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Purchasing property in the UAE is something which people around the world keep their eyes glued to and they desire to know about the same!

UAE is one of the most loved country in the world which you must know about. And there are various things to know about this beautiful country. This luxe and lavish country have various kinds of things to know about and there are also the best ever properties which you can purchase as per your budget, choice and also the preferences too. There are various cities in UAE where you can buy the luxe and lavish property. The city of gold: Dubai and Abu Dhabi, are the cities which you must know about, if you desire to know about the best in the class properties as such. Well, many things must be considered before purchasing the real estate for sale in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

There are the basics about the purchasing of freehold property in Abu Dhabi. Well, not like Dubai, Abu Dhabi does not till date have any kind of specific laws and also the regulations which just regulates the sale and purchase of the real estate by the foreigners and that is the off plan sale to know about and also the real estate brokers and also the agents, the escrow accounts which just jointly owned property (Strata Law) and many more things to consider about. In this regarding, one is also required to know about the needs to be more careful and also just exercise more due diligence through the purchasing property for sale in Dubai and at Abu Dhabi.

Purchasing Property In Abu Dhabi:

There are also various kinds of restrictions in the purchasing of property in Abu Dhabi, because the foreign ownership is just largely restricted to the designated areas to know about. These kind of designated places have also been just known as the “investment zones” by Abu Dhabi Executive Council as such. 

You are also required to know that the property which you are just intending for the purchase located in the area where there are just the best ever non-UAE and also non-GCC nationals and these are also just permitted for just purchasing the freehold property in Abu Dhabi.

buy property in abu dhabi

Abu Dhabi property laws also just permit foreigners for acquiring the interests in different properties which are being located in different areas of Abu Dhabi and it is also being designated by the law in the year 2005 and these are also known best as the Investment Zones too. These kind of investment zones are also the areas of land at the Abu Dhabi in which the GCC and also the non UAE/GCC nationals are also being entitled to the real property rights too. However, these rights also just specifically exclude the ownership of the rights to different lands for the expatriates also.

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Even you must know that your broker or any of the lawyers will also be able to just assist you regarding the determining of property which you just wish for purchasing and it is also just located in the Investment Zones itself. And there are also some of the investment zones for Reem Island, Raha Beach and also Al Reef, Yas Island, Saadiyat Island too.

Extent Of Property Rights Which Are Also Conferred On Expatriates:

Under Abu Dhabi’s property laws, you can also be just entitled to the ownership, purchase, sell, lease out, mortgage, and also you can just invest in the floors and apartments (this just excludes lands) in the Investment Zones too. Apart from this, you can also enjoy the 99 year lease of just already built-up land, and this is also known as the usufruct leases which you must know about as such and there are also the 50 year development leases and the particular leases are known as musataha leases also and this shall also be built and enjoyed at the undeveloped land also. These both, usufruct and musataha leases can also be just renewed for the like periods too and also at the time of agreement between the different parties also and there is a person holding the usufruct or the musataha right for just more than the 10 years and may also transfer that kind of right without the permission of the owner or the landlord of that particular land as such. Even the owner or landlord may not be able to mortgage their interest even just without any kind of consent too, of the owner or also the usufruct or musataha right too.

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Currently there has also been the announcement by Abu Dhabi Municipality which the foreigners will just now be able to own the property at Abu Dhabi on the freehold basis too and in the designated investment zones also which are being just opposed to the leasehold basis through the 99 years leases. Well, the situation will also be just clear once the details will be such that the freehold arrangement or the complete explanation would also be just provided as the exact thing which it shall be differing from the other kind of property rights at Abu Dhabi.

If You Are Just Purchasing “Off-Plan” Or Also The Resale Property:

resale value of property in abu dhabi

There are various kinds of sets of protocols to know about and which are just applicable that depends on whether you can just purchase the property just under any kind of construction or also at the completed property itself. With the regards to purchasing the off plan properties by taking note of the following:

The next important step is also that the initial step for ensuring that the developer is being registered through the Department of the Economic Development in Abu Dhabi. When you are looking forward to buy the property which just has yet to be completed and also for ensuring the purchase agreement also and this involves the completion date and also the compensation which is also awarded when the property is just not finished up by that particular date too. And if property is just finished, then you can also decide on the different appropriate deadline for just furnishing of the attached and also the schedule which just identifies the furnishings.

Not like Dubai, in Abu Dhabi, as of now, there is no such legislations which just relate to the off plan sales or also imposing the escrow account needs also and this makes it more important for you regarding exercise caution at the time of buying the off plan properties.

Buying The Resale Property In Abu Dhabi:

You must just not pay any kind of the purchase price without having any kind of sale agreement or any other form of the contract in place. The simple sale agreement is just not the only document which is required for the purchase. Well, this is also just legally the binding and must not only be signed for all the reasonable due diligence too, regarding both the properties and the verification of the seller’s ownership, which just have been undertaken and there also various negotiations to be done as such. If you are looking forward to buy the secondary market, then it is also just advisable that there is also the deposit fro being held as the broker or then your lawyer in the escrow for the pending transfer.

Verification Of The Ownership And Also The Property Details Also:

You must also know about the due diligence and this must also include the complete verification about the seller’s ownership regarding the real estate and also the complete ability for on selling property. You are also just required to identify much of the warranties for just assigning to you just at the time of purchasing if the property is just recently and because the law the sale.

Verification of the property

This is also quite important for just accurately determining the property which you just intend for purchasing and also has the existing finance or any form of which the lender as the seller’s current mortgage has to be cancelled too before the property will be just transferred in your own name as such. This is also just advisable for having the professional assistance through the due diligence and also the buying process too. And this is also not the formal requirement at Abu Dhabi.

About The Registration:

In the year 2005, regulations were also being introduced just in relation to the registration of real property and also the department under the name of “Property Registration Department” was also being established at Abu Dhabi Municipality. All of the dispositions will be recorded just in your name in the Real Estate register which is being maintained just by the said department. This kind of registration shall also be just as evidenced by the issuance of the registration certificate and also the title deed too.

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registration of the property abu dhabi

Even the Abu Dhabi Laws recognizes the right for mortgages to be just created and this is also just over the property rights and also just inside and outside the Investment Zones and this just requires the registrar to record these kind of land register maintained by just Abu Dhabi Municipality.

Under Abu Dhabi laws also there is the clear requirement for every kind of deed creating and also for the transferring of the extinguishing of real property rights and this also includes the leases through the term with the term which just exceeds the 4 years and is also required to be just registered. If there is any failure in this, then the registration can just render such rights ineffective. For the further information which just retards.

The Final Words:

So, in a nutshell, it can be concluded that the above listed are the best ways to know about the best factors to be considered before buying the property in Abu Dhabi, UAE. There are the best real estate properties to know about and you can also know about various villas and the apartments as per your choice and the preferences also. You can also do the business of buy and sell Dubai property for sale and make money just by sitting anywhere as such.



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