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Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung was the first who jump into the smartphone game before Android and IOS

It’s the best time of the year for Samsung users. Samsung unveils its new flagship devices every year around February and March. When Galaxy S8 was launched in 2017, all android fans went crazy with the beautiful and smooth all glass body plus sleek design. And now in 2018 Samsung once again shocked the world by launching the all-new Galaxy S9.

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Samsung Galaxy S9

The rumors and leaks are finally over and the hype is done, speculation is ready. The Galaxy S9 is finally launched. It’s not completely changed and has some improvements to what we’ve already seen with the galaxy s8. But there’re a couple of new interesting things that worth to check. Let’s find out.

Samsung Galaxy S9 / S9 Plus Super Cool Colors

So what’s new with these new phones first of all the all-new colors. There’s the black like usual which is stealthy then there’s also a coral blue and a lilac purple and then internationally there’s gonna be a silver titanium.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Colors

Samsung tends to use super quality color schemes for their mobile phones for several years and again did the same thing with the S9 and S9 +. But most people are not the biggest fans of such beautiful colors and probably end up using the black color. The back is super-glossy and shiny as a mirror as in recent years, so by using cases and covers you can keep it safe from dents and minor scratches.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Design and Display

Samsung kept the look almost same. The shape, the bezels, the placement of everything, the power button, the volume rocker, and the Bigsby button, everything is the same.

The one thing they’ve moved is the fingerprint reader. It’s now placed underneath the camera instead of next to it which most people will really appreciate due to its better reachability.

S8 Vs S9

Displays are almost identical. Still the 5.8 inch and 6.2-inch Infinity Displays respectively, still, IP68 certified, it still has wireless charging, it still has USB type-c, it still has a headphone jack.

S9 Display Cons and Pros

5.8″ or 6.2″ screen sizeStill no 4K support
2560 x 1440 resolution
Amoled Panel

Samsung Galaxy S9 / S9 Plus Improved Speakers

The speaker got a slight improvement but it’s still in the same place right at the bottom of the phone. They added stereo listening with this earpiece up at the top of the phone. It’s a bit louder but not significantly better in quality or anything.

S9 Speaker

The coolest new feature though is it got Dolby Atmos surround sound. The addition of Dolby Atmos delivers rich and vibrant sound, giving you a theater-like audio experience.

S9 and S9 + Processor, Storage and RAM

S9 SD Card Slot

They bumped the processor up to get Snapdragon 845 and 4/6 Gigs of RAM. So Galaxy S9 has 4 Gigs of RAM and Galaxy S9 Plus has 6 Gigs of RAM. It also has 64 Gigs of storage plus Micro SD card expansion slot.

S9 and S9 Plus Intelligent Scan

They’ve also added a couple small things now like Iris Scanning from the Galaxy Note and Facial Recognition so there are more ways to biometrically authenticate if it’s not just a fingerprint reader. They also merged both authentication systems and call it Intelligent Scan.

S9 Intelligent Scan

You can access your phone easily with convenient technology that combines face recognition and iris scan. When face recognition needs help, iris scan kicks in to verify you and vice versa. So your phone can identify you even in low light.

Galaxy S9 and S9+ Camera

The camera is also an exciting factor for Galaxy fans. This time the Plus variant of the S9 has dual cameras in the back. But not the original S9.

S9 Plus Dual Cameras
S9 Plus Dual Cameras
S9 Camera
S9 Camera

By far the biggest change and the biggest new feature that people were looking forward to for Galaxy S9 is the camera. All the teasers and all the leaks and all the hype for this phone were true. The Galaxy S9 has an all-new camera system.

The Galaxy S9’s camera is the 1st camera ever that can change lens apertures in any smart phone in the world. It’s a variable aperture lens so you can shoot at f/1.5 wide open super huge amount of light or you can stop down for more detail f/2.4.

Galaxy S9’s new camera is the first camera ever in any smartphone that can change aperture same like a human eye. Its variable aperture lens specifically designed to shoot in extremely low light at f / 1.5 wide open to allow super large amount of light or you can shoot at f / 2.4 in a little brighter places.

A lens that imitates the human eye and adapts to the perfect amount of light. Your photo will be the same as what you see.

S9 Dual Aperture

You can actually see it physically doing this and switching when you move back and forth between f/1.5 and f/2.4. Then there’s a bunch of other new camera features tossed in there as well like it will do slow-motion video.

S9 can record 240 frames per second at full HD 1080 p resolution, which is great and wonderful and it can also record 960 frames per second at 720 p. Have a look at it:

galaxy s9 and s9 plus 240 and 960 fps camera shots

Many people do not really realize how impressive 960 frames per second video is especially on a smartphone where you write everything so fast to the memory, but it stretches 0.2 seconds of video to 6 seconds of the movie, like turning it into a movie.

One thing to note here is that it doesn’t record audio which that’s probably fine you don’t really hear anything important with super slow motion video anyway.

Bixby Vision

Its camera has a better UI for swiping through the different camera modes – almost similar to the Apple iPhone. There is also better multi-shot for image noise reduction and HDR capabilities.

There’re also some Samsung Bixby improvements that they call Bixby Vision. Its function is to recognize objects things like what Google Lens is doing.

S9 Live Translate

It’ll also live translate signs that are in different languages so that’s cool and something else interesting was it will overlay makeup on you and then if you like it it’ll give you a link to buy that makeup we guess that’s pretty neat.

If you want to experience the complete taste of the device, then the bigger ‘Plus’ variant is for you or you can stay with the smaller basic variant with a single camera. Just like Apple did with iPhone 7 / 7 Plus and iPhone 8 / 8 Plus.

AR Emojis – The best feature

There’s even something they’re calling AR emoji. It’s a feature that uses the use of the front-facing camera to create an animated version of your likeness so you can use that to record and send videos of yourself as this animation talking to people or you can make yourself an animal – no big deal. Have a look at how it works:

Samsung Galaxy S9 AR emojis

The bottom line is all this new stuff in the camera is what makes it the biggest new features of Galaxy S9.

Galaxy S9 Highlights and Features

The Samsung Galaxy S9 is the most anticipated smartphone 2018 and will come with the following core features:

  • 5.8-inch / 6.2-inch ‘QuadHD+’ (2960 x 1440), Super AMOLED curved display (529ppi / 570ppi).
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor in US variants and Samsung Exynos 9810 for UK and Indian variants.
  • USB Type-C
  • Single lens 12 MP main camera with changeable f / 1.5 – f / 2.4 aperture, OIS
  • “Super Slo-mo” mode (expect regional variation here)
  • 8MP autofocus front-facing selfie camera
  • IP68 dust and water resistance (unchanged)
  • Iris scanner (expect second gen, but not Face ID 3D mapping)
  • Stereo speakers tuned by AKG
  • AKG bundled earphones (presumably version 2.0)
  • 64GB of native storage, 4GB RAM (unchanged)
  • Wireless charging (expect full 15W fast charging)
  • Midnight Black, Titanium Gray, Coral Blue, and Lilac Purple variants

Galaxy S9 / S9+ Specifications

SpecificationsSamsung Galaxy S9Samsung Galaxy S9+
PriceUSD 900USD 1000
Operating systemAndroid O 8.0, with TouchWizAndroid O 8.0, with TouchWiz
ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon 845 (Exynos 9810 UK)Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 (Exynos 9810 UK)
GPUAdreno 550Adreno 550
Storage64GB with MicroSD support64GB with MicroSD support
Display5.8in (2960×1440, 570ppi, 18.5:9) Super AMOLED6.2in (2960×1440, 529ppi, 18.5:9) Super AMOLED
Fingerprint scannerIn-displayIn-display
AudioStereo speakersStereo speakers
Camera12Mp dual-lens12Mp dual-lens
BatteryCirca-3000mAh, Adaptive Fast Charging (wired & wireless)Circa-3500mAh, Adaptive Fast Charging (wired & wireless)
Extra featuresHeart-rate sensor, Bixby AIHeart-rate sensor, Bixby AI

How much Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus cost in Dubai? 

The Samsung Galaxy S8 was launched with a price tag of $720. On the other hand, the Galaxy S8+ came with a price tag of $850.

The S9 and S9 Plus will be available on all major carriers in the US. Unlocked variants will be available directly from Samsung.

  • The Price for the unlocked S9 is round about $ 719.99 and $ 839.99
  • The carrier pricing ranges from $720 and $840 to $800 and $930 in the US

Although, customers will have the choice to select between black, purple, or blue color options. The grey version is also be available internationally. It’s also possible that other color options will be released later in the year.

The new Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus will cost AED 2,644 and AED 3,085 in Dubai and other emirates of UAE.

Country-wise Samsung Galaxy S9 / S9+ price list

CountryGalaxy S9 & S9+ Price
Australia1236 Australian Dollar
Austria673 Euro
Brazil2427 Brazilian Real
Canada968 Canadian Dollar
China4981 Chinese Yuan
Denmark5012 Danish Krone
England565 British Pound Sterling
Finland673 Euro
France673 Euro
Germany673 Euro
Greece673 Euro
Hong Kong5818 Hong Kong Dollar
Hungary213566 Hungarian Forint
India50392 Indian Rupee
Indonesia9,825,000 Indonesian Rupiah
Italy673 Euro
Japan76,893 Japanese Yen
Nigeria211,755 Nigerian Naira
Philippines35,246 Philippine Pesos
Poland2970 Polish Zloty
Russia47,925 Russian Ruble
Singapore1009 Singapore Dollar
South Africa10,921 South African Rand
South Korea862,050 South Korean Won
Spain673 Euro
Switzerland729 Swiss Francs
Taiwan24,176 New Taiwan Dollar
The Netherlands673 Euro
United States$750

Samsung Galaxy S9 Vs Google Pixel 2: Camera Battle

Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL is unbeatable when it comes to camera performance. Even Apple’s 10th anniversary special innovative iPhone X can’t beat it.

But how long can Pixel 2 hold the title? History repeats itself! Samsung Galaxy S7 is the best example, when it greatly outranked Google’s beast Nexus6P with Dual Pixel camera.

This time again, S9 beats every camera-centric smartphone in the market including Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL.

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Summary: What is Samsung Galaxy S9 All About

It looks like Samsung wants to proceed gradually instead of making huge steps at a time. It’s because of the following:

  • The battery is same as last year in both S9 and S9 Plus. No improvements there
  • Processor is improved, faster, and more power efficient making battery to last for longer
  • S9 Plus has dual cameras on the back
  • S9 has dual aperture with switchable functionality
  • Intelligent Scan for improved security
  • Bezels are even minimized
  • Fingerprint placement is also changed – which is pretty easy to use as compared to the galaxy S8 and S8 +.

Apart from that, no major improvements.


As far as feature set, this year the Galaxy S9 Plus not only gets a bigger screen and more battery but it also gets more RAM and more camera so there’s a bigger separation.

So let us know what you think is this new camera is enough to get you in line to get a Galaxy S9 or maybe you’re gonna keep waiting on some other flagships. Share your views in the comments section below:


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