Top 15 Entertainment blogs in dubai uae
Top 15 Entertainment blogs in dubai uae

UAE has marked its remarkable presence on the world map, It is an Arabian Peninsula nation, this country is a federation of 7 emirates.  Abu Dhabi, the island capital, of this country and the main attraction of the country is Dubai – It is a beautiful city and a proud of UAE.

This city is popularly known as a cosmopolitan city, you can find a diversity in this land, people from all around the globe live here. This city has so many things in its bucket wide population from different backgrounds give you a chance to explore different nations culture and lifestyle in one place.

It is among the cities which are known for the best night lives in the world, there are the number of restaurants which are based on different varieties, you will never get bored from the food, there are so many places to explore and you will wish to go there again and again. Along with this, you can experience the beautiful artwork from the locals artist as well as of the experts around the world, many exhibitions use held in the city.

On the other hand for fashionholic, there are different fashion shows and concerts. A person can never get bored in the city as it has too many things to do and the city is also famous for the tourist’s destination. There are many many things that you can do in this beautiful city and make your time memorable.

For tourists, it could be difficult to explore the city as it is wide and the places in it are meant to explore each and every destination one should surely visit in a lifetime, but we know it is not possible for the tourists to visit each and every destination. In fact for locals also it is hard to get the update on the new things, new places, new destinations, upcoming shows, new restaurants.

In this fast paced of life it is hard to get updates and know what is happening but be active, in your hustle bustle of life due to hectic schedule you can miss some happening things in your life or due to lack of information you can miss the event, so it’s important to know what is going around the  city but we know it hard to follow, but don’t worry.

Now in this 21st century, we are blessed with internet and google services, now every information is available on the net and to save your time you can subscribe to the best entertainment blogs and follow them. Yes, there many entertainment blogs in Dubai which you can follow and get the updates. Today we bought 15 Entertainment blogs in Dubai UAE through which you can get the updates and information what going around the city.

List of 15 entertainment blogs in Dubai UAE that you should follow and subscribe:

#1. Pear Tree Diaries: If you are a food lover so you should follow pear Tree DIaries, this blog is based food and it is handled by the food enthusiast  Dubai girl  Jasmine Pereira, by profession she is an environmentalist. She works on the blog because of her passion she wants to share her experiences regarding food with the world.

Her blogs cover everything about the food, the best restaurant best dishes etc. You can find the reviews and suggested recipes for shared hidden food treasures that she herself has tried and tested.Along with this she also shares her experiences when meets with the chefs. She has been invited to many restaurants, inaugurations and cooking classes and through this, she shares her experiences about the place, food, and shelf. It is among the best entertainment blogs in Dubai.

#2. Homesick and Heartstruck: If you are feeling homesick or nostalgic is the city then go for it, this blog is handled by  Lucy Martin, she is a teacher and as well as a writer. She migrated to Dubai in 2010. Her blogs are very personal about the trials and tribulations of adjusting to life in a new country that is so very different from your own native place.

This blog gives us a glimpse how can you live in other country and how difficult it is. In the blog, she openly talks about the difficulties of the new home and adjusting at a new place. Along with this she also shares at this new place how diverts her mind and how she entertains herself and tells mentions about the entertaining places in your budget.

#3. Cheap and Chic: It tells you the things and projects of being entertain by yourself, this blog is maintained by an Australian TV and Radio presenter based in Dubai. Simone Heng is the founder of this blog.This blog focuses on various entertainment ideas like

Beauty, fashion, food. This blog is the best source for the people who don’t Want to spend the tons of money.  It is the best entertainment blogs in Dubai.

#4. Food Diva: If you are food lover and you find the best entertainment in food so opt for food dive as it names only it works. This blog is dedicated to the food lovers and brings you the current foodie happenings and foodie places to you. You can get the information about the food on it as well as it includes gourmet shop openings, food features, and even the most interesting thing is it brings the interview of chefs and their opinion not only of Dubai but whole emirates.

#5. Drive online: It is counted as a best entertainment blogs in Dubai is the city of fantasies, it has many things to do. If you are a car lover or you like cars so drivemeonline is there, to make your life more interesting, In Dubai, locals love to drive different cars and own them. Additionally, this site blog rings the most exciting cars and auto deals, reviews of the latest cars. It also gives the information about the latest auto events which takes place in Dubai or around Emirates.

#6. Grapeshisha: It gives a local knowledge of the property, business, tourism, news, culture. It gives a chance to visitors and travelers to know more about  Dubai and UAE. It is a multi-author blog, which gives the knowledge about this amazing place.

#7. Dubai in a Frame: This blog has a calendar of all the events, It is handled by the citizen journalist, Shweta Dembla of Dubai. It captures all the happening events and moments of the city. This blog focus on video feature and its main aim is to spread the information about food, fashion, events, art. This blog is a picture of Dubai and its happenings and events.

#8. What’s on Dubai:  This blog has all the experts opinions of Dubai,  It includes all the information which a person wants to know, it has complete info about the city  and it is a guide in terms of art culture, Health Fitness, Dubai Hotels, Restaurants Reviews, Events, Sports, Nightlife, Bars Club,Cinemas, Travel,holidays, Beauty and diet.

#9. Dubai City Guide: This is a perfect guide and if you wish to explore Dubai, It brings you the latest news, City happenings, best images and videos of Dubai, Movie timings etc. It is the best portal for the visitors, it is Dubai friendly portal, which is owned by Cyber Gear. It is always active for tourists and locals.It is widely famous for the information on time.

#10. Read Me: It is a diary where you can get all the updates, latest Dubai news, information about latest Dubai News, Events, Dining, Fashion, Travel Health & Lifestyle. It is also a weekly informative for Dubai Metro and Dubai Tram commuters.

#11. Dubai .com: This log is equipped with a map through which you can explore your city simply. This site will act as a guide which will help you to plan and book your tickets for Dubai. To introduce you with the city the guide will brief you about history, geography.

On this portal you will get every information the city and it will  beneficial at high level,It will be beneficial in terms of business and family trip.  It includes the wide information about main attraction, activities, events, places, Festivals, exhibitions. It will tell you all about nightlife and to discover party life you can get wide options on it.

#12. Dubai Poster; It is among the best entertainment websites and gives you every information about the desert city. It gives you all the updates and alerts about the new things, foods, amin attractions. Hence what is going in the city.

As well as it provides its services for the customers and they wish only one thing that is to serve their clients and to see smile on their face.  They have 15 million people in one month. You will get every accurate and reliable information on it.  Listed #12 as top entertainment blogs in Dubai UAE.

#13. Doin Dubai: It is famous as an honest guide to life in Dubai, It tells us about  many things like which can entertain you like food, traveling living? It tells about the lifestyle of Dubai. It gives the honest review of Dubai and shares life experiences about lives and people. According to the site, the blogs written on this site is written by Monica Kapila, her logs are based on real experiences and it is also helpful information about contact number and maps.

#14. Dubai Expat Blog: It is a perfect perspective of Dubai and you will get every information about this place from the core in terms of news, latest news, different things about the place, reviews about the places, food reviews, shopping, technology, transport, business, and lifestyle. Whatever you need to know this log express everything in detail about the places, things, adventure. After reading its blog you will get the detail information about the spot.   Got #14 on Top entertainment blogs in Dubai UAE

#15. Eat Drink stay Dubai: This blog gives you the best tips how to travel in Dubai at cheaper prices and in an easy way.In Fact, this website completes by  #travelbetter in Dubai and beyond. You can get the best of the town through this portal. Obviously, everyone wants to save the money and exploring the best places at fewer prices and in an easy way is the best idea. It covers all the interests and choices of yours fashion, restaurant, reviews about food, places things etc.     

So, here we listed 15 top entertainment blogs in Dubai UAE, which will make your trip perfect and worth. So through these blogs, you can have a guide and explore this beautiful city, which is meant to explore and one should surely experience it in a lifetime.

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