Dream Car-Maserati Alfieri 2017

People think about purchasing new products during the festive season. If you are living in the UAE, then it is the best country, which offers you an elite range of latest cars, which fits perfect for your choice or you can build your own dream car.

Car buying in UAE is not a difficult thing. The marvelous city of UAE, that is Dubai itself has more that 40+ class showrooms of the cars, and various dealers provide the best deals in the luxury or dream car, if UAE is compared to other countries, in the selling of the cars. You can find your dream car by investing, affordable price to get the car and also able to buy good cars.

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When you are making a plan to purchase a luxury or dream car, you have to consider 2 main factors: Pre owned cars (used cars) and the brand new cars. A pre owned or the used car is the one which is second hand car. But, there are 10 important factors to be considered when you buy a used car, which must be kept in mind. There are multifarious used cars available at the top classifieds ads website of the UAE, where there are various used cars available at the affordable rates on your choice.

Build Your Dream Car:

In the country like UAE, the brand new cars are available from the dealers, at very cheapest to the most luxurious brands. Well, buying the new cars will be the biggest investment for you.

Again, while you ponder over buying a brand new or dream car, you have to consider about certain factors, like different varieties, classy and trendy brands, sizes of the cars, like Sedan or the hatchback, and to top it all is the price, the car must be within your budget.

Other factors come to mind before buying a luxurious brand new or your dream car, is the favorite color, which will be checklist when you will drive the car. Then comes the comfortable seats, you can opt from the fabric or the leather seat. Next comes to the line, while observing in the brand or new dream car, is the kind of audio system and add up any mode of communication plus the navigation system you desire.

If payment is considered, some kind of finance programs offers the nominal interest rates for the customers, and cash rebates are the icing on the cake. There are astonishing cars available for you, plus you can also wait for the upcoming trendy car models, which will hit the markets in the near future. There are various places where people can buy cars or go for used cars for sale. Here is the list of classy cars to watch out for in the near future:

Honda Accord: Find your Dream Car

2017 will witness the classy new Honda Accord sport car which will definitely set the world on fire. Honda will be launching the trendy sports edition in the market by next year a new dream car. Any class sports edition, which are being said as the special editions, does not feature cutaways on the outside, and no trendy designs are seen. These models just have attractive and unique banging with premium heated leather seats.

Dream Car-honda accord 2017 car

The price of the Honda Accord car in US starts with $22,355 which amounts to around AED 82,100 and it is to arrive in the US today. Well, no such announcements are being made regarding availability of the car in UAE.

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If compared to the year 2016, Honda Accord cars have seen a whole new change overall, and just not the looks from outside. Honda company has fully made changes to the chassis.

Toyota GT 86 coming up in 2017:

Some people looking for the best places to buy new cars withing their budget ratio. For this, there are best places for cheap cars in UAE. The Toyota car company will be launching new GT86 in the year 2017. At the rear, the taillights will be getting complete face lifting, and also the bumper. The suspension system will be getting the shock absorbents and also the springs for better handling. Some kind of alterations will also be made to the steering wheel and also the new upholstery for the seats will be complete with the silver stitching.

Even the Google company is planning to roll new technology cars in the showroom. Striking google driver-less cars will be all the rage in the upcoming future, it will be shown-stopping for all the car lovers worldwide.

The four new twisted-spoke rims sporting the all new banging will just complete the looks.

Volkswagen Amarok coming up in 2017:

dream car-Volkswagen Amarok 2017

The Volkswagen Amarok premium B model will also be launching soon in the year 2017, which will have a recent generation V6 engine. The interior of the car has the off-road, which provides the customers with class features. This includes the trendy cockpit. This upcoming car will also have something for the driver seat sitting person and front seat passenger. This Amarok also provides the 14-way adjustable ergo Comfort seats, which also have won many awards for their back-friendliness.

The pick-up will also be astonishing with good complete visibility and high-quality interior design.

This brand new car will also feature sample of legroom, and also the height adjustable front seats. The degree and the width of the lumbar support can also be adjusted, plus also the cushion angle and backrest.

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Alfa Romeo Giorgio Sedan in 2017

Alfa Romeo Giorgio Sedan will have to nail the complete engineering process, the Italianate styling of the car, and also the car quality, because Giorgio will be taking the brand to the next level against the entrenched German competition. This particular car is being sized and priced just like the current BMW 3-series. This car Giorgio has mainly the steel bones, multi link suspensions, and also the north-south power train which is basically designed for the four-wheel drive. The power train will be altered completely, and a new engine family must involve a turbo charged 2.0 liter inline-four, a 3.0 liter V-6, and a range of diesels Some of these car models will also feature dual-clutch automatic. The pricing will be kept around $40,000.

These cars are the luxurious ones, apart from these cars, there are a lot of other classy cars which grabs the eyeballs. It is said that old is gold: classic vintage cars are also highly favored by the people around the world.

Lexus SC is coming up in the year 2017:

This is yet another opulent car which will keep the people captivating by its awesome and class design. For the Lexus, having the stunning grand touring car might not be so bad way of telegraphing the brand’s new found, the German-baiting performance pretensions.

This car’s estimated price will be around $80,000 to $95,000 range. If power train is considered, SC will be using the version of 5.0 liter V-8, currently making around 467 horsepower in the GS F and also the RC F. A hybrid model is also lined up for the launch. With a 640-HP Cadillac CTS-V available, This car will follow the lead of the Germans. And will manufacture the twin-turbo version also.

Maserati Alfieri in the year 2017:

Dream Car-Maserati Alfieri 2017

This car is being named by the Maserati brother’s name who started up their workshop in 1914. This brand new upcoming model will set the world on fire, and it will also compete against the Jaguar F-type, Mercedes-AMG GT, and also with Porsche 911 with the starting price of around $100,000. This car will get manufactured with the steel and aluminium blend. Maserati will be completely unrivaled with its Alfieri and also the Gran Turismo.

This will also be the class car which will take the world by breeze in the year 2017.

Jaguar F-Pace to be launching in 2017:

Jaguar is all set to have its first SUV coming up in the market. Jaguar will watch the new trend and it is all set to generate the sales leads by its upcoming model with fully luxury catalog. It is anticipated that Jaguar F-Pace will be turning up to be the bestseller. It will be sold in huge numbers than the current sales.

Chevrolet Corvette Zora ZR1 to come up in the year 2017:

This is the mid-engine car, which will have the moving the engine rearward enables minutely the whole new improved acceleration and braking quality improvised.

The outer area of the car will also attract the customers to the core. This model will also have a composite coachwork matrix, with the whole new chassis and designing. If power train is considered, for this car, the top-hole Zora ZR1 version of the C8, we’re betting on the supercharged small-block V-8. It will also be uniting with the dual-clutch automatic trans axle. It will be competing with the Ferrari 458 performance of the Porsche 911.

Mercedes Benz E Class also in 2017:

Dream Car-Mercedes Benz E Class 2017

The top brand Mercedes will also launch its new model in the coming year in 2017. It is the mid-sized opulent car which fascinates the customers. Despite its crucial position in the product range, E-class had been last in the line among all the Benz sedans to get the complete makeover in the Mercedes car segment, if the whole designing concept is considered. The marvelous E-class series of the Mercedes will be all the more dazzling in complete feature, in the upcoming year 2017. This E-class of the Mercedes have made its debut in the year 2016 at Detroit auto show.


In the near future, multifarious dream cars will be getting launched with a complete face-lift and makeover to the core. Numerous luxury cars will be rolling to the showroom with class and quality features of its kind, which will grab the eyeballs of various customers in every way.

Well, apart from the above listed cars, the all new astonishing apple car will be coming up in the near future.

The above mentioned list of the cars will be some of the attractive models, which the customers are keeping an eye on.

These are the cars which can be afforded by the rich class group. The car lovers can also trade in the second hand cars at the top-rated classified ads website Dubai Poster, where sellers get to meet the buyers directly, without the involvement of a third person.


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