uae culture photos

uae culture photos

Amazing Facts About Culture in UAE

Learn about the Culture in UAE before planning a trip, UAE is a fabulous country, where people are amazing, genuine, hospitable. People from various places of the world come to the UAE, either for residing or for visiting to enjoy. One of the best reasons to visit the UAE is to explore about the rich tradition, emirati culture and history on the Emirates.

The awesome country United Arab Emirates is best known for its rich cultural heritage which is also influenced by the attractive environment. The stunning desert of this region, marvelous mountains shows the lifestyles of which are advancing and developing at a rapid pace.

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UAE is the modern country which welcomes various visitors from around the globe. Since it is a Muslim country, some factors must be kept in mind in terms of dress code and behavior.

Religion has a great part in the beautiful culture of the UAE. Different mosques can be seen around the country, and at the time of sunset, the call for the prayer can be heard out loud across the rooftops.

For the non-Muslim visitors, it is allowed in UAE to visit some mosques. The most attractive and impressive mosque is the Jumeirah Mosque, the visit to this mosque can be booked through the Sheikh Mohammed Center for the cultural understanding.

For visiting the UAE, the best time is Ramadan time. People visit the amazing city, Dubai in UAE. All the residents and the visitors must refrain from eating or drinking in public in day time. Ramadan is the awesome time to explore the rich culture and tradition of Dubai.

The Non-Muslim visitors are allowed to eat and drink in the designated areas. There are various stunning hotels and also the shopping malls in UAE, which have amazing food stalls open during the Ramadan. You can also do business in Dubai culture and can learn many things.

Visitors who come to Dubai must dress modestly, especially in the conservative areas and also at the public places. Swimwear can be worn only at the beach or around the swimming pool, but at other places visitors are required to cover up. Some factor must be kept in mind when you visit Dubai:

Do’s and Don’ts in Dubai:

Beautiful rich religion:

Though UAE country is very modern, but UAE is an Islamic country which follows various sets of laws which must also be followed by the visitors from different places. Islam is an official religion, so it must not be criticized at all. There are also some traditional clothing in UAE.

Culture in UAE royal Dubai
Alcohol consuming:

There are different bars where alcohol is available widely, and also at the ravishing hotels, restaurants and the leisure clubs. You are not allowed to purchase alcohol from the supermarket. Alcohol in UAE is prohibited to buy from the supermarket in UAE. You are not allowed to walk in the streets after consuming alcohol or in another public place. Even drinking and driving has zero tolerance in UAE. If in case you are being caught drinking and driving, then you will go behind the bars. If you are even a little doubtful about the limit of the alcohol in your blood, then you must hire a taxi. Drugs in the UAE are also prohibited, there are also Muslim alcohol rules.

Culture in UAE alcohol banned DubaiNote: Consuming alcohol is completely banned in Sharjah.

Factors related to driving:

UAE is the country which has completely zero tolerance if drinking and driving is concerned. You will be imposed fine and go behind the bars if you are caught having even the minimal amount of alcohol in your system. In the emirati culture, if driving in UAE is your passion and you wish to experience this fantasy in the beautiful city of UAE, Dubai, then there are various rules to keep in mind about driving in Dubai

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If you have drunk, you can use the cab or else you can hire a metro. Tailgating, racing, jumping from the lane and making use of mobile phone while driving are strictly prohibited as per the laws of UAE. In UAE, fines charged are heavy. It is compulsory to wear seat-belt while driving in UAE. Even jaywalking is considered as the crime in UAE. If you are found guilty of committing this offense, you will have to pay the fine.

Culture in UAE driving rules in DubaiIf Drugs are concerned:

Taking drugs is strictly prohibited in the laws of the UAE, even a residual amount. If you will be caught consuming or carrying drugs with you, no matter even if you are transiting through the airport from the one country to another, you will face 4 years imprisonment and also deportation this can also involve the percentage of drug which is there in your bloodstream. Purchasing and selling of the narcotics are considered as the crime which can lead you to life-imprisonment. Some of the medicines which contain psychotropic substances are also forbidden by the law in the UAE. So for further information, do check out the UAE relevant embassy website. There are also some facts of UAE culture and tradition, which people must know. If you are planning to go Dubai, there are some laws of Dubai of tourist. 

Culture in UAE drugs prohibited in UAE
Homosexuality is an offence:

Homosexuality is also the criminal offence with possible deportation in UAE. It is strictly prohibited. So, gay and lesbian travelers needs to be very careful. So, these kind of travelers must avoid any kind of PDA (Public Display of Affection) or cross dressing.

Culture in UAE homosexuality in Dubai
Factors related to nudity:

In UAE, you are not allowed to enjoy sunbath topless on the beachside. It is completely prohibited as per the laws of UAE.

Rules For Women in Dubai:

In UAE, Muslim dress in Dubai must be formed properly and soberly. Women are not allowed to wear revealing attires at any public place, and these public places include various malls, mosques where many people come to visit. In UAE, women in bikinis or the swimsuits are a common sight at the beach sides, but avoid enjoying a sunbath completely topless in UAE, it is prohibited as per the laws. You can’t even wear micro bikinis- not even at the private beach of a hotel.

Culture in UAE dress rules in dubai, UAE

Note: In Sharjah, it is completely banned for women to wear swimwear even on the public beaches.

Factors related to dressing:

In UAE, it is completely prohibited for the men to walk on the street bare-chested. Females in UAE are not allowed to wear short skirts or revealing outfits as it may attract unwanted attention. UAE ladies dress must in well form and wear properly. 
Sex & Public affection related factors:

Culture in UAEHarassing women openly in the public or the sexual harassment, or clicking their snaps without taking their permission, it is strictly frowned upon as per the laws of the UAE. As far as the married couples are concerned, holding hands is tolerated, but hugging and kissing in public has zero tolerance in UAE. Any sexual acts or the public smooching can lead you to imprisonment.

Personal safety related factors:

The amazing country UAE is considered to be the highly safe country as far as crime is concerned. However, whenever you go out for enjoying, you must take care of your accessories, take good precautions for your safety, just like you would do when you were in your own country. If you go for enjoyment at the clubs or the bars, never accept whatever offered from the strangers, no drinks, no eatables.

Culture in UAE Dubai Police
Factors to be kept in mind about photography:

When people visit a wonderful locale, they don’t forget to capture memories in camera. While clicking photos in UAE, some factors need to be kept in mind. The local people of Dubai wearing the national dress take objection in UAE, if they are photographed without their permission. Never click photos especially of women who are wearing the national dress of UAE. Even clicking photos of the government buildings, including Sheik’s palaces is completely prohibited, this is is the rule, just as observed in many countries worldwide.

Culture in UAE photography UAE

UAE is one the attractive and modern country to visit. But being a Muslim country, it strictly follows certain rules. Just check out these rules when you go to visit UAE, for any purpose, be it enjoyment purpose or business purpose.

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