Know everything about Nissan Leaf 2018 price specs and release date in UAE
Know everything about Nissan Leaf 2018 price specs and release date in UAE

The Nissan Leaf 2018 wants to become the new standard in what refers to electric cars thanks to greater autonomy, a more sophisticated technology and a more dynamic and current image. Drivers will be able to enjoy the autonomous driving technology that the company calls ProPILOT, in addition to the functions of ProPILOT Park and e-Pedal.

new nissan leaf 2018 first impression UAE
New Nissan Leaf 2018 first impression

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  • Announced 6 September 2017
  • On sale in Japan from 2 October
  • 2018 Nissan Leaf Coming to Europe, US and the U.A.E in Jan, 2018 at around $30,000 equals to AED 110,000
  • Driving range of 235 miles
  • 40kW battery, offering 110kW power
  • 0-60mph in 7.9-seconds

nissan leaf 2018 rear view uae

  • 4480mm in length, 1790mm in width, 1540mm in height
  • 2700mm wheelbase
  • Significantly improved design over predecessor

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nissan leaf 2018 interiors and dashboard

  • Blue stitching throughout to distinguish as Nissan EV
  • 7-inch full colour touchscreen
  • Noise-reduction measures applied
  • ProPILOT autonomous technology on board
  • ProPILOT Park technology on board
  • e-Pedal will come as standard

Nissan’s Intelligent Driving

ProPILOT is an autonomous driving technology that automatically controls the distance with the vehicle ahead, keeping the speed set by the driver (between 30 and 100 km / h). It also helps keep the vehicle in the center of the lane. If the front car brakes, the Nissan Leaf will do the same to the point of stopping completely if necessary.

2018 nissan leaf intelligent driving

The ProPILOT Park system is a parking aid that controls the acceleration, the brakes, the steering wheel and the change. The technology uses sophisticated image processing along with information collected by 12 sensors distributed by the car. When it comes to parking in parallel the Nissan Leaf 2018 is able to do it autonomously.

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Another novelty is the e-Pedal that allows the driver to start, accelerate, decelerate, brake and keep the vehicle stopped using only the accelerator pedal. To stop it is enough to stop accelerating so it is not even necessary to step on the brake pedal, something that will facilitate the driving of the new Nissan Leaf.

Smart Power

The Nissan Leaf 2018 has a power of 110 kW, which is a 38% increase over the previous model. The pair has increased by 26% to reach 320 Nm, which translates into more acceleration.

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 According to the Japanese standard, the new lithium-ion batteries provide a range of 400 km. 

nissan leaf 2018 electric car at dewa charging stations uae

As always when we speak of an electric vehicle, this value is theoretical. The actual autonomy will depend on many factors such as speed, external temperature, use of heating or air conditioning, etc. For customers who want even more autonomy Nissan will offer over the next year another version more powerful, able to cover more kilometers with a single charge.

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Smart Integration

With the NissanConnect feature the company wants to unite drivers with vehicles and communities. This technology allows to store in the battery of the car the solar energy collected during the day and later use it to be used in the home during the night. A new app makes it possible to control various functions of the vehicle with the mobile, for example heating or cooling it before accessing it or finding the nearest charging points.

In terms of aesthetics, the new Nissan Leaf stands out for its V-Motion grilleboomerang type lights and the floating-looking roof. Some visual details that remind us a little of its successful brother, the Nissan X-Trail. The company has worked hard on the bodywork to achieve an aerodynamic coefficient of 0.28.

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Despite having more powerful batteries, the dimensions of the new Nissan Leaf have hardly changed compared to the previous model.


5 seater nissan leaf 2018 suv sedan ev price in uae

The interior of this saloon is capable of accommodating five adults, while the capacity of the boot has increased to 435 liters.

The new Nissan Leaf 2018 already started selling in Japan on October 2, 2017 and will arrive in January in the United Arab Emirates, the United States, Canada and Europe. In total it will be available in more than 60 markets around the world. The price in Europe has not yet been made public but is expected to be similar to the previous model, around 30,000 euros.

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