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Once you taste the seafood dishes of dubai you will forget the dishes of 5 star hotel. These dishes gives you an overview of the environment of the sea. It is said that sea food dishes are healthy, protein providing dishes , delicious, yummy and sweet flavored dishes. Download the most rated food delivery apps for getting the dishes to your home. Mostly, People living in dubai are not aware of all the available dishes of seafood in Dubai. This article is going to help them out for discovering various halal sea food dishes.

12 Top Most Sea Food Dishes of Dubai


1 Crispy squid at The Scene

The name of this dish is chosen so to tell us about the crispy and crunchy exterior which gives a soft sliver of squid. These are thick, fat, slightly coated with meat. This dish becomes an award winning dish if it gets the texture filled with drops of lime and sprinkles of salt. Similarly, we have Curry fish at Bu Qtair as a delectable fishery dish which is served in the fried form. Hence, it is also called as pom fret, sherry etc. The rates of this dish depends upon the weight, species we have selected and the market rate. As well as you can feel a moisturizing element due to meaty flesh.

2 Deep Fried Baby Squid at La Petite Maison

This is a type of started used before any main course. The deep fried nature will tempt you to this extend that you may get to check your blood pressure. Oh my god!! so stunning. It’s on bite can change your way to look after the dishes. It’s a decent and delightful dish consisting of meaty flesh and fishery squid. Moreover, Fried shrimps at Alto Mar is no less than any amazing seafood served in any of the restaurants. The fried shrimps are specially made in the Portuguese style and served at the best Portuguese restaurant. This dish makes your day if you have this in the morning. It is served as a fresh fish covered with abundant olive oil and parsley. Decorated with the outing of the garlic. Good to taste and healthy to eat.

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3 Haemul pajeon at Sonamu

The most amazed restuarant, the deira restaurant is been serving the best korean introducing dishes to people. Varieties are available here like your favourite squid, scrummy prawns and some spicy onions rolled with mixture of wheat and rice. It is slightly fried till the essence comes. Therefore, you can have Chilli crab at Merlions King which can cost you as much as advance for the apartment. This dish is extreme spicy as well as exreme sweet. This dish is a complete example of sweet and spice mixture that’s why this dish is mostly consumed by the dubai people. Limited amount of sauce can’t let you judge the entire dish don’t miss to have extra sauce to enjoy the dish from your heart.

4 Fish and Chips at The Gramercy

This is a collection of fishery item and chips served at the gramercy. The chips are as crunchy as the loud sound produced when we scratch something. This dish is a addition to nation’s honor. It is not so costly not so cheap but affordable. You can have this fish with crunchy chips and french fries. Similarly, Lobster grilled cheese at Slapfish is a perfect example of sandwich which has two layers enclosed with slabs of brown toast. This is amazed with creamy cheesy sauce. This is a mood freshening seafood served.

sea food dubai

5 Masgouf at Samad al Iraqi

This dish is made up by the method used in iraq which is served bun dubai at Samad al Iraqi. Firstly the fresh and juicy fish is grilled with the help of wood fire and then give it a hard crust so that only stew and delish essence is left over the dish. You can find this on the classified app in dubai as well. It is a resemblance of tradition. The fillets are so awesome to be tasted. Have you ever tried Salmon teriyaki at Chez Sushi, if no then please try for this dish. It is served at the lunch time that too at lower rate for 2 hours. It is a perfect diet of sweet and salt.

6 Chilean sea bass at Toro Toro

This is a dish made by the celebrity itself which means there is no limitation of the taste, flavors, essence, texture. This restaurant comes in the count of top 10 indian restaurants in dubai. The presentation will be an additional feature to this type of dish when it is made in a highly professionalized way. The fish is furnished with red misdo and aji amirillo and aji panca peppers. It is a finger-licking dish. Hence, there is a dish Lobster kibble served at Qbara. It is famous for crunchy burger shaped shells served with sappy lobster. To add the flavour to the dish we have avocado label simultaneously.

7 Sea urchin pizza at Bussola

If you are a special foodie of fish items then this pizza will leave you totally thunderbolt. This dish is a basic italian dish enclosed by the chanting of sea food flavor. It is available over the roof of the bussola. Buy used cars and chase this dish soon. Sea urchin is a dramatically a good taste of the fishy flavors. Capers and olives are also served with this dish to make it more delicious. ‘Singary’ Egyptian-style fish at Barracuda is also in the list of must visit restaurants. Here fish is been served after filtered and coated with delicious meaty flesh. The bones are removed in the beginning itself. This dish realizes you about whole sea bass.

8 Tarabi Gani at Toko

Here comes a dish for all the crab lovers. The white meat when it is served along with the leg it makes you feel like jolly. We have this dish with nosisette and ginger for more taste. The flavours are rich in their taste. Since it is an unique and rare dish so it doesn’t come cheap it is quite costly but worth to eat. Similarly, Whole baked sea bream at Fümé is also a simplest dish with high rates. Each fish is served with extravagant sauce so that it can be eaten and enjoyed fully. This can make you go mad after the addition of the olive oil and sprinkled salt.

9 Hokkaido Scallop Ceviche at Zengo

This dish is made by chef akmal annular and is high rated dish. It is not only served with an incredible presentation it is rich in the proteins and vitamins which makes this dish more healthy for you. A small amount of fresh yuzu jelly is also added to bring the unimaginable texture to this dish. You can never eat better dish than this. Moreover, Moules marinieres at La Serre is also in the count. This dish is served with hereby steamed sauce. We can have fresh juices and crispy garlic bread. Fluffy chips are also an additional to the presentation of the dish.

10 Sea bass tarator at Clé

The fish served here is said to be the best fish ever all over the Dubai. There is an outlining of walnut and coriander on the fresh juicy fillet. The fish is filled with flavors all over the perimeter. If you really want ot enjoy the fish then this is the best place to be visited. No other place can give you fish better than this place. Black sea bass at Solo Bistronomia & Vino Bar is a famous restaurateur providing an Italian grape beverage on the main dish. It’s a dish which is marinated and it’s juice is removed and produced an intense flavour of grapes.

It is an extra ordinary dish having some different flavors without the defined flavors of fish.

11 Thai fish curry at Fish Market

This Thailand dish is made with your preference. The chef is been ordered how you want this dish. You can choose the heating temperature according to you. The fish is picked by yourself to make the best suitable fish curry. The rates depends on the time it would take to be prepared as well as on the market rates. Evey bite of this rewinds you about the Thailand. It is often called Thai fish curry. Goutte de Mer ‘sharing pot’ at Ossiano, this dish is full filled with the ethnic look as it is served in copper pot. This dish makes your day. This dish is most suitable for those people who don’t know what to order in the restaurant but still want to have something very charming. This dish is served with the seasonal fruits and vegetables. It is made in a sanitized way.

Seafood, dubai

12 Pepper crab at Pepper crab

It will be a disappointment if you won’t order this grand looking dish. There is a shell which covers the crab totally and when it is served it includes all the aromatic flavors in it. There is a black pepper sprinkled on the crab to make it more enjoyable to eat. It is a perfect diet for the sweetness you desire. This makes you feel pleasurable to eat this type of dish. It is served totally fresh.

The Final Word:

Don’t wait for your hunger and get ready to visit these restaurants for splendid and succulent dishes. These dishes will make your evening date more adorable. If you need to go by car then you can take used cars in Dubai for some time. You can have all the specifications above mentioned. Choose your dish and the respective restaurant and take your loved ones with you.


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