Top 15 Tech blogs in Dubai UAE
Top 15 Tech blogs in Dubai UAE

Technology is the demand of future or it is going to rule the world                     

Technologies have changed our lives a lot and it has affected a lot on our journey, it has changed the style of our living and make our lives more flexible. It is the collection of the techniques, skills, process, and methods.

The living style of our forefathers and present era has a wide difference as earlier to know the opinion ideas or communication with each other it use to take along time whereas if person is in a different corner of the world so it was next to impossible but now with the help of technologies and new innovations it becomes the work of seconds.

Now everything is possible and it is easy to communicate at any corner of the world and there are many Tech Blogs in Dubai U.A.E So here we brought 15 tech blogs in Dubai UAE

 1) Techplugged

It is among the one of the tech blog operating on technology, gadgets, reviews on technology, technology news etc. It is a team of young tech – enthusiast and they have a motive to create one platform for the users where they can easily find the latest news on the technologies which includes everything internet, social media, web media and online deals.

They cove all the aspects from Microsoft Windows to Apple Mac to iPhone to Google Android Phones, startups reviewing new Internet products, providing analysis of trends, reviewing new websites and services, and offers social media resources and guides & about every groundbreaking new technology. Whatever happens, they come up with first.

2) Lovindubai

They get all the information about the tech they bring the latest news of Dubai and of the tech world. They have the best team with young and experienced people and they are best among themselves and they belive Dubai is in complete world and beautiful city which stands on the expectations.

There is nothing in which Dubai is lacking. It is the best tech blogs in Dubai UAE,  They bring all the breaking hand to hand. If you want to get updates about the technology field as on the same time so follow them for the latest trend, news and alerts.

3) Timeout Dubai

This is among the top tech blogs in Dubai UAE  It is not specific about technology but it gives you all about Dubai as Dubai is a happening city and bring a lot and technology is a field in which every day is new launching, updates so on the behalf of Dubai they bring the latest updates, news, a trend to you.

It is the best site to have the updates and to keep you up to date. ALong with technology, it tells you all about Dubai which is Dubai places, Dubai Restro, lifestyle etc.

4) Dubai Poster

It is one of the leading classified apps which has clear motive to empower people and we connect buyer and seller along with this it a best tech blogs in Dubai UAE.

Over here you can find everything about the job and in terms of technology we bring the best news, the latest trend, breaking news, new updates etc along with this we bring all information such as Mobile Phones, Electronics etc.

We bring the information and trends to our customer to get all the updates. We are famous across the globe and at present we ‘re serving over 500 thousand unique users every month, generating over 1 million monthly page views.

5) Wamda .com

It is among the best tech blogs in Dubai UAE. Its main motive is to accelerate entrepreneurship ecosystems throughout the MENA region. It focus on the core parts which includes of media, community development, research, corporate, and government advisory services. It’s headquarter is in Dubai.

6) Emirates24/7

This site provides the real-time reports with the focus on UAE, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Gulf-Khaleej. Emirates 24|7 offers breaking news, business, entertainment, Tech, lifestyle, sports, weather, property, gold, jobs and more. It gives knowledge about the trend reviews and all.

They have their strong presence since long years and weaving its magic you can everything on this. It will be giving you the details about trend about a product and whatever updates come to the tech blogs small to big only you to keep an eye on it. IT is a best tech blogs in Dubai UAE

7) www.reviewzat .com

In this, you can even get the best technical tips along with the updates and news. The best thing about this which makes it more reliable and relevant as it is available in English as well as in Arabic languages.

Along with this, they publish articles in which it give you details from the core and depth and those articles have full information positive negative about the product etc. It is the most relevant site, Applications, and games they have for it a different corner where you get all the updates and alerts. Even you can rate it. THis is counted in a tech blogs in Dubai UAE. 

8) www.digitalknock .com

THis site is handled by the  Omair, a digital media fanatic and passionate digital media marketer and blogger who is based in UAE.He has been working since eight years in the field of Digital. His core purpose is to share his opinions. His blogs are for knowledge, learning, unlearning and relearning process. 

9) Tech Bite Me

This blog will help you to get the Dubai technology facts, latest tech news, analysis, latest tech blogs and more things about technology from UAE, India, Middle EAst and from across the world, the whole info you will get on only of the site that is Tech Bite Me.

It is one of the leading blogs of the technology. It is the totally technical blog which includes the column of information, medical, productivity, industrial, assistive etc. Along with this, they have their active presence on social media platforms also.

10) Geek Fence

It will give you one of the best blogs on technologies which include each and everything the column which is divided as Drones, phones, wearable, audio, gaming, video, smartphone, computing, etc.

It will give you all news which is essential for your updates and knowledge. It will give you the info till core and in a perfect way. It doesn’t only provides you the news and updates even it shares the pros and cons of the product which is really essential to know about it. 

11) AM – The Arabian Marketer

It is a news media publication which is focused on the reporting on developments in the media marketing and advertising industry in the Middle East and North Africa Region.

It is based in the UAE, which focuses on news technology development through its site and even they launch their magazines also per month which used to print. They have there social media presence on Instagram, Facebook, Google +.  


It is among one of the leading tech blogs which operate from Dubai (U.A.E) &  Bangalore (India). They focus on the aspects technology, tech reviews, social media and technical news which comes from the Middle East and from India.

It is the melange of the young team and where youth can find interesting news on various aspects like Technology, Internet, web and social media, online deals all they can get all the information about technology.

According to the information, they cover all the news regarding Windows to Apple Mac to iPhone to Google Android sets, INternet products, reviewing of the new internet products and websites, services and offers social media resources and it brings the news from the ground and depth. They have lots of tech news, resources, blogs, tips and tricks new ideas and innovations etc. It is number one portal. 

13) Technology ACE

Its tagline itself speaks a lot and it’s enough its tag line is technology product, news, analysis. Its columns are also based on technology only such as startup, mobile, electronic, technology, internet marketing whereas it is again these sectors are again divided into various branches gadgets, gaming, downloads etc.

THis site gives you all about the technology whether it is about social media, gadgets or there are other aspects.

It updates you from each new update alerts you in any manner and even in a second. If you open this app and you think that you are completely updated so then also its blogs will make you learn some news for sure and it is really very impressive. They have a unique team of experts who are very passionate about technology. One should surely follow it.

14) ITP .net

It is the best leading Middle East technology website, and it is the Gulf’s longest-running technology news site which focuses national, regional and global events which are relevant to CIOs and tech-savvy consumers. It is one of the leading sites of-of Middle east which focuses on technology and it is the top technology blog.

15) Go Visible

It is a sub part of the Digitally Visible online magazine, It tells everything about online marketing and helps to tell everything about internet marketing. As we know digital marketing need to be rank on google and it gives the best tips and makes you an expert in blogging, social media, online marketing strategies.

It gives you the depth knowledge of online marketing. SEO tips and tricks they provide you in the best way which is really impressive and make you on top in your business how to use the tools.

Winding up

So here we have provided you the best and top blogs of technology which an expert or the person who is in love with technology should know Top 15 Tech Blogs in Dubai UAE. If among them if you follow one of them so it is enough for you to get the knowledge and to become expert in the tech field. It is really best technology blogs which one should follow and with them, you can get latest trends, breaking news, updates etc.

Nowadays digital makes you an expert and you can speak with anyone and it gives you an update of every second you don’t have to ask with your and if you stuck in any problem so just google and you will get many solutions. Dubai poster understands very well that’s why we bring every update till you. More more updates stay tuned with us and for any help, you can contact us.

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