Top 10 News Websites in Middle East
Top 10 News Websites in Middle East

List of 10 news websites in Middle East

News is not only the current and serious news, it is the information around you.

News it simply means what is going around the world, each and every information from the corner of the world. Hence it tells what is going around you and it can’t be avoided it is imperative to know in fact news, directly and indirectly, affects you. The news is the way of communication with the larger group of audience, in fact, it is a mediator between government and citizens. The important decisions of government are also conveyed through it and local citizens can share an opinion.

News channels, sites, papers works for us in many ways and they are important for us for the communication and know what is happening in the world, it is a vital part of our daily lives. News has various sections entertainment, sports, crime, politics etc and it is too risky as the journalist has to be aware that he doesn’t mention any wrong otherwise there could be many controversies and a wrong message could spread in the audience. Nowadays it is the vital part of people’s lives and the experiences which happens with others tomorrow you can also be on their place, in that case, you should know your rights and how you should with it.

In this hectic lives maybe you can’t get all the follow-ups or maybe you don’t have time to watch news channels or to read news papers. We know it’s hard to take out time but here we bought an easy way for you to get all the updates in every second and you can read the stories anytime anywhere in fact in offices while working and reading the news could be the best refreshment. Yes with time now there are distinctive news websites which you can open anytime and anywhere on your system, mobile phones and in your laptops and can get the updates.

So here today Dubai Poster team has bought 10 Middle east top news websites:

  • Middle East Monitor
  • Middle East Eye
  • Dubai Poster Blog
  • Al Bawaba
  • The Arabist
  • Middle East Online
  • Al-Monitor
  • Egyptian Streets
  • Middle East Report
  • Reedit

So, let’s us know more about it and make it simpler for you to choose your interest:

Middle East Monitor .com: The Middle East Monitor is also as (MEMO). This site is an independent media research institution, which was founded foster a fair and accurate coverage o10 f Middle Eastern issues. It is the among Best Middle East Top News Websites. They gather news from the extensive networks, They also publish carefully reasoned commentaries rooted in factual evidence, they also provide the essential references or points for journalists, researchers, human rights organizations and NGOs. Middle East Top News Websites

They have their interaction on daily basis with the politicians, editors, lobby groups, and various other stakeholders to make a better understanding and appreciation of the Palestine issue. They bring the best opinion-makers and decision-makers to the issue.

Middle East Eye .net:  The middle east top news website was founded in February 2014. It is an independently funded online news organization. They targeted audience are those from different communities who are living the Middle East region.They look at the issue as a middle eastern eye and doesn’t alter the issue for the particular people. Their aim is to bring the local voices. They cover 24 countries with a large team and their network is continuously increasing. They focus on political or financial agendas.

Dubai Poster Blog: The motto of this site is the ‘satisfaction of  the clients.’ This website delivers you the latest news from the MIddle East region and through the reliable sources. Along with this, we provide the wonderful services which include free classified ads posting, listing the business, that provides 100% satisfaction to all the users along with a smile. We provide you the right information as it’s we don’t alter it for anyone.

This website has been founded by Mr. Fazal Rahman Shamsi with the motive through spreading the correct information to the people. is weaving its magic in all over the world. Our services are provided for 24 hours. It is among the best middle east top news websites.

Al Bawaba .com: We must say that their audience is increasing at rapid speed. It is one of oldest and reputed online portal in the Middle East and North Africa region.  It is one of a most substantive content licensing system in the Arab World, this site is unique and growing news community. It offers their clients the wide opportunities of advertising on direct mail, media relations, highly popular websites and promotional campaigns.  It is the reputed and independent distributor of the content of the Middle East.

They have full-time journalists, editors, researchers, and developers and provide their services 24 hours. They provide their own content to many aggregators and their clients are Panasonic, Health Canada, Dubai e-Government, MBC, Pepsi and many more.Their aim is to become a community which is made of knowledge, entertainment, and fun, to achieve this aim they work with local bloggers. They also connect on social media platforms via facebook, twitter. Their service is free of cost, reliable and easy to use.

The Arabist .net: This website is based on Arab politics and culture. It was launched in November 2003 by Issandr El Amrani. Its main focus in on Egypt but it follows the Arab broader issues in the Arab world. They have the best team along with the journalists and academics specializing in the region. They don’t have any institutional support and they earn from google adsense and there collectively is of poor journalists who are working for their passion. You can contact them on social media platforms on facebook and twitter. They gained the major international following for its coverage from the  Arab Spring and particularly Egypt’s post- ‘Mubarak transition’. Its founder Issandr El Amrani is the Moroccan-American writer and analyst.

He started his career by being a journalist in Egypt and he started his career with the Cairo Times (2000-2003) he was also the co-founder of Cairo Times. He has published his number of column in the international brands which include The Times, The Economist, The Guardian, The National, the London Review of Books, Middle East International, and Middle East Report. Along with this he also worked as a consultant for corporate and NGO clients. He moved to Rabat in July 2014 that means after 14 years.

Middle East Online .com: It is among the leading Middle East top news websites and it brings the latest Middle Eastern news to you. Which covers the news, culture, and business from the core of the middle eastern region.

Al-Monitor .com –  The Pulse of Middle East: This site is launched in February 2012. It is an award-winning media site, it is launched by the Arab American entrepreneur Jamal Daniel, who is based in Washington, DC. They give the platform to the region’s  most deserving journalist as well as they translate their work into English.

Egyptian Streets .com: It is based on independent, young, and grassroots thought and ideas. Its main aim is to provide an alternate depiction of events that occur on Egyptian and Middle Eastern streets.It is reputed  Middle East Top News Websites  And it also engages people on social media platforms via facebook, twitter etc. It will be not wrong to say that it is a voice of the people.

As on its social media platform, it discusses the various issues of the society that impacts on the region. It is widely English independent news website. This website is founded in 2012 by Egyptian journalist Mohamed Khairat, it came into effect in 2014. Their main aim is to change social things like poverty,  women’s issues, racism, environmental issues, animal rights, education and more.

Middle East Report: It is a part of the printed and online magazine, it includes news, it is a part of The Middle East Research and Information Project. Middle East Report provides news and opinions from the Middle East. Its team is independent and bring the best coverage and issues of governance, economic development, social trends. It also deals with economic development and it is a unique source of an audience who want to know about the circumstances of the middle east. They do not hesitate from the US foreign policy in the region and it is respected for its independence.  They have the wide number of subscribers and number of users.  Professors of American university assign their students to read the issues and about Middle East report.

Palestine Chronicle: It is a nonprofit organization, They have a team of the professional journalist. It’s origin in September 1999. It covers daily news, features, photos, art, book review etc. It largely focused on Palestine, Israel, and the Middle East region. Its main motive is to spread the awareness to the local and general public by providing a forum that strives to highlight issues of which will be relevant to human rights, national news, democracy, and freedom.

On the other side, it has been widely popularly and supported by the best journalist, authors and writers. The writes of this have been coming from various diverse backgrounds. There are  Board of Directors which are in the position of – President Ramzy Baroud, Vice President-Jennifer Loewenstein.

The Middle Easterner .net: This is a publication of the UCLA Center for Middle East Development (UCLA CMED), which is the part of International Institute at the University of California. Their main objective is to spread  the opinions, commentary, etc. It is one of the Middle East Top News Websites.


So, here we have provided you the list of Middle East Top News Websites, from where you can get all the updates and get updated the from the corner of the world. Through these websites, you can update yourself in each and every second and get all the alerts. You can also download the app and get all the notification at the time, it is important to know everything and some of these websites also gives us the information about other things of the middle east.

Along with this, some give us the opportunity to share our views and they need our opinions too. THese all sites are reliable for us and have the team of great journalist works with them with a motive of spreading true happenings in the world. You can also download the app and get update yourself in every second and minute which is really essential in our daily lives and we can talk about it at anytime and anywhere.

You might be having many apps in your phone so one useful app can even change your lives and you can even know what is going in your city and country, in which you are living you will update with it. So today only just go for a relevant site and download it and you can also improve your skills. So here we tried to update you if you like this article or have any queries so you can comment and share your views with us.

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Top 10 News Websites in Middle East


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