Know About the 2018 Ramadan Car Offers in Dubai, UAE [updated]

“Ramadan is one of the blessed month when people opt for purchasing something new and here in this post you will know about the best ever Ramadan car deals to know about! “

Each year in the month of Ramadan, there are various kinds of deals to know about and there are various kinds of shoppers to know about in the month of Ramadan as such, because it is one of the blessed month to know about.

There are various top auto manufacturers to know about and they are just striving to increase the complete market value and the market share, the complete competition for standing out and for providing the offer which just provides the best ever Ramadan car deals too and this has also just intensified this complete year itself.

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ramadan cars deal in dubai

If you are also looking forward for upgrading the complete ride or just planning for purchasing your first vehicle, then you can also know about the better time than the holy month of the Ramadan, etc.

17 Best 2018 Ramadan Car Deals to Know About

There are various kinds of best offers to know about for the car lovers who desire to shop for the best cars which just looks stylish to the core.

Here is the list of 17 best cars deals to be considered.



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Toyota is one of the best brand to know about and there are different Ramadan deals on this car.

Toyota UAE offers all shebangs this Ramadan, with amazing offers including free registration, free insurance and free service. There are also financing options on some Toyota models with EMI from AED 444 per month. However, this funding facility is only available if financed through the ENBD Bank.

  • The major one is “Buy Now and Pay in Ramadan 2019”. This is the best Ramadan car deal and also lets you to purchase the brand new car for the complete year and you don’t have to pay anything. This best offer is on the major Toyota products which includes the sedans (Corolla and Camry), SUV (Rav4) and also the Off-roaders (Prado and Land Cruiser).
  • Purchasing any of the Toyota will be getting you to the 4 years maintenance and service or you can also just purchase the service package for just less than AED 2 per Day and also covers around 4 years too.
  • If you are also looking forward to plan purchasing the Hilux, Hilace or the Toyota Coaster, then you will also be able to save around AED 12000, however the catch is that this particular deal is valid for the business clients only.
  • You will get to avail around 40% on the purchase on Toyota if you just choose the payment by Al Futtain NBAD card itself, just without paying any kind of service charges too and just avail the 12 months 0% installment plan too. Also know about the best safest cars in Dubai, UAE.

2. Mitsubishi UAE Motors 

Mitsubishi UAE Motors have come up with an interesting offer “We share your monthly Installment” – which also includes the following:

  • Free 5 years/ 100,000 KM Warranty
  • 1 Year Insurance, Service up to 30,000 KM
  • Lumar tinting & Soctchgard
  • Avail up to 2% trade in bonus for any car.

With the reduced installation in all its car models, this is a very interesting offer for people who have little budget.

  • PAJERO – Up to AED 995/– Per month
  • MONTERO SPORT – Up to AED 895/– Per month
  • OUTLANDER – Up to AED 795/– Per month
  • ECLIPSE CROSS – Up to AED 695/– Per month
  • ASX – Up to AED 595/- Per month
  • LANCER EX – Up to AED 395/– Per month
  • ATTRAGE – Up to AED 395/– Per month
  • MIRAGE – Up to AED 395/– Per month

3. Jaguar Ramadan car offers 2018

Jaguar UAE are offering their own version of Ramadan car deal which has the following benefits:

  • Upto 10% cash back.
  • 5% vat will be paid by the company.
  • 5 years’ service and maintenance
  • 5 years’ warranty and roadside assistance
  • They have also reduced total retail prices on some of their models.

4. BMW UAE motors Ramdan offer 2018

BMW will cover 15 per cent of the price of the car towards the first installment, along with a one-year free insurance, five-year extended service and repair. Those who are financing can also receive 2.5% cash on selected models.

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BMW offers for the Ramadan 2018, comes with special offers on BMW Premium Selection Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles which includes the following:

  • 15% down payment contribution
  • Free insurance for First year
  • widest range of used BMW vehicles
  • Clearance stock offers

5. Audi UAE Ramadan offers 2018

Audi motors also getting into competition with the best Ramadan car deals in the UAE:

  • One year free insurance
  • Free Registeration
  • Three years of roadside assistance

Along with

  • 5 years service
  • 5 years maintainance
  • 5 year manufacturers warranty



You will just be able to save around AED 18000 as the Honda UAE is providing the 5-years 100000 service contract along with the best 5-years to the unlimited miles warranty and also the most competitive costing across the range.

Al-Futtain Honda is also providing the best ever deals card on delivery of Honda and this also worth AED 200 to around AED 2000 plus it just depends on the vehicle too. These are the more further details to know about:

  • Honda Civic: For this, you will get to save around AED 12000 on the 5 years service and the warranty also. The cost starts with AED 67900.
  • Honda Accord: For this, you will get to save upto AED 13000 on the 5 years service and warranty. The beginning price is AED 82900.
  •  Honda Accord Coupe: For this you can save around AED 14000 on the 5 years’ service and the warranty as such.
  •  Honda City: For this, youcan save around AED 11000 on 5 years’ service and also the warranty on the City with the pricing starting with AED 51900.
  •  Honda Pilot: For this, you can save around AED 18000 on the 5 years service and warranty with the price starting with AED 115900.
  •  Honda CR V: This starts with AED 89900 and you can also save up to AED 14000 on 5 years service and warranty on the stylish CRV.
  •  Honda Odyssey: This starts with the AED 135900 and provides you with AED 14000 on 5 years’ service and warranty.
  • Honda Odyssey J: The beginning price of this is AED 104900, the Odyssey J can also save you about AED 14000 on 5 years service and warranty.

7. Mercedes Ramadan Car Offers 

Mercedes Ramadan Car Offers

The German automaker is also providing with the best ever amazing deals on various kinds of car models for this Ramadan.

  • With various competitive financing of E-Class for AED 2999 per month as such and you will be getting one year free insurance plus also the complimentary add-ons available like the 3 years service package too, the window tints and the 2 years repair option from the Mercedes also.
  • If you can also opt for the luxe S-Class car, then the perks will be getting just better and better to know about. You will also be getting 20% down payment for this car and also contribute the maker along with the 3 years service and warranty.

8. Dodge Ramadan Car Deals 

Dodge Ramadan car deals

If the deals and offers by Honda will thrill you to bits and make you for purchasing the Honda this Ramadan, then the Dodge is also the best deal which will also make you reconsider as such.

Dodge is upping extended service and warranty game, for 6 years. They will also offer one-year free insurance on selected models and contribute up to 20% percent of the payback on new car models.

Dodge is also providing the best deals of 20% dealer down payment and also just same as the 5 years per 100000 Kms warranty on this Durango Range. There are also 6 types of car insurance in UAE

9. Lexus Ramadan Car Deals and Offers

Lexus Ramadan Car Deals and Offers

Lexus is also one of the best cars to be considered and this car is also being loved by the car lovers around the globe. This Ramadan season, you can just wrap up this whole Ramadan and ask for the visit at showroom for finding the best ever deals on this lavish and luxe car.

The luxury brand of the Toyota must also have something which also excites the potential and prospective buyers in the world.

10. Cheverolet Ramadan Car Deals and Offers 

Cheverolet Ramadan car deals

Cheverolet is also one of the best brand to be considered by the car lovers around the world. This particular car has also come up with the best ever used and the pre-owned Cheverolets from various kinds of dealers across whole of UAE and also choose the best one which fits perfect in your pocket bill.

Chevrolet UAE motors have announced! lower prices on all their car models and free upgrades with savings worth 1000s of Dirham.

  • Tahoe savings upto AED 30,000
  • Silverado savings upto AED 20,000
  • Impala savings upto AED 15,000
  • Malibu savings upto AED 10,000
  • Traverse savings upto AED 7,500
  • Equinox savings upto AED 5,000
  • There is also the whopping saving of around AED 40000 on the Corvette but just for the limited time period and if you are just interested, then it is the best decision to know about.
  • Cheverolet is laso providing with AED 50000 in the savings for the selected models as a kind of special Ramadan deal to know about.
  • For choosing of the best in class pre-owned Camaro from the AlGhnadi, you will also be able to end the savings AED 40000 and also get the lifetime of 7 years complete warranty. This particular offer is also the best to be considered and is just limited till the whole stock lasts.
  • One of the best Cheverolet dealer is also providing with the huge savings of around AED 35000 on the Cheverolet THAOE, AED 20000 off on the Traverse and the 12000 on the Malibu LTZ with also the best deals on pre-owned compact sedans too. Ramadan cars also provides the better deals for the people who desire to have the luxe range of cars in the world.
  • Cheverolet is also just offering with the additional AED 3650 off for the clients till May 14th too.

11. GMC Ramadan Car Deals and the Offers 

gmc ramadan car deals in dubai, UAE

This year GMC has not talked much about its Ramadan offerings, but is confident that they have offered savings of up to AED 35,000 on all its models, specially on new car purchases for its Terrain, Acadia, Yukon and Sierra models.

If you love the lavish and luxe range cars, then the GMC is also the one to watch out for. This car is offering the price of AED 35000 off and also for the selected models on this Ramadan season for making your car buying decision quite easy to the core for you as such.

12. Infiniti

Do not worry about the first installment at Infiniti, they are covered for all purchases. They also pay one year of insurance and provide a five-year warranty.

13. Cadillac

Cadillac pays the first twelve installments for their cars purchased through financing. The company also provides an extended warranty of 10 years.

14. Nissan

Nissan is keeping it simple, offering a 0 percent interest for four years on the purchase of any new Nissan 2018 cars, crossovers and SUVs.

15. Jeep

Jeep will cover 20% of the down payment and will offer an extended six-year / 120-kilometer service and a guarantee plus one-year free insurance on certain models.

16. Hyundai

Buy it now, pay next year for selected purchases at Hyundai UAE, plus 1 year of free insurance and a 4 year of extended warranty.

17. Ford

Savings extend to Dhs 73,000 for top-line Ford vehicles, extended warranty and roadside assistance for 5 years, extended service and maintenance for 3 years, plus an Appe iPhone X or iPhone 8 on certain Ford models.

The Final Words

So, in a nutshell, it can be concluded that the best ever cars are providing the amazing car deals for Ramadan month and these cars will just thrill you to bits for sure.

There are various kinds of cars to be considered for this blessed month. Below You can subscribe to our blog for the latest car deals in the UAE. Also if there are best car deals in Ramadan which you know, then you can share with us in the comments below.


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