Top 15 ways to have fun in Dubai-race-course
Racecourse of Nad Al Sheba

Dubai is one of the wonderful tourist at action in the world. It is the city which offers you the best places you can enjoy and have fun, eat and play for enjoyment to the core. Many people in the world drop in Dubai to enjoy the vacations with family or the friends. The wonderful part in exploring Dubai is that many places are located very close to each other. Each tourist attraction of Dubai has been just 1 minute away from the Dubai Airport. The stunning place which offers you various adventures to explore.

15 Must-Explore Adventures In Dubai That Will Thrill You To Bits

#1 Dubai shopping malls for the Shopaholics:

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Dubai is the promised land of all the people who are the style icon and love shopping a lot. Dubai is widely known in the world for the world-class shopping malls. A person will just love to stroll in the mall and see the new fashion trends in different things. Different kinds of shopping malls to visit in Dubai includes Mall of the Emirates, Lamcy Plaza, Ibn-e-Batuta, City Center, Burjuman, Wafi city, dazzling Gold market in Deira. Different kinds of malls keep you updated about the ongoing trends of fashion that has hit the market. If you have come to Dubai as the tourist, then you can ask your hotel management for arranging a shopping tour or you can directly contact the touring agency in Dubai.

#2 Skiing at Ski Dubai:

Top 15 ways to have fun in Dubai-skating-ski-dubai
Ski Dubai

Ski Dubai is the wonderful place which provides the wonderful experience of skiing and snowboarding in the desert area. This ski Dubai was launched in the year 2005 at Mall of the Emirates (or Dubai Mall). This 22,500 sqft, Ski Dubai includes the 60 meter high-indoor mountain, including the 5 slopes of different kind of steepness and also includes the adventure of 400 meter long run, world’s first indoor black run and also the 90- meter long quarter pipe for the snowboarders. A ski Dubai grabs the eyeballs of various tourists around the globe.

#3 Beguiling beaches of Dubai:

Dubai is known for the wonderful beaches in the world. Dubai is the city which has the best 5-star hotels in the world, private clubs, different public places like playgrounds, food kiosks, different barbeque sites attract the food lovers. Various restaurants serving the quality dinner with personal waiter/waitress on the beach side is the major tourist attraction. You can also opt for enjoying the best time with the family at the picnic spots in Dubai. The most loved beaches include Al Mamzar Beach and Jumeirah beach. You would just love to glance Palm Jumeirah in Dubai-one look, the hotels in Dubai includes Jumeirah hotel or the Le Royal Meridian Beach Resort & Spa.

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#4 Jet Skiing in Dubai:

Top 15 ways to have fun in Dubai-jet-skiing
Jet Skiing

Are you looking forward to having some more adventure? Yet another adventure to try in Dubai is the jet skiing. You will just love this experience, no matter if you are amateur or the professional. Water skiers love the warm water and dazzling sunshine, which makes the paradise for the ski lovers. The Dubai Water Sports Association gives the top professional skiers a chance to unleash the adventure of water skiing by inviting them to this place for participating in a week-long Water Ski festival. The hotel management will guide in this area too for arranging the water ski tour that will amaze you to the core.

#5 Lovely ride of Helicopter over Dubai:

If you love adventure at the best, then you must opt for the best helicopter ride and watch the magnificent landmarks and places of Dubai in just a short span of time. It will be the best experience to have in Dubai. You will get to see the wonderful Burj Khalifa, The Palm Island, Burj Al Arab in Dubai in just a very few times. You will also like to know about lovely facts about Burj Khalifa. For having the best helicopter ride in Dubai, you can opt to ask the hotel management to arrange the trip for you by finding on the internet. Different agencies in Dubai offer this service to the tourists.

#6 Wonderful Wild Wadi Water Theme Park:

This is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions which is loved by the visitors a lot. This is the advanced water park of the world which has the 24 best amazing rides and the slides. It is nestled between Burj-Al-Arab and Jumeirah Beach Hotel where you would love to enjoy the best through the different water rides. This is much fun and entertaining for the visitors around the globe. The fun-filled entertainment for the complete family.

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#7 Enjoy dining in Dubai Floating Restaurant:

Top 15 ways to have fun in Dubai-dubai-floating-restaurant
Floating restaurant

One of the best adventure to include by the foodies across the world. People love to enjoy the buffet dinner as well as cruising through the Dubai creek. It is also called as Dhow in Dubai and these lovely boats are made of the wood and resembles much similar to old Arab boat or the ships. You would just book your trip in advance if you are an adventure-lover to the extreme. You would love to enjoy eating the food served at Dubai creek with family and the friends. The Jumeirah Garden city also offers you the class adventure to explore Dubai. You will love the wonderful Garden city to the core.

#8 You can also explore different souks:

Dubai has different kinds of malls which you can visit. There are not just big and classy malls in Dubai, but also you can visit the open markets called souks. These souks are the traditional markets, the place where you can bargain with various shopkeepers and you can also get the lovely gifts for your friends and the family. The highly favored market in these are the Gold market. You can get the gold as per your preferences, choices and the budget also. The gold souks are on the must-visit place in Dubai.

#9 Enjoy the Hot air balloon ride:

Top 15 ways to have fun in Dubai-dubai-hot-air-ballooning
Hot Air balloon ride

Yet another wonderful adventure in Dubai is the hot air balloon ride. Hot air balloon ride is just better than the helicopter ride in Dubai. You would love the hot air balloon ride and enjoy the ride over The Palm, Jumeirah Beach, Dubai Marina and lovely sunrise. For adventuring the hot air balloon ride, you can consult your hotel management or search on the internet for different agencies like Dream Days, Amigos Balloons and the Viator Tours.

#10 Media city in Dubai:

Dubai is the best place for the foodies to have 15 best food in the world-eat outside day. Dubai houses the wonderful restaurants where you can enjoy the lip smacking cuisine of your choice. You can unleash your eating experience at the Mazaj Restaurant to have the delicious mezze lunch. You can enjoy the most appetizing dishes at various restaurants in Dubai, along with your family and friends. You can get to eat the spicy food as well as the sweet dishes if you have got the sweet tooth. Food/catering service at the restaurants of Dubai is the best.

#11 Explore the art and culture of Dubai:

There are various places where you will get to know about the culture and the art of Dubai. Alserkal Avenue displays the 20 permanent spaces like Salsali Private Museum, the region’s wonderful gallery to explore about the Middle Eastern Art. Even the Carbon 12 Dubai, which rotates the exhibitions of the international artists as such.

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#12 Explore the Racecourse of Nad Al Sheba:

Top 15 ways to have fun in Dubai-race-course
Racecourse of Nad Al Sheba

Nad Al Sheba is yet another place to adventure for the horse ride lovers around the globe. Nad Al Sheba race course is famous in Dubai. This race course experiences the highest stakes in horse racing. You can adventure the Dubai horse racing festival which starts in the month of January and runs for 9 weeks. Other months of horse races are November and the April. The icing on the cake is that there is free entrance to the club and you can enjoy horse training sessions in the car in the winter morning.

#13 Scuba Diving in Dubai:

If you love to adventure the scuba diving in Dubai. All you need to have is the scuba diving license with you for enjoying this scuba diving adventure. You will get to explore the wonderful world under the sea. Get to explore the deep-sea fishing, you will see the baby-sharks and awesome barracudas. Scuba diving is the wonderful adventure to explore Dubai.

#14 Wonderland and Splash-land in Dubai:

This is the astonishing adventure of Dubai to explore. The best place for the kids. It is the blend of the amusement park including the lovely water slides and the rides too. This wonderland and the splash land are nestled at the Al Gharhond at Bur Dubai. The best place for the kids around the globe. There are lots of fast food restaurants located nearby for the foodies. You will love the toothsome food at this place.

#15 Old Dubai is the best to explore:

The former center of Dubai and also called as Old Dubai. You will love to explore the Deira, which includes the Gold souks, spice souks (markets) and also the food markets. The best thing is that you will get to adventure boat ride which is called as the Dhow in Dubai, which resembles the gondolas used by the merchants traditionally. You will be headed towards the ethnic restaurants of the city. If you are a big time foodie, then the best menu to try is the Moroccan and Lebanese cuisines.

Closing Thoughts:

So, what are you waiting for?

Plan your next trip to Dubai and enjoy the vacations by exploring the above listed adventures in Dubai. The most beautiful city which attracts tourists from around the world. Dubai is also the place where people celebrate different types of festivals in joyful ways. There are different beautiful festival in UAE in 2016, the greatest adventure to know about the Islamic culture, Islamic festivals which will leave you amazed for sure. These festivals bring smiles and joys to the lives of people and they love to exchange gifts and wear new outfits on the festivity.

To adventure and explore Dubai, you can check out the tour/travel services offered at the affordable rates at the leading classified website of UAE.


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