Before you put your order for Apple’s new flagship devices iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X or iPhone 10, make sure you read this article because there are lots of things that Apple didn’t even talk about in Apple Event. It will answer a lot of your questions regarding features, pricing, and all the things that Apple announced are whether true or not.

It is so interesting to see how every year after the Apple Event people start criticizing the products no matter how impressive they are.

#1. Does Face ID works with makeup?

A lot of people asked the same thing again and again through social media especially Twitter to such an extent that it became a trend. People are confused whether the Face ID will work with makeup on the face or after removing it? See a hilarious tweet by @QueenLesli below:

Apple’s developers answered that Face ID doesn’t work this way. It doesn’t scan the color, it scans the facial features. So, don’t worry about that.

#2. How many Face IDs does iPhone X support?

Many people got that wrong! This is a limitation with Face ID that it currently allows only one face, unlike Touch ID which allows for the registration of up to 5 fingers. For now, it means that no easy sharing access with family members, friends, or colleagues.

#3. Does iPhone X supports Fast Charging out of the box?

One thing to notice that Apple didn’t mention anything about fast charging at their keynote. That doesn’t mean that it won’t support fast charging. In fact, it does. But you will need to do some investment. Stock charger doesn’t support it. You will need to buy a fast charge adapter for the purpose which will cost you additional $49 to $79 depending on how fast you want it to charge. Can you imagine spending that much money just to fast charge your phone?


That’s not all, you will need to buy an additional cable too because the cable you get out of the box is a Lightning to USB Cable and fast charging adapter requires USB Type C to Lightning cable. On the bright side, if you own a MacBook Pro then you can connect your iPhone X to it using this cable.

#4. Will the iPhone 7/7 Plus cases fit iPhone 8/8 Plus models?

All the iPhones this year are thicker than the last year’s. But you don’t have to worry because your existing cases will fit iPhone 8/8 Plus.

#5. Is single-handed usage really possible?

Those who consider reachability an essential element then it is a bad news for iPhone X users. Reachability has been removed so one-handed usage could not be possible always. Also, Apple made things worse by changing control center access. To open control center, you have to swipe on the right side of the sensor bar to down to get into the control center.

#6. Is monitoring battery percentage really convenient?

Those who are always enthusiastic about checking the power juice left in their battery, it won’t be that convenient with iPhone X as they have added the battery percentage option only in the control center. So, if you want to have a look at your battery percentage, just swipe down your notification center.

#7. What is the name of the top sensor bar in iPhone X?

Apple likes to give unique and attractive names to all its features and this time with iPhone X, they call it “Sensor Housing”. Sounds weird?

#8. What iOS version will iPhone X ship with?

iPhone X will most certainly ship with iOS 11.1 or 11.2 which means that iOS 11.1 or 11.2 is more likely to be the final version for iPhone X to the date.

#9. Is iPhone X a perfect replacement for any iPhone Plus variant?

To be precise, iPhone X has a totally different concept. Its screen is the largest in the iPhone history to the date with a smaller body than iPhone Plus models. Also, apps are not yet optimized for iPhone X screen so you will often see cropping when an app adjusts its window.

#10. What about iPhone X’s performance?

It is definitely a good thing to know before buying an iPhone X is that this device is a pure beast when it comes to processing power. It simply outranks all the flagship devices in Geekbench scores. When it comes to multi-core performance, no phone in the market can beat iPhone X and it is more powerful than any entry level MacBook Pro.

#11. How to take a screenshot in iPhone X?

This one is a very interesting question. Previously, pressing Touch ID and power button together gets you a screenshot but what now? Things are changing, now you have to press power button and volume up button to take a screenshot. Also, a great thing to notice here that your screenshots won’t be cropped due to the sensor housing. Cool right?



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