popular. The winter season is the best time to visit Dubai beaches. The beautiful beaches are likely to entertain teenagers for some hours as they are able to relax and enjoy a variety of water sports. The best beach to visit is the Jumeriah Beach Park specifically for teenagers as it is the most well-known and is best for all ages to enjoy.

#17. Go to the parks

Teenagers visit less in Dubai Parks however, are still quite popular with them. Dubai’s largest parks such as the Creek Park and Al Safa Park are popular parks to walk around in. The parks are popular for those teenagers who prefer to have a quiet day with friends. Teenagers are likely to spend at least a couple of hours in the parks as there are different activities available for them to take part in such as boat rides, cycling and various other sports.

#18. Go on a wonder bus tour

teenagers activity Go on a wonder bus tour dubai

One entertaining activity is to have a wonder bus tour if you are a teenager who is on holiday in Dubai. Teenagers will enjoy this because the tour involves different people being taken around Dubai with water and round the Dubai creek. This is a memorable way to discover Dubai for teenagers as they will come across spectacular scenery. Teenagers look forward to experience distinctive things in which taking a wonder bus tour will be something to remember. Explore the top rated classified mobile apps of Dubai if you are interested in buying and selling of products.

Wrapping up:

Traveling to Dubai is a magical experience in case you are traveling to the above mentioned places with your children or teenagers. They probably more likely to enjoy things that are exciting and engaging for them. In case you are willing to go the above places you will have plenty of fun things to do in Dubai for teens and they will just love it. Dubai has many places as mentioned above that are a massive entertainment destination perfect for active teens.

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