Noor Bank Islamic Dubai UAE
Noor Bank Islamic Dubai UAE

All about Noor Bank U.A.E

Noor Bank (formerly Noor Islamic Bank) was established in January 2008 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

In a short period of time, Noor Bank has grown significantly, offering a comprehensive range of products and services – in the areas of corporate and retail banking, wealth management, insurance, treasury and trade.

The Bank is renowned for providing creative, innovative and trustworthy products and services, most of which are designed to suit specific business and personal needs. The Bank continues its efforts to provide professional services and build sustainable relationships to win new clients, individuals, investors, institutions, companies and governments across all operations.

In addition to supervising a high level board of directors, the Fatwa and Shari’a Supervisory Board also oversees a team of renowned scholars to ensure that the Bank complies with Sharia law in all legal, financial and banking matters.

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Noor Bank Dubai was established in 2008 under the guidance of the Government of Dubai with a vision and a specific message. The shareholders and board members of the Bank were selected from among the leading institutions and companies of the Government of Dubai

The Government of Dubai, members of the ruling family in Dubai and a group of major institutions and companies of the Government of Dubai hold 87.80% of the Bank’s total shares directly.

Shareholders of Noor Bank Dubai

The Dubai Government, represented by His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of Dubai Executive Council, holds 25.73% of the bank’s shares.

The Government of Dubai, represented by the State Investment Corporation, also owns 22.71% of the Bank’s shares. The Government Investment Corporation of Dubai, the Government Investment Corporation of Dubai, was established in May 2006.

The UAE government, represented by the Emirates Investment Authority (EIA), holds 4.70% of the bank’s shares. Emirates Investment Authority was established by Emiri Decree in November 2007 and is a sovereign wealth fund for the seven emirates of the United Arab Emirates.

The brand of Noor Islamic Bank

As the bank realized that the world needs a new approach in the banking industry and a different vision in dealing with it better. They control their operations on values ​​and consider Islamic Sharia as the cornerstone of our dealings.

They also have an exceptional ability to offer a wide range of products and services and are indicative of the flexibility of Islamic finance and its open methods when properly formulated.

They see their opportunities where others find their obstacles. And while the others are busy finding excuses, they are busy working to find solutions. If the rest are confused during the completion of the mission, they will provide an effective result in the simplest possible way.

  • Flexibility and ability to deliver: They work around the clock on seven days of the week all day of the year and this is reflected positively on their customers where they always offer them the solutions they are looking for.
  • They work in simple and effective ways: They provide a detailed explanation of their services and products in a simple and attractive way so as not to waste their customers’ time.
  • They work hard and insist: They do not allow obstacles to fall in the way of their operations and they work hard to help their customers do so.
  • They work transparently and clearly: They support their customers and do not hide all aspects of services and products as well as, do not sell them until they make sure they realize all their advantages.

At Noor Bank, they are just doing it!


To be one of the top 100 creative institutions in the world by 2020.


To be a unique symbol of banking in Dubai


  • Focus on customers
  • creativity
  • the design
  • integrity
  • the responsibility

Noor Islamic Bank Key Features:

  • Easy Cash:Up to 90% of unused card limit to any of your accounts in the UAE
  • Balance transfer:About your balances due from other credit cards issued by other banks in the UAE. The maximum amount that can be transferred is 90% of the total credit limit on your credit card issued by Noor Bank Dubai. The minimum amount you can transfer is estimated at AED 1,000.
    • If you are already a NoorBank cardholder, you can simply fill in the “Transfer Request Form” with a copy of your valid ID and submit it to the bank.
    • If you are not a credit card holder issued by Noor Islamic Bank, you must complete the “Transfer Request Form” when applying for a credit card.The transfer request will be processed immediately after your credit card has been approved.
  • Credit Shield:Get the Takaful Protection for your card balance in the event of unexpected events such as permanent, total or partial disability, death or accidental loss of employment. A small fee is charged on the total balance outstanding monthly. The protection starts automatically from the subscription date and you can cancel it at any time.
  • Online banking:Use online banking to check your card and make payments.
  • SMS notifications: Mobile notifications for all transactions (registration is required for this service)
  • Security: The latest electronic chip technology ensures the highest levels of safety both inside and outside the country.
  • Repayment Period: Enjoy repayment periods of up to 51 days.
  • Rebate: Pay the minimum amount due each month to recycle your balance.
  • Global acceptance: Use your card in more than 35 million organizations worldwide using chip technology.
  • Cash withdrawal: Cashwithdrawals from all their branches in the United Arab Emirates and ATMs globally.
    • Check from the card balance: For your convenience, the bank will issue a check on your credit card balance to pay for school expenses, rent and so on if your credit card is not accepted by your service provider.You can take advantage of this service through our call center by following these steps:
    • Call 8006667
    • Request a check on your credit card balance (up to a cash withdrawal amount)
    • If there is no available balance after submitting the application, the bank will notify you.
    • Checks will be sent by courier or branch within 3 business days.


The Noor Bank Rewards card has extensive and exciting benefits, making it ideal for individuals, couples and families.

Rewards card Advantages

Free access to the best gyms *Dubai: Tales C – Emirates Towers 
Abu Dhabi: Le Royal Meridien
do not applydo not applydo not applyApplies
Golf practice for two **Arabian Ranches Dubaido not applydo not applydo not applyApplies
Parking Service ***Dubai International Airport – Terminal 1 (1 hour only), Dubai International Airport – Terminal 2 (1st hour only), Dubai International Airport . Dubai International Airport – Terminal 3 (1st hour only), Deira City Center, Dubai Festival City, City Walk (first 4 hours only), Mall of the Emirates (Standard Parking), Business Village (1 hour only) (Only 4 hours), The Pitch (1 hour only), Aam Aji World of Adventure, The Outtag Village, Dubai Design District (3 hours only), City Center – Shindagha, City Center – 
Abu Dhabi: Yas Mall, Dalma Mall, Marina Mall, Deerfields Mall, Khalidiya Mall, Ferrari World, Yas Water World, Mushrif Mall Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi Municipality (3 hours only)
do not applyTwice a monthTwice a monthFour times a month
Premium Driver Assistance Services ****Free rental car (in case of accidents)daytwo daystwo days3 days
Connecting the car to the service free of charge (annually)1223
Free delivery (annual)1223
International Driving License Free (annually)do not apply111
Free roadside assistance 
– Service of opening the car closed and the key inside the car. 
– Replace empty tires of air 
– Qatar car between the UAE 
– Battery charging service 
– Emergency fuel 
– Recovery from off-road
Travel AdvantagesDelivery from and to the airport *****do not applydo not applydo not applyApplies
Free admission to Middle East airportsdo not applydo not applyAppliesApplies
Bonus pointsGet two points for every dirham you spend (2% of what you spend) using a credit card. Points can be redeemed through cash refunds or through the Sharaf DG, Joy Alox Jewelry, Calian Jewelery, Jacky’s Electronics and Awqaf and Minors Affairs    


* The terms and conditions of access to sports halls.

** Spend more than AED 3,000 and enjoy playing golf with one guest once a month or spend more than AED 10,000 and enjoy it twice a month.

*** The terms and conditions of the valet service apply

**** To book a car registration or car service service please call 48 hours before booking and for further clarification, please call 8004303

***** Travel services are only available when purchasing tickets using Noor Bank cards. For further clarification please call 8006667 Terms & Conditions apply

****** The terms and conditions of entry for private parking lounges are applicable at airports

******* The terms and conditions of bonus points apply.



The current account gives you the ability to conduct banking transactions easily and at any time, in several ways. This account is available in UAE Dirhams, US Dollars, British Pound and Euro.

The current account comes with the following free services:

  • Debit card and international ATM card
  • check book
  • Unlimited banking transactions
  • Monthly Statement of Account
  • Notifications via SMS service
  • Online Banking Transactions
  • Mobile Banking
  • Telephone Banking

Apply now online and get one year free account 
The minimum salary is AED 5,000 per month and requires proof of income (salary certificate / payment receipt)

*Terms and conditions apply.


The Noor bank Savings Account is a bank account for daily transactions and has many ways to enter it. It also gives you an opportunity to increase your funds as you will earn quarterly profits with a minimum monthly balance of AED 3,000. This account is available in UAE Dirhams, US Dollars, British Pound and Euro.

Free Services:

  • Debit card and international ATM card.
  • Monthly Statement of Account.
  • Notifications via SMS service
  • Online Banking Transactions
  • Mobile Banking
  • Telephone Banking.

Apply now online and get one year free account 
The minimum salary is AED 5,000 per month and requires proof of income (salary certificate / payment receipt)


We offer customized salary management solutions that meet the different needs of companies and their employees.

Advantages of the company:

  • Solutions customized to your needs and easy to configure and process
  • Distribution of salaries of employees easily and without delay
  • Reducing the risks and costs of dealing with cash money
  • Decrease in cost of resources
  • Solutions compatible with WPS approved by the Ministry of Labor

Benefits to Employees:

  • The process of opening an account is easy and fast
  • Access to all banking services
  • Exemption from minimum balance requirement
  • First free checkbook *
  • ATM card and free international withdrawal that allows them to use their account 24 hours a day on more than 22 million MasterCard websites
  • Free telegraph transfers to anywhere in the world *
  • Conduct free banking transactions via telephone and internet
  • Free use of debit cards and other ATM cards of the Bank.

In accordance with these distinctive solutions, your employees will be qualified to apply for products and services in addition to easy terms *:

  • Credit Cards and Tawarruq
  • Personal Finance
  • ICD Payroll System
  • Financing vehicles
  • Housing finance

For more details, please call the bank 800 6667.


Choose a plan

best priceRewardsWafapriorityMae WaltSriLankan Airlines Card

How to apply for a credit card?

  • Contact Noor bank at (8006667)
  • Send the word ‘card’ in an SMS to 3526
  • Contact your Relationship Manager.


When you’re ready to buy a new car, we’ll make it easier for you.


  • New Cars: Get your new car directly from car dealerships
  • Used Cars: Take advantage of great deals on used cars from traders or their former owners.


  • Services tailored to suit your requirements.
  • Advance approval within 24 hours.
  • Profit rate starting at 2.49% per annum.
  • Financing up to AED 500,000 *.
  • Payment periods up to 5 years ..
  • Wide range of cars.


Vehicle financing is granted to UAE nationals and expatriates
 Fixed income holdersBusinessmen
Age21 – 65 years21 – 65 years
Minimum Salary / Monthly Income (AED)5,000The circulation rate is 50,000
Duration of service / workInstall the current function12 months in the UAE


*Terms and conditions apply


The house is not just a lifelong investment but an obligation to our families.

Whether you want to finance residential properties, investment or cash from property, this is an important decision in your life, and they are proud to be part of this important decision by providing you with financial solutions tailored to your specific needs.

With Noor Bank’s Shariah-compliant home finance solutions and services, be confident that you will have a memorable and enjoyable experience.

For more information or to apply, please contact at +971 4 4274343 or email




Building 1, 8th Floor, Emaar Square, Down Town Dubai. 
s. B: 8822 Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Tel: 800 6667 or +971 4 4274343 (from outside the UAE) 

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