Want a real adventure? Explore off-road vehicles in UAE-al-qadar-lake

Are you looking forward to explore the whole new world of desert area in UAE by using the magnificent off-road vehicles?

If the answer to the above question is a big yes, then you head towards the right place. In this post you will come to know about the marvelous off-road vehicles and much more information about the off-road vehicles. In this post, we will guide about the stunning off-road vehicles which will help you to unleash your top-speed experience.

Want a real adventure? Explore off-road vehicles in UAE-suzuki-samurai-wheels-2
Off-road vehicles

Top 11 Off-Road Vehicles To Choose From:

1. 2008-2016 Toyota Land Cruiser
2. 1998-2016 Volvo XC70 (Cross Country)
3. 1949-1979 VW Beetle
4. 1998-2016 Subaru Forester
5. 1992-2006 Hummer H1
6. 2004-2016 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited
7. 1979-1985 4WD Toyota Hilux Pickup
8. 1979-2016 Mercedes G-Class
9. Suzuki Samurai 1985-1995
10.2010-2017 Ford Raptor
11.2005-2016 Dodge (Ram) Power Wagon

Off-Roading As An Adventure In Abu Dhabi:

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# Which places to explore at Abu Dhabi?

Many areas of Abu Dhabi include the blend of rolling red dunes and flat desert plains. The best adventure will be rock climbing and hiking, wadi walks.

No matter if you are newbie or professional off-roader, the apt travel guide off-road book will be the best for you to unleash the UAE’s off-road experience to the core. There are around 33 routes to explore as an off-roader in Abu Dhabi. 20 routes are very new which includes hiking through the abandoned villages of Ras Al Khaimah. You will also love driving across a desert through 3 emirates to swimming in the rock pools and the marvelous adventure is dune-bashing on UAE’s best-known dune. If you aspire some thrilling adventure in the UAE, then there are different places of exciting adventure in Abu Dhabi you can check for.

The best route you must take is which will lead you to Al Qudra Lakes. You will love the 86 km bike ride to the core. The best part of the route is watching the Marmoum Conservation Reserve. There are lots of man-made lakes which grabs the eyeballs of the visitors in this route. You can opt for any kind of car for going through this route and unleashing your off-roading experience. The bird watching adventure will attract to a lot of extent of taking this route as an off-roader. You will get to see flamingos, herons and various other birds on the way. Leading ad posting website in Dubai is the best platform where you can find the best bikes and the cars for off-roading as per your choices and preferences.

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Are you eager to be closer to the capital of UAE, Abu Dhabi? You will get to explore the fossil dunes which are located outside the Mussafah. This unique and impressive landscape is created when the sands get hardened and shaped by the wind which turns out to be very appealing for the off-roader. If you aspire to opt for the camping, sport adventure, this route works as wonders.

The off-road trip to Dalma island is apt to take if you are a culture vulture. This is one of the easiest routes in which you will also see Jebel Dhanna -which is about 270 km west of Abu Dhabi. This route will give you the best experience of the life’s off-roading adventure.

Other routes are various options like northern emirates. You can also head towards Ras Al Khaimah if hiking is your passion and you will climb the Stairway to Heaven.

# Tips for driving:

Well, you might be the professional off-roader, but driving through the wonderful car off-road is quite a different thing. To be the best off-roader, you must see to it that you avoid bogging and take many wide turns. If, at times, your car gets stuck up, then you can opt for putting the vehicle in reverse when you will move your steering wheel left or on the right.

For the plain sailing off-roading, you must drive at the rocky terrain, such as northern mountains and the wadis. You need to be well informed about your car’s ground clearance that will avoid damaging on large rocks. There are various animals around which might come on your ways so you have to be quite careful while off-roading.

#You must be aware of the safety:

It is apt to go for off-roading in the group as compared to going alone. Your car checking is the must for keeping the best safety when going for off-roading. The fuel tank of the car must be filled. The spare tire of your car must be in very good condition when you are heading towards the best off-road experience.

When you are gearing up for the off-road adventure, then you must also take care that you are carrying fully charged mobile phone, enough food and water which will be required on the trip. Air compressor, traction ramps are must to carry along with you.

You also need to know about your limits while off-roading. Your campsite must be visible to other kinds of vehicles approaching. You must also make use of the flagpole while driving off-road, this will help other drivers.

You must also keep a check on the weather forecast. It may be clear to you as where you are on the route, but you must be careful while driving because the dry river beds will get loaded with rain water from several kilometers away.

Different types of routes to take for off-roading:


Want a real adventure? Explore off-road vehicles in UAE-al-qadar-lake
Routes for off-rad adventure

For off-roading adventure in UAE, you have different options of the routes, be it for one day or overnight. 

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# Route for one day:

If you are looking for a full day outing to unleash off-road experience, you can opt for the eastern side of epic Wadi Bih route with the shortest Wadi Asimah track will make you experience the wonderful trees and have off-route diversions for walking and exploring.

Fossil Rock route:

For getting the complete desert experience, fossil rock is the best to explore as such. You will get to experience many dunes at the trip. For watching the scenic view like mountains, farms, villages, etc. You must take this marvelous route. Dubai classifieds offers you a multifarious range of off-road vehicles of different brands.

#For overnight rate:

You can opt for the trip to Liwa Oasis for overnight off-road trip experience. You will get to see a variety of deserts in your off-roading tour. You must plan this route perfectly to cover for a few days. It will take 2 nights for completing this off-road adventure. If you have the best budget then you can opt for more time to experience this off-road adventure. Long lunches and early camping will add, 5 stars to your off-road trip to the core.

Best guide for off-roading in UAE:

# Learning about off-roading:

Before you head towards off-roading in UAE, you must opt for desert driving course which will help you in learning about the basics and the essentials of the desert driving as such. Emirates Driving Institute will help you to a lot of extent in learning about the driving skills, some tips for driving in the desert. Tour company Arabian Tours also guides you well in enhancing your off-roading skills to the core.

Want a real adventure? Explore off-road vehicles in UAE-rope-and-shackle
Useful things for offroad adventure

4×4 vehicles not only helps you to unleash your off-roading experience but also adventurous as well. You will love the dune buggies on the way. Quad-bikes are the best to explore desert off-roading.

# Some of the must to carry for off-roaders:

#The vehicle must be fully-serviced
#GPS and map for helping you in the way
#Completely charged mobile phone
#A kit of first aid is also compulsory
#A spare tire
#You must have a tire pressure gauge
#An extra petrol can which will help you in the way
#Tow rope and shackles
#Drinking water, which will help you in keeping hydrated
#Some snacks must be taken
#One torch is a must to carry
#Jump leads must be carried along
#Foot pump is also must

Closing Thoughts:

So, are you looking forward to have a wonderful adventure of off-roading in UAE? Different bikes for sale are available at the leading classified website of UAE and you can choose the best one as per your favorite brand and choice as such.

The above mentioned factors and essential kits must be considered before you think of the adventurous off-road memorable trip.


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