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In the jungle. Packing and leaving everything to go to Dubai to collect $ 260,000 a year sounds great, but is it cheating? Or is it simply one of the best job offers in the sector?

Would you leave it all to go and live in Dubai charging $ 260,000 or AED 1 million a year? That’s what a British company is offering for interested candidates to apply for a real estate agent offer in the Emirati capital.

As we can read in Russia Today, the offer has been reported by the Coventry Telegraph newspaper.

For those who have no problem moving to Dubai, the real estate agency Allsopp & Allsopp, based in the British town of Nuneaton, offers a large amount of money for a job that does not require much knowledge, but rather the ability to sell.

These new agents who manage to sell the real estate from the offices located in the Emirati city will be able to win from 98 thousand up to 262,800 dollars annually, free of taxes, according to the newspaper Coventry Telegraph.

If you are wondering what requirements are necessary to apply to the position and earn a quarter of a million dollars annually and free of taxes, you will be surprised to know that they do not ask for much. In fact, it is not necessary to have an extensive curriculum or a master.

What will really help you is having at least two years of experience in the sector and “people skills”. Something essential when selling high-end properties.

Other requirements to take into account will be the presentation and communication skills, the impulse and determination of the candidates and the driver’s license. The company that has published this offer is called Allsopp & Allsopp and was founded in 2008, just when the crisis hit hardest.

Almost ten years later they have established themselves strongly in the United Arab Emirates, especially in Dubai where they are engaged in the real estate market.

In fact they are doing so well that within two weeks they have scheduled an event to “recruit” the new candidates.

Functions that the selected ones will play

Property or sales leasing consultants will have to conduct market valuations, match clients with specific properties, organize and conduct visits. They must also perform functions such as photographing and realizing the publicity of the properties, as well as negotiating the offers between the buyer and the seller, tenant or owner.

In any case, to be hired you must have at least two years of experience in the real estate sector and “be economically independent” to be willing to settle in a new country and be able to get “the job of your dreams“, as they were baptized.

The option of going to the Emirates for a few years is an increasingly interesting option for people of restless minds who want to make quick money.

In the Arab country there are no taxes on income, which means that you charge 100% of your salary.

However, the conditions can become special because the country does not enjoy all the freedoms that can be found in a Western democracy.

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