Android TV games 2017

When Google shut down Google TV a few years ago, it replaced the platform with something completely different: Android TV.

Android TVs are awesome. They put the majority of the Android platform’s power and highlights into your Television. In addition, with TV boxes like Mi Box, which retail for as low as $69, and convey a lot of power to your TV, you should change your TV into an Android. With Android TV box, you will access a plenty of incredible Android applications, and games that you can keep running on your Television. If you are looking for the free Android games, check out the top 15 epic Android games that you must play for 100% free.

A couple of the most recent entrants in the market controlled by Android TV are lined up below:

  • Sharp AQUOS
  • Sony Bravia TVs
  • Xiaomi Mi Box set-top box
  • Nvidia Shield set-top box/console
  • Razer Forge TV set-top box

For quite a while, arcade games were among the most well-known in the world. They usually have short play times, consistent challenge, and basic gameplay. You can get a great gaming experience with smart Android tv box in terms of all kinds of big screen games: regenerate console classics, standout indie super games, mobile genuine increased by the sitting room setting.

📺 What is Android TV box? 📺

Well, an Android TV box is a little set-top box that executes on the Android operating system or platform. A number of these kinds of tv boxes come with wireless keyboard & a voice search attribute to make it simple for you to get your favorite TV shows & films. With this, you can stream 4k UHD videos by using some of these smart boxes. They have the capability to stream HD videos in a great manner. Some gaming consoles and controllers are expensive that somebody especially game lovers can’t buy them, so, you can find here the 5 best places to buy used games and consoles.

Now move to another side, if you have the Android TV box and want to know the best Android TV games, then you must look out these top 10 best Android tv games, which gives you a great gaming experience.

🎮 Android TV games list of 2017 that you must play 📺

1Crossy Road game

Crossy Road is an amazing game that will keep you captivated for hours at a time. The premise is basic – you simply need to crossroads, while keeping away from getting hit by traffic (which comes to both routes, on some streets), and also avert by going out of the screen, as the camera continues panning forward, and you have to keep in front of that.

Crossy road android tv game

What makes this game so interesting, is possibly the way that you feel like it’s simple enough, when it’s not, and that it demands you to keep up a quick pace, right from the begin.

2Dead Trigger 2: zombie revelation game

The graphics quality of this game is purposely poor, yet that is the thing that adds to the general charm and feel of the game. Do take a note of that the game is preferably played with the Android TV remote, as opposed to a gamepad.

Dead trigger 2 android tv game

Dead Trigger 2 is a first individual survival game, set in a world torn separated by a worldwide zombie end of the world. It is another Android smart tv box game which is based on zombies. In this game perspective, you can walk around the map, finishing targets and do lots of things. It requires a gamepad, so, in order to play this amazing game, you must set-up the gamepad and an interesting thing is you can customize the controls when the game begins, so you know accurately how to proceed about playing the game and finishing the targets handed to you.

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👉 At the point when the game begins off, you are in a post-apocalyptic world filled with zombies and you’re outfitted with only a scuffle weapon and a handgun. More weapons get opened later on in the game and give you the alternative to play the game in the wide range of ways.

3Into the dead: a real horror game

A real horror game which represents a great visual when playing on the bigger screen and makes you feel horrible filled with zombies and hurdles. The game is effectively playable with a gamepad and reveals to you controls as you come.

Into the dead android tv game

Running is programmed, and all you have control over, is turning left or right, to maintain a strategic distance from zombies (and hurdles like trees and abandoned cars) and in addition shooting from weapons that you can get from boxes that are dropped haphazardly.

👉 The game is basically an unending runner, and it continuously more hard to play, as the distance increments. You will need to be rapid with your reflexes, and turn at the correct moments, to abstain from slamming into a zombie, bringing about death.

4Badland: widely loved game

Enjoy this another widely loved game on your latest android smart tv box, this game, is highly acclaimed and has successively received over 1 million ratings from users and average out at 4.5/5 which is nothing short of amazing.

Badland android tv game

On the TV, the minimal graphics look amazingly great, and the colours emerge well. You can play this game with a gamepad controller, or with the Android TV remote control, and it feels a great deal like other tap-to-fly games like Flappy Bird.

👉 In Badland game, you can hit walls, and hurdles as much as you required, as long as you don’t stall out in them, which results in death. The goal is to cross the level while escape from obstacles, and collecting power-ups. Levels get dynamically harder, and the game doesn’t stop being entertaining.

5Fast like a fox

You can get a great gaming experience, just buy the latest android smart tv box media player or you can get it via the app on google play store- Android TV.

Fast like a fox android game

👉 Fast like a fox is a level basic, side runner game that will keep you engaged for a long time. In this game, somebody has stolen all the foxes’ fortunes, and it is your duty to discover and return them all. But that’s not all, you must be as quick as possible. Playing the game itself is easy, you simply press and hold the running button on your gamepad, and the fox increases it’s speed over time. You can hold the jump button to jump over hurdles, and gorge, or to gather coins, and jewels that are hanging above in the air.

However, running is not everything in this game; you’re really expected to slow down at the accurate time to be capable to gather each and every single piece of treasure on the level.


Another amazing game which you can enjoy quite a lot on the keyboard, however less with a gamepad. If you attach or connect a keyboard to your smart android tv box, you will fall in love with Bombsquad.

Bombsquad android tv game

The game supports various diverse gameplay modes, including single player/centre, or multi-player. The game is a considerable measure of fun when played in multiplayer mode; you should simply interface (at least two) controllers to your Android TV, and you’re good to go to play with your friends.

👉 BombSquad has various incredible levels, and the sole point of the game is to kill or end all your friends’ characters. You can punch them, lift and divert them from the stage (viably murdering them), or throw bombs at them. The game is a lot of fun, even in single-player mode, yet playing with friends or relatives will draw out its actual potential.

7Does not commute

It is a very different and another kind of game. This game pursues turn by turn stories of various distinctive individuals, every one of whom is heading some place or the other, and you need to guarantee that they all get to their goals, in the given time confines, while keeping away from crashes with different autos.

👉 From the beginning of the game, you should consider things like the most limited way to their goal, and after that, as the game advances, you should make sense of the best ways for every single one of them, so they don’t wind up slamming into each other, or with structures, and different deterrents.


Mars is a fun approach to kill time on your Android TV. In this game, you are a space traveler, who has been sent to Mars, and for reasons unknown, your sole reason, is to jump from pad to pad, utilizing the thrusters in your spacesuit to deal with your flight, and land gradually, without unscheduled dismantling of your suit, and by expansion, you.

👉 For some reason, the game is great addictive, and you will most likely wind up playing it (like me) for quite a while, simply holding up to perceive what occurs next. The game does put up a significant number of difficulties, and there’s continually something or the other that will keep you need to keep playing.

9Dan the Man: the action platformer game

Dan the Man, an action platformer, which looks like Super Mario. The gameplay is very similar, and even the game advances are very similar to Mario.

Dan the Man android tv game

👉 Just like in Super Mario game, you need to make your route through various obstructions, and defeat all the enemies in a simple way to get over the level. There are additionally various urns set everywhere throughout the level, which can be broken by punching and kicking, to get coins, or (now and then) weapons, and ammunition.

10Beach buggy racing

Beach buggy racing is an incredible dashing game that you can play on your Android TV. The best part of this game that you can simply control or maintain the beach buggy that you’re apparent to be racing. The control scheme is straightforward, and the game doesn’t utilize super-accurate physics, which, to be completely honest, can bother with an easy going game.

👉 The game begins off by guiding you how to race your car and how to update it. While racing, you can get different power-ups which endow you various kinds of powers including things like the rockets that shoot to your rivals out of your path, boosts to speed past anybody in front of you and significantly more.

The Final Word:

There are a lot of games available for Android TV. We have listed out the10 best games which you must play on your Android smart tv box. These games go from classes like puzzles, adventures, and racing. So, no matter which kind of game you are interested to play. The choice is yours, you’ll find the game which you like the most on the above list. All over, if you know any other game for Android TV which deserves to be on the list, do let us know about it in the comment section below and don’t forget to share your gaming experience.


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