Biggest Oil and Gas Companies in UAE 2018 (Top 10 Best)
Biggest Oil and Gas Companies in UAE 2018 (Top 10 Best)

Here is the list of major Oil and Gas Companies in uae, that are the top 10 in both Dubai and Sharjah. These top companies are both national and international, some hope to work with and some may hope to have contract with and other hopes. So let’s check it first than decide what do we expect to do.

#1 Abu Dhabi Company for Onshore Petroleum Operations Ltd

Abu Dhabi Company for onshore Petroleum Operation Ltd is made in 1939 of January with the agreement of main allowance of the Petroleum Operations Ltd. After the inauguration the original work didn’t start and delayed until World War2, then the examining training started in 1950.the ADCO works onshore and in narrow beach water of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi under 14 law No integrate since 1978, after abandonment, recently it covers more than 21,000 square kilometers, and is one of the seven members of the United Arab Emirates. The exportations of the company are from two terminals which are Jebel Dhanna and Fujairah and eleven oil fields

#2 Crescent Petroleum

The Crescent Petroleum is the leading group in MENA area that more than 25 differentiated companies recently operate the in the case. The CP group is established in 1971 accommodated in the UAE within 22 countries presence over the world. its two main subsidiaries are: Crescent Petroleum and Crescent Enterprises. In these two the Crescent Petroleum is the oldest private oil and gas company in the Middle East which is the international known operator of 40 years’ experience in Egypt, Pakistan, Yemen, Canada, Montenegro, Tunisia, Argentina within its progressment in Iraq and UAE. The CP group has offices internationally in UK and three in Iraq and associated offices in Egypt and Bahrain.

#3 Abu Dhabi Gas Industries Limited (GASCO)

Abu Dhabi Gas Industries Ltd is one of the top gas companies in UAE that is valuable because of safety and intelligence through global arrangement and management category. the GASCO is incorporated in 1978 and after the intersection with ADNOC, Shell, Total and Partex got wholly operative   in 1981. The distribution link in line with great healing, safety and good environmental standards to guarantee peoples’ safety, operational brilliance, asset integrity and reliability to optimize the investors.  The GASCO have invested US$ 10 Billion in projects to enlarge their handling capacity to 8 Billion Standard Cubic Feet per day through 2013 for the growing interest in Natural Gas as an economically eye-catching and environmentally. They are enablers of the UAE hydrocarbon charge sequence devoted.  Since then it grew up and recently operating worldwide six mega plants. GASCO ranked #3 Top 10 Oil and Gas Companies in uae

#4 Abu Dhabi National Oil Company ( ADNOC)

The Abu Dhabi National Oil Company is one of the greatest company in UAE that had kept great balance between people’s necessities and Earth’s sources. The ADNOC produce 2.7 million barrels of oil per day. Since 1971 gradually it has broadened all the activities in subsidiaries and industries which have been made for the support of oil and gas exploration, refining services, the processing of chemicals and petrochemicals, maritime transportation and refined products and distribution.

Through the last four decades, ADNOC has prolonged its business activities of upstream and downstream activities, containing transportation, shipping, marketing and distribution through which this company could improve its competitive rank and become one of the world’s major oil companies with generous business interests.  The Abu Dhabi National Oil Company tries to reserve the exploration and production field and optimize the hydrocarbon recovery through it.

#5 Dana Gas

The Dana Gas is one of the Top Major Oil and gas companies not only in UAE but also in the Middle East’s leading private sector natural gas company. The production of the oil per day are 65,000 barrels and natural gas liquids from its processes in Egypt and the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. In addition, the company shown from global class organization in Egypt 900 million barrels potential and 152 million reserve. In 2005 the DG was established, across the Gulf Cooperation Council or GCC region 300 prominent founder owners accompanied in. Dana Gas is listed on the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX). The DG has network offices in Kurdistan Region of Iraq and Egypt. The main activities range is in the upstream sector, midstream sector and downstream sector. Regarding to Geography their trend and attention is on Middle East, North Africa and South Asia (MENASA) Region especially.

#6 Dolphin Energy

 The Dolphin Energy started work under the support of the Qatar, UAE and Oman in July 2007, its#6 Top 10 Oil and Gas Companies in uae. The gas production project of Dolphin started processing of the natural gas which were streamed by pipeline, where joined the Qatari-UAE waters, to the United Arab Emirates. Since than DE has been providing the 2 billion defamed cubic feet of natural gas in a day. For the first time the 3 GCC nation and international gas network brought together. the Dolphin Gas Project is a foundation of clean, reliable new energy for the Southern Gulf that now provisions of modern engineering marvel and a 21st century vision of international employment and refined natural gas from Qatar to services and industries throughout the UAE and Oman.

#7 International Petroleum Investment Company IPIC

The International Petroleum Investment Company is one of the leading company of the UAE which was established in 1984 with the connotation of ADNOC and ADIA and 24.9% wager was attained in OMV in 1994. This company is the Austria’s biggest planned industrial company in the international business. For enlarging into Central and Eastern European end markets the IPIC provided access to refining and technology with better exposure through hydrocarbon value chain and a platform. The formation of the IPIC is done by the government of Abu Dhabi for investing the energy to worldwide related sector. Exploration and production, shipping and pipelines, downstream retail and marketing, petrochemicals, power and utilities as well as industrial services are recently containing valuable sequence which is leading by more than 18 companies of the hydrocarbon value.

#8 Liwa Chemicals

Liwa Chemical is also in list of major companies in the commercial sector. This LC company provide its international expertise in the oil, gas, power and water, private industrial projects, construction, petrochemical industries. The swift speed of the company denotes its progressment and fam along with advanced method in trade through experience. The Liwa is located in the heart of the Abu Dhabi that represent many global services to world’s leading companies and it’s established as a commercial company.

#9 Abu Dhabi National Energy Company (TAQA)

Abu Dhabi National Energy Company TAQA is an international energy and water company listed the 9th company of the major companies in the UAE that are working in 11 countries across four continents. TAQA attempts to run its company securely and sustainably, operating at the peak ethical values. The investment of the TAQA is in power generation, pipelines and gas storage, water desalination, oil and gas exploration and production. The properties of company are located in Canada, Morocco, Netherlands, United Kingdom, United States, Ghana, India, Iraq, Oman, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates

#10 TransAsia Gas International

TransAsia Gas International is one of the 10th top companies based corporation of UAE that constructs and strategically places United its refineries to produce petroleum products for the Middle Eastern, North African and South Asian markets. The operations are dedicated on three central parts / sectors: Oil & Gas, Power Generation and Petrochemicals. The TAGI in cross-border pipelines, power generation, transmission, and distribution with in its LCC oil and gas projects in Asia, North Africa and Middle East, and it works as a subsidiary of Al Ghurair Group of Companies, LLC. With greater work and reputation, it offers investment for petroleum refining, distribution and marketing, power, thermal power plants, petroleum trading, , hydel power plants, petrochemicals, metals and metallurgical, steel mills, aluminum smelting, real estate development and management, consumer products, and private fairness.

In conclusion the mentioned list was about the Biggest top 10 Oil and Gas Companies in uae which include these top 10 that offer the operation in oil and gas refinery, power generation, pipelines, contribution and with support of government of UAE and some other, but some are commercial self-supporter. They all got national and international reputation and investment. So that you can for the further info some other titles of us.

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