Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphone releasing in the UAE

Everything you have to know about the special phone by Samsung – The Galaxy S10

One of the most relevant tops of the 2019 range will certainly be the Samsung Galaxy S10. Although its presentation should only occur in February next year, the rumors surrounding the smartphone begin to be more and more.

It has leaked some of the features that the new generation Galaxy S10 will be released in 2019. And although many things could change within a year, the information comes from a Korean media that obtained information from sources close to the project.

We are going to talk about the new features that this Samsung Galaxy S10 model will have, where it is expected that new technologies that have not yet been seen in the brand will appear and the evolution that so many want will occur.

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Samsung galaxy s10 comes with amazing features

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And is that with the tenth edition of the Galaxy S is expected that the firm makes a major change in the design, however it seems that will not be so, because the company will bet on its Infinity Display, which will be much better exploited than that of his predecessors, but not for that will have a significant change.

So, whether that means an even more advanced camera, an amazing aspect, a greater capacity of the battery, etc., we wanted to gather all the rumors, leaks and news so you are up to date with everything that has to do with the next Samsung Galaxy S10.

Phones without bevel, or with a hyper-reduced bezel, and we hope that the Galaxy S10 will mark new roads in this area.

3D camera for facial recognition

The samsung galaxy s10 facial recognition and fingerprint scanner under screen

One of the innovations that we hope to see in the S10 Galaxy will be the new Samsung 3D camera capable of scanning in three dimensions and that will be developed together with the Mantis Vision [an Israeli company that offers alternatives very similar to those of the iPhone X with its Face ID].

The 3D scanning is something that sounds very much in keeping with the cameras that already mount the Xperia XZ2. Where it seems that there will be two very important changes is in the camera and in the fingerprint sensor.

So we will not only have a facial recognition system more safe and effective, but we can also have AR Emojis with more real expressions.

It turns out that Samsung’s facial recognition technology is not as advanced as the iPhone’s because of the simple fact that it does not take biometric depth data into account.

Samsung-Galaxy-S10 fingerprint scanner under screen

Around the fingerprint sensor, it seems that this will be the first phone of the S family to include it under the screen [where it is one of the leading brands that would be a pioneer in going out with this technology], because it seems that this year the technology has reached the necessary maturity.

Infinity screen will repeat with the S10

It is impossible to deny that the screens offered by Samsung’s high-end devices are always able to offer great image beauty. The Infinity Display discovered with the Galaxy S8 also seems to remain in the Galaxy S10. The diagonal for each of the versions should be 5.8 inches in S10 and 6.3 inches in S10 Plus. But…

according to Let’sGoDigital

A new patent shows that the Galaxy S10 could have a 99% screen-to-body ratio

Samsung galaxy s10 infinity screen

To achieve such a feat, Samsung will have to make some quite drastic changes.

The patent, for now, shows a phone without visible speakers, front camera or fingerprint sensor. The phone also has a single rear-facing camera lens and no headphone jack.

So, how would Samsung do that kind of phone?

Well, although it is difficult, the front camera could be under the screen and the fingerprint sensor too.

As for the speakers, the rendering shows a loudspeaker down, but we’re not sure where the loudspeaker on the top will be placed. The rear camera could have a pop-up lens instead of two separate lenses.

At this time, we are not sure if this information shared by Let’sGoDigital is even for the next Galaxy S10.

There is a very real possibility that it could be for a completely different phone or prototype.

This clears if there was any doubt about the incorporation of Notch in the Samsung S range. Of course, Koreans can not adopt one of the hallmarks of their most direct competitor just because the rest of the industry has thrown themselves into the notch pool.

The price and release date

There are few safe things for the next Galaxy S10 but it seems that Samsung wants to continue with the design line that started with the S8 and its screen without borders.

We expect to see Samsung’s new flagship sometime around MWC 2019 like almost every year. For the price there is nothing written in stone but we can bet: if the S9 has touched the 900 € the S10 will touch the € 1000.

Some specs

As for this Galaxy, this week Roland Quandt has posted on Twitter some interesting information from a LinkedIn profile that seems to suggest the development of a Snapdragon 855 processor with a 7nm chip, as reported by BGR.

Still, some clues are left to us right now. The latest comes from @OnLeaks and suggests to us that the Samsung Galaxy S10 will arrive in a total of six different colors.

The Final Words

These are currently the first rumors of the Galaxy S10 that according to the source we can see next year, although as I mentioned, in a few months things could be very different depending on what the competition presents.

In the next few years we will see that smartphones will have on screens without frames and readers under the screen a novelty that will extend to a wide range of brands and models.


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