Top 10 News Websites in Dubai, UAE - Dubai Top News Websites
Top 10 News Websites in Dubai, UAE - Dubai Top News Websites

The word news has become the vital part of our lives, NEWS means north south east west, in simple words, everything happening in four corners of the world is news. News has become an essential part our lives, it is really imperative to know about the things which are going around us as people’s experiences can become the part of our lives whereas news also tells us about the important events, announcements etc. The process of news has started by the newspapers long ago after that with technologies news channels has made its remarkable presence in our lives.

In this 21st century and with time now people switched from newspapers and news channels to news websites, as now in this hustle bustle lives people don’t have time to watch news channels or read papers. Thing is on technologies now people, who are working they have proper schedule that they can’t follow the channels 24 hours.

So now in this modern websites and apps are the solution of it and via notifications on mobile phones and websites people get alert with the updates, but competition is so high that you will also confuse that which website you should follow so While keeping in mind Dubai poster team has bought Dubai top news websites for you.

Here are Dubai top ten news websites that you can follow:

1) Gulf News

It is the best online site in the middle east, which is in English, these site newspapers were also widely famous around the globe. According to the reports of June 2017, With a daily BPA audited paid circulation of over 93,068 and it has 5.3 million visitors every month on the site. This site has successfully marked its presence in the list of Dubai top news websites.

2) Dubai Poster Blog

It is one of leading news website of UAE and Afghanistan, Its main motive is to provide the top rated classified add services to the users, they commit to meet the demand of the users and provide all the things which people want to know about UAE and Afghanistan. They also help job seekers to meet with their job demand.

All it standard services help to meet the requirements of the users. Dubai Poster is established in 2014 and launched by Mr. Fazal Rahman Shamsi. It is the best platform for the users to know about UAE. The motto of Dubai Poster is ‘’The satisfaction of the clients.’’ It is in the list of Dubai top news websites.

Dubai Poster commits you to provide you the news of every second and to update you about the UAE. you can follow it for breaking, big breaking, entertainment news, entertainment sector and even if you wish to know about the nightlife, new places, new restaurants, new hotels, Adventure places. Or you wish to communicate with the seller or buyer Dubai Poster is always there to help you and be a part of your life.

Dubaiposter Blog- Top 10 News Websites in Dubai UAE
Dubaiposter Blog- Top 10 News Websites in Dubai UAE

3) Khaleej Times Online

It is the first English newspaper of UAE, which was launched in 1978. The newspaper divided into major news sections like sports, entertainment, national, world etc. The newspaper has the highest circulation throughout the gulf. It circulated to all the parts of UAE – which covers Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.  Now this website has marked its remarkable presence on the internet around the globe.

This newspaper has stepped in the world of digital while seeing the preference of the people with the name of Khaleez Times Online, this version is just a transcript version of the printed one. This site has won the hearts of many people in the country as well as in the world.  It is best news website with the largest number of hits. It also provides many value-added and interactive features which are exclusive to the Online edition. So hence now, It is in Dubai top news websites.

4) The National

This website is founded in 2008 and it is a new standard quality of Journalism, The National reaches to the maximum number of people on daily basis. It covers the best news while leading the region in analytical content and commentary. The main motive of this site is to serve locals with the truth and strong perspective. It is a reputed leading provider of the UAE. It works on the latest digital multimedia tools. It is owned by the International media investment.

5) Emirates 24/7

It gives the report of exact moment, and deals in the latest breaking news. it covers Dubai, UAE, Gulf Khaleej and Abu Dhabi. Rather than this, it deals in the sections like weather, sports, lifestyle, business, entertainment, property, gold, jobs and various sections. It is  Dubai Media Incorporated news website. It has marked its presence in television news also which is focused on programming as well as news. In a show, it broadcast news and show in a week of 30-minute segment.

6) The Gulf Today

It is a 36 pages daily English newspaper, which is based on UAE, It is among the top four newspapers of Dubai. Basically, the newspaper was launched on 15 April 1996  by the two brothers Taryam Omran Taryam and Dr. Abdullah Omran Taryam, who are the owners of Dar Al Khaleej for Press, Printing & Publishing. The Dar Al Khaleej group also deals in tabloid and colorful magazines. It is one of the reputed brands in UAE.

It is magazines and Panorama are distributed free on the weekends. It deals in sports, literature, Hollywood, entertainment politics etc. They have experienced professional and hard working team. Including this the marketing and sales team focus to bring a qualitative and respectable segment of advertisers. Its editor in chief is Aysha Taryam.

7) Timeout Dubai

If you wish to know all about Dubai so this is the best way, it will give you each and every information, its homepage is a proof, once you will open this site you would not like to come back. It will give you every information regarding each section like restaurants,   hotels, movies, nightlife in Dubai, sports, outdoor, news, it has multiple things at one place. You can know everything about the city.

This website can be used for all the updates it is for youth as well adult. If you want to know the happening as well as what is going in Dubai so just follow it. This site can be used by the travelers and locals. IT has detailed information regarding every part of Dubai. Best dishes best places you will get information of every particular thing. Travelers can know about things to do, adventurous things and all. It is in the list of  Dubai top news websites.

8) Dubai Chronicle

This site has marked its space in Dubai Top news websites It is under the daily news and stories, if you need an update or want to be with every news so follow it, it deals in entertainment, news, and sports section. On social media platforms,  it has been seen that it has won the hearts of the people. ON its facebook page it has been liked by 5.4k people. Which includes Dubai life and  Business Intelligence Online. On twitter they have 5106 followers in their bucket, now they are ready to win the hearts of the audience on install also.

9) Al Arabiya English

It is English based service of UAE. It has already marked its presence in the world of television and newspaper. In the Arab world, it is one of the leading news channels which is for 24 hours. With time they are marking their presence in the digital world too, they launched their website in April 2007 and won many hearts. They are on the top websites of the UAE, It has been a bridge between the Arabic-language television channel and the English-speaking world.

In November 2013, it came into effect and with new and professional web design and with latest multimedia tools and they also paid attention to the video services. It also offers subtitled clips from the Arabic TV station, fully searchable. Its main focus is to reach the international audience and introduce them to Arab culture, economy and Arab society.

 The vital parts are groundbreaking journalism, Videos, opinion, strong visuals, social media. They bring the best interviews, stories from the Al Arabiya News Channel if they get it in Arabic so there journalist and experts are there to transcript it, they bring them from the Al Arabiya News Channel Latest and best quality videos. long with this, they bring opinion of public, views and commentary from prominent writers also.  Their experts are also from the USA and other countries around the globe.

They have best photo gallery strong images of the Arab world. One can have the clear picture of Arab while seeing it once.You can have live updates, alerts from the sites. It also brings the news of current affairs. It is an online journalism site in English which gives the knowledge about the Arab world and its news come from the reliable sources and experts provide their views.

  Rather than this, versions in Farsi and Urdu followed in March 2008, catering specifically to audiences in Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and parts of the Indian subcontinent. According to figures from ABC,  readers visited 22 million pages on, surpassing all other audited websites in the Arab world.It works on an independent editorial policy and according to their visitors. They also provide speedy news service.The news provided by them is accurate, comprehensive and objective.

10) BBC

Actually this site doesn’t need any introduction, it is the one of the reputed websites of the world. It is the last stage of journalism and it is serving since ages. It deals with travel, news, entertainment you can have every information on it. BBC is the best among itself, it covers whole middle east as well as other parts of the world, This site has already marked its presence in the list of top international news channel everyone knows about it and it has most reliable sources. You can use the application as well as you can use its website and even you can get alerts by SMS or notification.

It has various sections you will not get bored on this whatever information you need, you can get on it, food, travel, taster, weather, local, Radio, music,  CBBC, art, culture. BBC is one kind of Wikipedia of the present era.

It is the world oldest national broadcasting organization. It stands for British Broadcasting Corporation,  Its headquarters are in London.  It employs over 20,950 staff in total, 16,672 of whom are in public sector broadcasting. The birth of BBC has been in 1920-1922. You can not only get the updates of Dubai, UAE, in fact, you will get the updates of the world. BCC is listed No. #10 in Dubai Top News websites.

The End!

So, here we had listed the Dubai top news websites, that you should follow to know what is going on you. It is imperative to know about the things which are going near you and in your country as directly and indirectly it will affect you a lot. It is important to follow the reliable sites because it will tell about the important event, announcements. Even sometimes the scrolling knowledge can be helpful as you will get the best places for you or maybe you will be connected to the things which are essential for you, and having updates is really important.

You will also be updated with the political sections or with your interest. Sometimes it is important to know what’s going out of your world as some experiences can be helpful for you also, as you could also meet with some situations and circumstances and you should know about it that what are your rights and how you should deal with it. You never know when it can be helpful for you.

So, what are you waiting for from above list pick you one and start following it as it will surely change your world and get updated not in the year, not in a weak not in the day but in every second!

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