Top15 Dubai Real Estate Blogs
Top 15 Real Estate Blogs in Dubai UAE

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It has been seen that in 2017 there was a wide changes in the prices of Dubai real estate it has been seen that real estate trends were moving to the new trends and refreshing positions, off sales revive market sentiment and an abundance of supply open the doors for many affordable opportunities in the sales market and offer more options and lower rents in the rental market. Due to the vast changes of supply and a great up and down change in the market, the real state landscape showed some new trend in this year. Now it has been a year we have noticed it.  Whereas an Off-plan sales have been also dominated this year, accounting for 62 %  of all the transactions. It has been noticed that over, 11,800 new residential enters the market in this year.

The rental market has faced a lot of changes there was also a shift in bargaining power from a landlord to a tenant. It has been seen that the favorite of the locals is the  Emirates Living, Dubai Marina, and Downtown Burj Khalifa. It is the evergreen place for the people. The Palm Jumeirah is always on the list of for its luxurious and beach atmosphere and Dubai sports has also occurred in the list of one the cheapest places to rent an apartment in Dubai. Where as Arabian Ranches is in a list of a spot and it is famous for its greenery open spaces and an abundance of amenities. And business bay has been the best place due to the attractive rental rate.  So now in this article, we brought 15 Real Estate Blogs in Dubai .

1) Blog ezEstate

Its punchline is your real estate network. According to the site information, it is an independent as well as an unbiased real estate marketplace which is dedicated to the buyers, sellers, renters, agents, homeowners, real estate companies and mortgage professionals, landlords and property managers. Its main aim is to provide relevant and accurate information in detail about the real estate. Basically, people can get the information easily.It is an innovate site where  UAE customers can meet the professionals and take the best decisions for their homes. The experience you will find here you can’t find anywhere else.

2) Dubaiposter Blog

According to this there are various factors which affect the price of real estate industry. It is totally free of cost and known as a free real estate blog and the specialty of this blog is they never miss anything about Dubai Real Estate, they cover whole market. As well as it is a Dubai property blog.


On this blog, it is very easy to search the property according to your will. You can easily search for the results according to your requirement and search you can get the refined results. It also allows you to compare the prices of the property along with this it also provides Dubai’s latest off plan properties. Through there call back feature customers can directly contact the developers. The best thing is if you deal through it so there is no agent and no middlemen, sometimes if people wish the on-hand response and them on the moment they want to contact with the developers so via Live chat they can contact to a property advisor.  Its services are available in three different languages: English, Arabic, and Persian.In Fact, this is available in the version of the app also they help you to secure the best property investment.


It is mileage of unbeatable UAE real estate database and an extremely user friendly outlook and it is a  Real Estate blogs in Dubai UAE Actually it is not only a property portal in fact it can also use as a powerful tool which takes out your desired requirements of the property, it is a real estate marketing channel which helps to reach to the millions of users as well as it has a feature of handy guide which can assist you in all type of your property investment decisions.

5) Provident estate

This comes in a list of the leading Dubai property blog, it is a offers our valued clients the complete spectrum of well-designed real estate management services. It is a first vision of owning, leasing or selling a property in Dubai. It offers the wide property selections such as apartments, commercial offices,  townhouses, holiday homes and towers, single units, villas, retail spaces. It is beneficial for an investor or an end user.


They work with the best brokers to list the properties and it provides the best tools which help consumers to find the best properties according to their requirements. They make easier for the customers to get the information on the desktop itself.

7) Exclusive Links

It is a boutique style company which has grown on the basis of strength and reputation. Since the company has been founded both companies as well as in market there were several up down has been seeming. As soon as EXclusive link saw the changes it quickly responded to the challenges and as soon as possible created the new opportunities and face the challenges.

They support the UAE Government, the team is fully trained, It ensures the high standard and offers high services and at the proper time. Their strategies are focused on the understanding of people, global research, latest technology, and expertise.

8) Just property Group

It is the leading online real estate market blog in Dubai, UAE. A pioneer in transforming the property search experience for people in the Middle East. This portal is the best and unique for the renters, buyers, and sellers. Which offer users the most imperative tools and relevant information and this information is easily available and you can get it in your home or office. Through our innovative web and mobile products, the services become more easy and fast in both aspects residential as well as commercial segments. Along with this, it works with thousands of real estate professionals across the globe and helps them to connect with millions of customers. 

9) Damac

So now discover your home with Damac properties with the Dubai Real Estate blogs. Its result is louder than the words. It is an award winning company and awarded in terms of residential, commercial and leisure properties over 20,230 homes and has a development portfolio of more than 44,000 units at various stages of planning and It is the best luxury developer in the region. One should surely experience a luxurious lifestyle designed by and it offers the best comfort.

10) Terra Casa

it is a major event for the people and experts and excellent track records help the customers to attain goals and the best positive results. It brings the best results due to the follow-ups, eye on the market. It provides the experience which clients can never forget even not buyers or nor sellers. Even the process on it is smooth and a way to success. It is the leading  Real Estate blogs in Dubai UAE, They believe in a long-term relationship and they satisfy their clients with the wise and best financial decisions.


It is known as the name of Aldar Properties PJSC, along with this it is a leading and world top class real estate developer in Abu Dhabi, It is very popular  property blog in Dubai UAE as well as of wider Middle East Region. It has begun since 2005 it continues to shape and enhance the urban fabric of the UAE’s Capital City in addition to other key areas of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. 


This is the #1 luxury real estate blog on the digital, they provide the latest million dollar homes and  & mansions to hit the market from all over the world. It has been noticed that over 13 million “luxury real estate obsessed”people have a login to the site since 2008. It is an amazing  Real Estate blog in Dubai UAE.

13) Erantis

It is the best global real estate broker as well as it is one of the best Real Estate agents in Dubai and it works on a simple strategy and makes the process simple for the buyer and seller. It is popular as a  Real Estate blogs in Dubai UAE that’s why they have a team of expertise team and provide their services according to the requirements of the clients. Their focus on the dreams of their clients. After understanding the dream, they present the solution and requirements according to their budget. Erantis global real estate focuses on the wishes of every single client. 

14) The Better Homes

This company has been started up in 1986, and they try to put all the best characters into the house came into being when Linda Mahoney spotted a gap in the market. While seeing the growth of the ultra-modern city it could be difficult to trust that a company has founded from a temporary desk.

15) Famproperties

Its main aim is to provide the knowledge to the readers which are based on the latest real estate trends which have been unfolding in Dubai. This site blog has been catering to the potential property of the sellers, investors, buyers, and renters and its aim is to connect it to one of the fastest growing cities of the world. It is the mission of fam properties that till 2020 they will be the best and world’s best real estate portal of the world. THe promise which they commit to their customers are:

The first promise which they commit is they will always provide you the most powerful technology and they believe in the user friendly technology as well. There motive is to stay for a long term in the market and to have knowledge about the latest technology in the market. They will create a structure of payment.

As their reputation for intelligence, integrity, and proven performance grows, everyone will share in the prosperity, not just a select few.

 So here we have bought 15  Dubai Real Estate blogs if you are igsnterested in property or you want to buy or sell home on rent, so go with  these apps and follow on them.

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