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In today’s connected and advanced world, not everyone is happy working the average 9-5 desk job. Many now seek a more dynamic and varied career, even if this means venturing away from the norm and taking on more risk in the process. Here are some popular alternatives to your average career.


The advent of online trading brokers has revolutionized the world of trading, with many people now able to access global markets at the click of a mouse. It has now become a popular method of making money, with successful traders often earning big bucks on a daily basis.

To pursue a career in this area, patience, research and strategy development are all required, but once they are mastered, it can really pay off. Many find it both exciting and fulfilling to invest their money every day in markets which they have thoroughly researched, and there is plenty of educational material online which can help to kick-start your trading career.

desk office work


Some people choose to use their skill sets to work for themselves, becoming freelancers who find their own work and make their own way in life as a result. Many people avoid freelancing because they believe it lacks security, and whilst there is some truth in this, success really comes down to how well you can organize your life and tackle the logistics.

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Provided you are willing to research your market and proactively seek work to start with, you will have every chance of becoming a successful freelancer. Once you have built up a solid client base and have a good reputation, you could well earn far more than you would on a regular salary.


It may seem obvious, but renting your room out to people requiring accommodation is an effective way of monetizing the spare space, and can become a sole source of income if you have the resources. Some people choose to open a bed and breakfast, which would usually require numerous rooms, a bit of investment (for refurbishments/development) and a lot of planning.

Others opt for increasingly popular alternatives like Airbnb, which allow you to advertise rooms/properties online and offer the means to make far more casual arrangements compared to those of a standard B&B. Rooms located near popular locations/cities will always fill up quicker, so it is worth considering all factors which may influence your income in this lucrative trade.

Start a Business

One final alternative would be to start your own business. It takes guts and determination, but business owners enjoy the freedom of being their own boss and controlling their destiny in terms of how far they go in life.

A successful business owner also stands to earn a lot more than someone in regular employment, but they also take on quite a bit of a financial risk to get their enterprise up and running. As such, careful planning and researching are essential before jumping into any business venture.

These are just some of the many alternative career paths which many people choose to take on a daily basis. Some of them may take time before they start to provide you with a decent living, but they are all worth exploring if you are looking for a fresh start career-wise.

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