PS4 Slim vs PS4 Pro Controller

Technological advancement is leading to more portable, small, and thinner devices, but thinner ain’t always better when it comes to consoles.

Sony’s latest consoles, the PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim are finally out. There has been a huge debate among people comparing the two variances from various perspectives. The Slim variant is fundamentally a replacement for the original PS4. On the other hand, the PS4 Pro is more like a beast in terms of performance and storage and offers a 4K Ultra HD and HDR gaming experience, which is an emerging demand in the gaming world these days.

Both the consoles accompany a revamped design and a sweet new controller as well. If you haven’t checked our Xbox One vs PlayStation 4 comparison then check it as well and know which one is the king. Let’s start with today’s comparison.

PS PRO vs PS4 Slim

To help guide for your next console purchase, we’ve put the two consoles straight on.

PS4 Slim vs PS4 Pro – Release Date

The PS4 Slim was the first out of these two new PlayStation consoles to arrive as it was launched on 16 September 2016. It’s intended to be the immediate substitution of the original PS4, which implies it isn’t generally intended for those who currently have a PS4.

On the other hand, the PS4 Pro arrived a little bit later, on 10 November 2016 and is intended to be the console for those who are looking for the best available tech in the market and want to experience the most recent visual standards with 4K and HDR.

PS4 Slim vs PS4 Pro – Price

The most astonishing thing about both Sony’s new consoles is the cost. Both the consoles come way under user estimated prices and are surely going to undercut the Xbox Project Scorpio in some way, we believe. The PS4 Slim is the most reasonable alternative for just £249. And then there is the more powerful PS4 Pro which will retail for £349. But, for an additional £100, you get more power and double hard drive space with the PS4 Pro.

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PS4 Slim vs PS4 Pro – Specs

The specs are truly where the actual differences lie between the PS4 Pro and the PS4 Slim. The PS4 Slim comes with the same specs as the standard PS4, just with a revamped slimmer body and controller.

PS4 Slim specs, in brief, are as follows:

  • Eight-core processor
  • 8GB of GDDR5 RAM of 176 GB/s
  • 500GB hard drive
  • 1.84 TFLOPS AMD Radeon GPU at 800MHz

PS4 Pro specs, in brief, are as follows:

  • Custom eight-core AMD Jaguar processor with an unknown clock speed
  • 8GB of GDDR5 RAM
  • 1TB hard drive
  • 4.20 TFLOPS AMD Radeon GPU

According to the gaming giant, the PS4 Pro has double the GPU power and a boosted CPU clock rate as compared to the original PS4. It also rocks a 1TB hard drive, which isn’t exactly we were not expecting as SSD has become a new standard with a very fast rate. Essentially, the PS4 Pro has quicker CPU and speedier RAM, and fundamentally more graphics handling power, which implies it’s faster, more powerful and natively supports 4K and HDR outputs for games and online streaming services like Netflix and Amazon.

PS Controller

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PS4 Slim vs PS4 Pro – Design

Both the PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim have the same new softer design-build. The angular design from the original PS4 has been ditched in favor of softer edges and a comfortable matte finish. The half-gloss and half-matte finishing of the first PS4 is also gone. The PS4 Slim has an altogether slimmer profile. It’s smaller in volume by 30%, weight by 16%, and power consumption has been brought down by 28% contrasted and the original PS4.

ps4 pro vs ps4 slim design

You’ll also see that there’s no light bar on the PS4 Slim or PS4 Pro. Rather, there’s a minor indicator light close to the power button that does the same work near the disc-drive on the Slim and a more extended version that sits between the layers of the PS4 Pro.

One thing to note about the PS4 Slim is that it does not have an optical sound port, so anybody rocking a more seasoned speaker system might need to consider twice. The PS4 Pro has an optical audio port, however, and an additional USB port around the back. If you live in UAE then you’re pure luck. Check out best gaming cafes In Dubai.

PS4 Slim vs PS4 Pro – Controller

The PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim both have the same new controller design. The redid DualShock 4’s greatest design tweak is related to the light bar. There’s now a fragment of light bar visible on the touchpad on the front of the controller, which allows you to see the color without playing in a darkened room or flip the controller over to check.

PS4 Slim vs PS4 Pro Controller

This new controller has had a slight paint change as well, as the D-Pad, joysticks, and face buttons are for the most part now gray rather than black as they were on the first DualShock 4 controller. Additionally, the panels behind the face buttons and d-pad are now matte to fall in accordance with the rest of the controller. Beside those design changes, it’s the same DualShock 4 that we know and totally love it.

PS4 Slim vs PS4 Pro – Games

Despite the distinction in specs, the PS4 Pro, PS4 Slim, and the original PS4 all share a same library of games, and Sony has said it doesn’t plan to launch any PS4 Pro exclusives. However, game developers may choose to take full advantage of PS4 Pro’s additional power to render better frame rates and enhanced visuals.

We’ve already seen this happening in various cases like Final Fantasy XV, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Dishonored 2, and Nioh. While Sony is showing signs of improvement at imparting the PS4 Pro’s advantages to game developers, as can be seen with a large group of new games, for example, Resident Evil 7 and Nier Automata promising PS4 Pro support.

PS4 Slim vs PS4 Pro Games

Whether you’re playing on PS4 Pro, the new slimmer, and lighter PS4, or the PS4 system you bought at launch in 2013, you’ll have access to the same amazing games with the same features and same vibrant community that make PlayStation the best place to play,” explained Sony’s CEO, Andrew House. He even said, “There won’t be any gameplay features exclusive to PS4 Pro or the standard PS4. In fact, we believe the impact of HDR on gaming and entertainment is so promising that all PlayStation 4 systems – back to the very first console sold in 2013 – are now HDR capable.

Should you buy a PS4 Slim or a PS4 Pro if you own the original PS4?

Short and simple answer: NO! The PS4 Slim has the same performance as PS4 so it’s a non-starter. If we talk about the PS4 Pro, it’s somewhat more entangled. To put it in the easiest way for you, if you have a PS4, then there’s no specific need to get the PS4 Pro. The PS4 is less expensive and due to this, it renders games at a lower resolution and pixel count. The difference isn’t actually visible unless you’re on a 4K display. At the same time, the benefits of a higher frame-rate on the PS4 Pro in supporting titles.

Which PS4 should you buy if you don’t have the original PS4?

If you haven’t purchased a PS4 yet, then the PS4 Pro is the one to get – but only if you own a 4K TV with HDR support, or in the event that you require a higher, constant frame-rate at full-HD. There’s also an extra USB port, but at the same time there’s a huge price difference, and that money can be put to better utilize somewhere else.

The 500GB PS4/PS4 Slim is the best choice if you are planning to buy only games on disc.

PS4 Slim vs PS4 Pro consoles

But in case you plan to purchase games digitally or update your disc-based games, for example, Final Fantasy XIV and Destiny, that hard drive space won’t be sufficient after a period of time. Upgrading from 500GB to a 2TB hard drive is very expensive, making it a restrictive issue. So while the 1TB PS4 Slim or unique PS4 may appear like the odd decision in the middle, the extra hard drive space could spare you some additional consumption in a year or two.

With the standard PS4 at long last being phased out, you can expect your nearby store as well as those online to offer discounts on existing stock as well. Despite everything we’d recommend getting it from a physical store, as you will then have the choice of asking for the retailer to remove the games it comes packaged with, at an even lower cost.

Best deals on PS4 Pro & PS4 Slim in UAE

If you are residing in any emirate of UAE and looking for best deals on PS4, PS4 Pro, and PS4 Slim then we have something for you:

Best Deals On Sony PlayStation 4 Slim

Best Deals On Sony PlayStation 4 Pro

PlayStation 4 Pro Vs PlayStation 4 Slim Vs PlayStation 5

It’s going to be a tough choice since PlayStation 5 can be launched by Sony anytime. There is no official update from the manufacturers yet but there are already plenty of rumors and leaks on the web regarding PS5 release date and price.

Assuming PS5 will be much upgraded and powerful as compared to all the existing generations of PS4, you can either wait or get your hands on the PS4 Pro. Keep in mind that there are no official statements from Sony yet about the release of PS5 so if you can’t wait for enough then it’s safe to go with PS4 variants.

PS4, PS4 Slim, and PS4 Pro have already got a huge price drop in recent months so it’s best to go with them at this point in time until we have any official confirmation. Also, we have posted some offers and best deals for PlayStation 4th Gen Variants above so check them out to save more. 

Final Words: Verdict

The thought is that you can share saved data across all the PS4 variants just by bringing your PSN ID and all its associated data will be with you. In any case, the huge difference is between the PS4 Pro and the PS4 Slim is that the Pro version can run games in 4K with HDR support. That means fantastic and detailed graphics with improved colors.

You’ll also have the capacity to play multiplayer with some other PS4 gamers, irrespective of the PS4 model they are currently using. Both the consoles will also bolster the new PlayStation VR, but in case you want the ultimate VR experience, the additional graphics processing will require extra hardware resources so VR will be better for Pro users only.

At last, we would like to say, unless you have a 4K TV with HDR support, or you hate the fluctuating frame-rate, the first PS4 or PS4 Slim will be the best choice for you.


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