Red iPhone 7 Plus Dubai UAE
Red iPhone 7

This is the first time an iPhone is marketed as Product (RED) coming soon in Dubai – U.A.E ~

A Red iPhone 7 to Fight Against AIDS

After a morning with the Apple Store closed, Apple has introduced its new range of products facing the spring: a Red iPhone 7, a low-cost iPad and a new collection of straps.

Red iPhone 7 special edition in Dubai
Red iPhone 7

When we were all waiting for a new event Apple has decided to surprise us; and leave us paraphernalia to present their new range of products directly on their website.

While waiting for the iPhone 8, Apple has introduced a special version of its popular iPhone 7: iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus (PRODUCT) RED Special Edition. These new models are characterized by their distinctive red aluminum finish; in recognition of more than 10 years of collaboration between Apple and the organization that fights AIDS.

Apple announced Tuesday the Red iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. The new RED version, finished in aluminum, will support a campaign that raises funds; to achieve a free generation of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS).

Both variations are available for Sale online and in physical Stores, starting from today Friday, March 24. 

red iPhone mobile UAE

This special edition will feature 128gb or 256gb of memory; priced at $750 = 2,750 AED for the iPhone 7 and $870 = 3,200 AED for the iPhone 7 Plus version.

“The introduction of this special edition of Red iPhone, with a magnificent Red finish, is the biggest bet we have made with RED (Global Fund in the fight against AIDS) to date; in the celebration of our association with them and We are eager to put it in the hands of customers”.

Said Apple’s Executive Director Tim Cook.

Joining forces with the foundation (RED) – created in 2006 by Bono and Bobby ShriverApple continues to raise awareness and prevent the spread of HIV; a disease that has claimed thousands of lives and been recognized as a Epidemic in the 1980s.

In addition to the quality and innovation of the Red iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, the purchase of (PRODUCT) RED Special Edition; with a red finish, will help to continue the battle against HIV. Seeking to create a generation free of the disease.

Red iPhone exclusive edition UAE

Apple is the corporation that has most contributed to this global foundation; contributing more than $130 million as (RED) partners. By combining the international reach of the most beloved smartphone with our efforts to provide the ARV drug in Africa; consumers will have the opportunity to make a significant change.

Which countries will have the first Red iPhone 7 ?

In addition to the United States, the first countries that will have the smartphone will be Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, France, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan and Mexico.

Also included are New Zealand, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom and United Arab Emirates. Finally, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, India and Turkey.

Apple took the opportunity to announce the arrival of its iPhone SE model as well; with more storage space. The most economical version of this smartphone was launched in 2016 and came in capacities of 16 GB and 32 GB; and will now go on to capacities of 64 GB and 128 GB.

Having the world in its hands, thanks to its variety of products and mobile devices; Apple is still characterized by innovating the field of mobile telephony.

A new Red iPad for non-Pro

A new red iPad arriving in UAE Dubai

The most important product of all is the new iPad that comes to replace Apple Air 2. Along the way not only has lost the surname but also has reduced its price from $460 = 1,700 AED to $430 = 1,580 AED in its 32GB version.

A price that makes the iPad mini 4 like $85 more expensive. Although not only has lost things, this new model has a 64-bit A9 chip, 8 mpx rear camera; 1.2 mpx front camera, two stereo speakers. Touch ID and retina display.

As usual with the iPad, this new tablet from Apple has a retina display, battery with a duration of 10 hours; weighs less than half a kilo (469g), and can be configured with 4G LTE connection. 

The main difference with the Pro models is that this iPad is not compatible with Apple Pencil or Smart Keyboard; and has a less powerful processor.

Apple updates and lowers the iPad’s price of 9.7 inches

In addition, Apple has upgraded its 9.7- inch i Pad tablet, which leaves its surname Air; changes processor and is priced lower than its predecessor. Which received no improvements since 2014.

Thus, the new iPad, which replaces the iPad Air, will feature a 9.7-inch retina display, an A9 chip; Touch ID fingerprint sensor and configurations with both 32-bit and 128-gigabyte LTE connectivity.

The device price will start from a price of $430 = 1,580 AED in its Wi-Fi version and $600 = 2,200 AED in its LTE version; lower than its predecessor.

Although Apple has not updated its superior range of tablets, iPad Pro; it has announced that it doubles the capacity of the iPad mini models without changing its price. 

New straps for the Apple Watch

red apple watch coming soon in dubai uae

In addition, Apple has taken advantage to announce the new spring 2017 collection of straps for the Apple Watch. The new collection features:

  • Correa Sport in pebble gray, light blue and camellia.
  • Nylon strap spliced ​​in berry, orange, red, yellow pollen; blue lagoon and blue night.
  • Leather strap in candy, berry, mole, sapphire, red; night blue and black.  

In addition, they will start selling the Nike Sport straps separately for a price of $65.



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