Must Things To Do In UAE In November 2017

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So folks 2017 has come to an end only a month to go and a new year 2018 is waiting ahead, so what you have done in this year or your whole year was  so busy that you, didn’t have time to do something rocking, but Now only 2 months have left and this time, don’t give excuses to yourself as this is the month of November second last month of the year and time to take out time for yourselves from your schedule. So plan your November month, with our list and explore cafe to restaurants to events to festivals with a perfect deal which is available. Don’t forget to check the best places to visit in Dubai for tourism.

Things that you should miss in November 2017 in Dubai

1Global village

This is the best part of November as on 1st November Global Village opens its gate for the visitors, during this time it is a perfect time to experience the world and this time it is 22 season. It is Dubai’s main family and cultural attraction as through this 75 cultures represents 27 country pavilions and each represents a different country and different entertainment. It offers a variety of dining of different cuisines, shopping and different way of entertainment. It is said that whole world use to merge at one place. It is among the best places to visit in Dubai with family.

The word ‘Dubai’ is believed to have been originated from ‘Daba’ – literally meaning a horde of locusts.

Every year it is located at Sheikh Mohammad bin Zayed Road, from Saturday to Wednesday from 4:00pm–12:00am, and opens at 1:00 am on Thursday, Friday, and public holidays.There are also special days only for women, children and family.

2Sharjah International Book Festival: November 1-11

This is the best festival for the book readers. The Sharjah Book Authority (SBA) announced on Tuesday that it will be started from 1st November to 11 November. It will be the 36th edition and more than 1.5 million titles from 1,650 publishing houses of 60 countries will be on display, along with these famous writers and guest will attend the conference and during conference array of activities will be held and discussion on important topics, panel discussions and lectures will be the part of the conference. It will organize at Expo Centre Sharjah.

3Flag Day

Every year on 3rd November Flag Day use to celebrate in UAE, it represents the unity of the country, greatness, patriotism, and aspirations for a better future.but this time UAE Flag Day will be celebrated on 2nd November instead of 3rd November. This day has been introduced as a national campaign Day.

Flag Day UAE

4Colour Run 2017 at Dubai Autodrome

It is a paint race in which several participants run in a colorful manner, it is really loads of fun. Its main motive is to divert the mind of people from their play stations, mobile phones, iPad, iPod, laptop etc.

The centerpiece of Dubai is perhaps its world-class malls that stand as an epitome of elegance and opulence. Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates with indoor skiing facility and Ibn Batutta Mall are just few to name.

This race is based on the motive of spreading happiness, healthy and connectivity with nature. Many participants use to be a part of the race and run along it is not a competition but while seeing running in colors it is totally different and one should definitely be a part of this event in a lifetime. It is an among the best fun things to do in Dubai

5Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

It is a world’s best entertainment race and was started in 2007.Calvin Harris and Pink take the stage for the main concerts, for two more acts due to be announced. Meanwhile, DJs Martin Garrix, Tiësto, and Carl Cox feature separately at the Beyond the Track concerts at the du Forum. It is used to hold on weekends, and competition among the participants is really interesting.

6Closing ceremony of The Jumeirah Dubai Zoo – November 5

The Jumeirah Dubai Zoo is getting close on 5 November, since 50 years it has been serving to the public but unfortunately, now it is getting close to Dubai Safari project will be started over here. So to give a tribute as it served us for many years one should attend it. It was the best places to visit in Dubai with family.

7Dubai Fitness Challenge – October 20 to November 18

Health has always been a priority for the people, Dubai Fitness Challenge is a drive for the locals to boost their physical activities and it encourages people to take parts in the sports, exercises etc. This drive has been created by the DFC, its main aim is to bring people into practice. This includes activities like cycling, beach cricket and football, to team sports, paddle boarding, yoga and walking. Don’t forget to check how you can join the 30-Day Dubai Fitness Challenge.

8Dubai Frame

This will be the best gift for the locals of Dubai, It will be ready by end of November. Through these people will experience a 360-degree view of Dubai by walking through the bridge on high altitude glass bridge. It will be on Dubai Sightseeing List. Its structure is 150-meter- high and 93-meter-wide. Soon people will be able to visit this new place.

9Dubai Miracle Garden  

In the coming time, it will be the Dubai Top attraction, It will be an extravagant outdoor recreational destination, it is announced that it will reopen for its six seasons every year it has a different unique theme. Flowers are the main attraction and now question answer will solve if you will be thinking what to do in Dubai today.

10Louvre Abu Dhabi

The Louvre Abu Dhabi will open for public on 11 November, It will feature a vast silver dome which is full of art. This museum will be based on the Arab world. This idea is based on the iconic heritage and it comes ten years to life and its main is to enlighten minds through history, knowledge, culture, and art.

Louvre Abu Dhabi

11 Military demonstration in Sharjah

If you have interest in army, helicopters aircraft so the Military Demonstration event in Sharjah is for you which will take place on 3rd November. The event will show the readiness, courage, and professionalism of the armed forces. The show will on live shows and concerts. This is the best activities to do in Dubai during the month of November.

12 Public Transport Day

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai has invited on 1st NO all community segments to use various mass transit modes including the Metro, tram, public buses and marine transport.

13 Parus International Music Fest

It is a three days festival event from 2 November to 4th November along with this it will custom-built open-air arena with views of the Burj Al Arab. More than 20 acts are in line which includes Famous singers, celebrities, and bands who will have a conversation and performance in Russian. On the other hand, there will Gala concert where more than 100 singers, musicians, dancers will be there. Enjoy the night it will e full of fun !!

So here the list gets the end and you should surely plan your second last month of the year as it has several reasons and many things are there to do it and you should do it. If you wish to be updated so stay tuned to us by subscribing our blog!


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