Rolls Royce Phantom VIII luxurious car Dubai UAE

Rolls-Royce has unveiled in London the eighth generation of the Phantom, the historic model that has brought luxury to its highest point for 92 years after its market debut back in 1925.

Finally. Fourteen years after the seventh generation of Rolls-Royce Phantom, today the flagship of the brand, landed the eighth generation of a car that marks the benchmark in the segment of the superfluous vehicles. At age 92, the Phantom moves to the fashion of aluminum, connects and introduces technology to increase the safety of its occupants.

Rolls-Royce Phantom VIII car Dubai UAE

Although at first sight the changes may seem minimal with respect to the previous Phantom, it is a completely new model, lighter, more technological and with certain solutions never seen before in a car of the British brand of BMW Group. 

On a dynamic level, the new Phantom VIII will continue to be one of the smoothest, quietest and most refined cars on the market, ensuring that occupants will continue to feel like they are traveling on a magic carpet.

But this does not imply that it will give up solutions increasingly common in the automotive sector, such as the four-wheel steering that helps improve the feeling of aplomb at high speeds and agility in casualties.

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The self-leveling pneumatic suspension has electronically controlled shock absorbers, which adapt to the terrain proactively rather than reactive.

Phantom VIII doors design Dubai

In the interior the acoustic insulation will be total, being this one of the main characteristics of the Phantom of last generation. It will have 6-millimeter double-glazed windows and hundreds of layers of felt and high-density foam layers, for example under roof upholstery, doors and trunk, to ensure maximum acoustic insulation for occupants.

The new Phantom VIII at 100 km / h, is approximately 10% quieter than its predecessor

Phantom VIII Specs, Features and Highlights

Despite its aesthetic resemblance to its predecessor, there are many changes and most of them have been carefully included to offer maximum comfort and comfort to passengers. 

While maintaining the main features of its traditional exterior line, such as its pronounced hood or prominent vertical grill, among others, the most striking modifications are found in doors and mechanically.

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Thus, passengers in the rear seats, separated by a fixed center console, can enjoy a simulated view of stars placed on the ceiling or use some of the wiski glasses and champagne glasses included in the model. 

In order to keep the drinks cold, a refrigerator has also been added. But if you prefer to settle for something more sedate, the silence inside the vehicle invites you to enjoy screens in the back of the front seats.

The Design 

Speaking of design, being the most technologically advanced vehicle on the market is not the priority at Rolls-Royce, says Giles Taylor, the design director. The Phantom VIII changes a lot but it is immediately recognized that it is a Phantom. 

At the front the typical Rolls-Royce grill is integrated for the first time in the body the optical groups, whose beams give visibility up to 600 meters, are stylized and the mythical effigy of the Spirit of Ecstasy appears more erect. On the side, lines are inserted at the height of the screws of the wheels (of 22 inches) to give it dynamism.

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The rear is very traditional with polished steel elements that give it more distinction. And a centerpiece reminiscent of the old Phantoms of the middle of the last century.

How big is a Rolls Royce?

Not forgetting the thick Pillar C that serves to preserve the privacy of passengers traveling behind. Rolls-Royce has not yet taken the exact measurements of the vehicle – will range between 5.85 meters and 6.15 meters. Yes it has confirmed that the extended or Long Wheel Base version is 22 centimeters longer.

The Phantom VIII is the precursor of what Rolls-Royce calls Architecture of Luxury.

It is a completely new platform based on massive use of aluminum to gain rigidity, light weight. It is extensible and modular and can be adapted to different traction systems, since the next Rolls-Royce SUV will take it and will have full-wheel drive. It can also be adapted to different propellers.

Rolls-Royce engineers assure us that the weight of the Phantom VIII is similar to that of the previous generation. 

How heavy is a Rolls Royce Phantom?

And we wonder: if the new generation is based on a new aluminum architecture why is it so heavy? 

Rolls Royce Phantom VIII doors

By introducing a greater number of equipment elements, basically the systems assisting the driver such as lane change, adaptive cruise control or a stereo camera system integrated into the windshield to see the way ahead by adjusting The suspension proactively instead of reactive up to 100 km / h.

That is, read the irregularities of the terrain (as does the Mercedes-Benz S Class) so that the occupants do not notice the same. 

The system executes millions of calculations every millisecond to anticipate the bumps.

In addition to increase the soundproofing of the passenger compartment have been added 130 kilos in materials that insulate the interior. There is 10% less noise in the passenger compartment at 100% km / h than in its predecessor.

What size engine is in the Rolls Royce Phantom?

Turbocharged engine 

The engine is still huge. Twelve cylinders and cuba 6.75 liters. Now it is no longer an aspirated propeller like the previous one but incorporates two turbos. This allows it to gain efficiency even though Rolls-Royce does not give the figures of consumption nor, therefore, of emissions yet. 

This engine gives 563 horsepower and offers a torque of 900 Nm from 1,700 revolutions.

The engineers we were able to talk with assure us that we have worked hard on the engine vibrations. The result is optimal as there are times that “you have to look at the instruments to know if it is on.” The gearbox, of origin ZF, is automatic and of eight ratios and the traction to the rear axle.

Crystal Dashboard

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In the driving position the most remarkable thing is that the instruments are digital. At the center emerges a 12.3 inch screen that can be retracted. Next to it is the analog clock “whose ticking is the loudest sound heard on the Rolls-Royce.”

What the customer wants?

Because talking about the interior of the Phantom is difficult. Each Phantom is customized at the brand’s factory in Goodwood, South London. Everything you want to introduce the customer is feasible.

Rear seats that become authentic beds, bar furniture, coffee tables, electric seats with individual armrests, leather, leather, suede, upholstered carpets, wood everywhere and even a tree you have in your garden or on your farm.

Phantom hand built in goodwood England

Yes, it introduces the Phantom in all its units the fact that all the doors can be opened and closed from the inside (before only the rear ones were closed). That is to say, Rolls-Royce becomes a suite to the taste of the client, as this designs together with the specialists of the mark in Goodwood.

How much is the Rolls Royce Phantom?

Obviously, the price has not been officially announced, as one of the main features of the Rolls-Royce Phantom is that customers can customize it to unsuspected levels through the Bespoke program. 

Thus, textures, materials and colors among other things, may be the ones chosen by each client based on checkbook.

Rolls Royce Phantom VIII luxury car Dubai UAE

Well, the one that wants to pay the customer. It depends on your whims. It should not be forgotten that at the end of May Rolls-Royce reported that it had delivered a unique model called Sweptail whose price amounted to $ 15 million. And its development took four years to fulfill all the demands of this anonymous client.

No doubt the new Rolls-Royce Phantom is in line with expectations. It still maintains the essence that has turned these models into authentic icons of the superfluity sector, but with the necessary touches of modernity in terms of applied technology and engines and dynamics.

However, from Bloomberg they point out that it will go on sale for a price that will be around $ 440,705 dollars.

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