things you need to know before traveling to Dubai

How is working and living condition in Dubai for foreigners

Dubai is one of the seven emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates , whose capital is the city with the same name (Dubai). It is located on the coast of the Persian Gulf, in the Arabian desert. It is a very popular tourist destination in the Middle East, especially that it has become “the shopping capital” of that area.

Do you plan to travel to Dubai soon? If so, then it is more than likely that you have some questions (as follows) about what awaits you in this destination:

  • Can you drink alcohol?
  • Can you walk hand in hand with your partner on the street?
  • Can you keep your head uncovered?
  • Is it a good idea to go as a family? …

Luckily, in this post we have point out all the answers. 

Citizens around the world put their eye on the city of Dubai when it comes to working attracted by their tax-free salaries and high quality of life. Each year, millions of emigrants move to this glamorous city and make it their home.

Moving to a new country is a task of significant proportions and requires months of planning before making it real. The Khaleej Times newspaper publishes an abbreviated version of what needs to be done and what not to do, if one thinks of a transfer to Dubai.

1. Get a job in Dubai before traveling

are you looking for a job in dubai uae the best offer

It is recommended to have a job before traveling to the Emirates. Think of an average of 3 to 6 months to research the market, know your salary expectations and the possibilities of your profile. You can browse the online job search portals, contact a local recruiter or establish contacts with references in Dubai.

Do not forget that workplace scams are very widespread in this country, be very cautious.

2. Get the best offer

Depending on the country from which you are migrating, get a realistic view and calculate how much you need to live in Dubai. Your final package should reflect your relocation expenses. Most companies offer airline tickets for the family, annual flights or every two years home, money for the education of children, housing and health insurance.

Carry out an objective investigation of the amount you need to earn to live according to the desired lifestyle. Often, migrants make the mistake of taking any job in the exciting prospect of moving to Dubai and end up coming home in 6 months.

3. The rental of housing

Dubai is exciting, but the overall cost of living in the city can be very heavy in your pocket. Depending on the area you choose, the rent would be the largest expense incurred in the emirate. Choose a place close to work and the needs of the family, such as schools, hospitals, metro stations, etc.

4. Leasing contract

To rent a property in Dubai, you must have a resident visa (which requires a work visa) and a bank account. The rent in the UAE is usually paid from 1 to 4 checks, plus the deposit. Be sure to deal only with agents who are registered with the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA). To avoid any fraud, be sure to write checks only in the owner’s name.

5. Of walk by the city

If you want to explore the city, it is best to look for public transport options. You save a lot of money when traveling by metro or bus, instead of taking taxis. Download Wojhati, the RTA app (available on both Google Play and the Apple store) to find the best routes around the city.

6. Immerse yourself in the culture

The untold secrets about dubai

Regardless of what you may have heard, Dubai is the most liberal city of all of the Gulf and is known for its tolerance to diverse cultures. Despite this, do not forget to dress modestly in public places. Dubai is truly a melting pot, with people from more than 192 nationalities living in the city.

7. Avoid wasting food

Going out and having a nice evening in a luxury restaurant can be tempting, but at the same time it reduces your savings. Something cheaper comes to order food online through applications such as Zomato, Talabat, Uber eats, Deliveroo, which even offer discount coupons. Authentic food from different countries is easy to find in Dubai.

8. Residence

With the exception of the United Arab Emirates and the national citizens of the Arabian Gulf, the other nationalities must obtain a residence visa in the UAE to live legally in Dubai and other emirates. For other expatriates, the company that employs them will sponsor for them a residence visa for UAE, along with a work card or work permit.

A residence visa is required to open a bank account, obtain a driver’s license, register the vehicle and request a post office box. Europeans can renew their tourist visa monthly by going out and entering the neighboring country of Oman. They can open a bank account with an average balance of about 500 euros and can have a post office box.

9. Dress modestly and prudently

Dubai women and men proper dress code

It is important to respect the mix of cultures and sensitivities. Take into account the local tradition when dressing, especially if you go to crowded public places such as Dubai souks or shopping centers, is an aspect that should be highlighted. Bathers should be aware that sunbathing topless or naked is totally prohibited.

In all, the golden rule to follow when you land in Dubai is to be respectful. It’s a Muslim country, you know. In general, you should cover your knees and shoulders. This varies depending on where you are and what you are doing. In the typical brunches of the city, people dress as if they were in Los Angeles.

In shopping malls, you’ll see everything from shorts to abayas (the “abaya” is a long gown to the feet that is worn over clothing in Arab countries and in North Africa.) According to the norms of Islam, must complete with a “hijab”, a handkerchief to cover the head).

In bars, foreigners dress normally to leave. In government buildings (for example, if you need to get a vaccine), the suggestion is that you have to dress as respectfully as possible.

“It’s not very common to see short dresses, slits, bare shoulders or mini-shorts in public places,” says Instagrammer Natalia Shustova. “I would recommend wearing jeans and a top, or long dresses and covering your shoulders if you go shopping.” People wear swimsuits on the hotel beaches and in many Dubai beach clubs.

They are also allowed on public beaches such as Kite Beach . Just keep an eye alert for bright pink signs that designate new areas for families in specific areas – these require women to cover themselves completely.

10. Driving in Dubai

Driving is always on the right side in Dubai, therefore, you must yield to the left. For many countries it is easy to obtain the existing license in UAE once the residence visa is received. Other alternatives are the Dubai metro and the extensive fleet of taxis and buses.

11. Never drink and drive

There is a zero tolerance policy on the ingestion of alcoholic beverages under penalty and criminal charges.

12. Beware of bank charges

Banks in the UAE are very quick to offer new residents free accounts and credit card services, but this often becomes a trap. Most banks require a minimum balance to keep in their accounts, if your balance falls below this minimum at any time during the month, banks charge a fee.

Many foreigners use bank accounts abroad, which is recommended, but be careful as they can charge up to 2% for amounts in cash.

13. Health

The vast majority of companies offer some type of healthcare, but it is important that you know exactly if the coverage covers the family. If you are pregnant, in the UAE, then health insurance is more or less a necessity.

Maternity is rarely included in the health insurance policies offered by companies. It is very important to know the limits of coverage in order not to end up with a financial burden and an unpleasant surprise.

14. Schools

cheap school class room in dubai uae

Education in the UAE provides different curricula and adopts different approaches to learning. All curricula lead to public examinations and the qualifications contribute a lot when choosing a career, either in the Arab country itself or abroad.

If you come from outside the Emirates, the selection of a curriculum may depend on your country of origin. There is a wide variety of schools to choose from, which can be overwhelming. Many of the schools require entrance tests and the costs to enter are very different.

15. Saving for the future

Of course, one of the factors that attracts expatriates a lot is the tax-free income that is received. Although this is a problem when a provision for retirement is not organized. Very few companies offer some type of pension plan and saving for retirement is in the background. Emirates offers many personal pension plans that for Expats has great benefits.

16. Travel

One of the great opportunities offered by the country is that it allows you to have a lifestyle as expensive as it is economical. It is worth looking for offers and discounts.

17. Can I travel with my partner even if we are not married?

In Dubai living with a member of the opposite sex, who is not a relative or husband goes against the law, under penalty of imprisonment of at least one year, followed by deportation. The same thing, having sex with someone you are not married to.

Again, we are talking about a Muslim society and, as such, sharing a room with someone of the opposite sex is, technically, going against the law of Dubai, unless you are married or a relative. Most hotels are used to dealing with foreigners, so they do not usually put problems in this regard.

Public demonstrations of affection, such as kissing, are not allowed in public. Holding hands is allowed for married couples, but again it is better not to play with the interpretation and respect their way of seeing life.

18. Can you drink alcohol in Dubai?

In a word, yes. Dubai has a massive nightlife, With bars like the Gold on 27 in the Burj Al Arab skyscraper – the one that has the shape of a sail – and in the Atmosphere in the Burj Khalifa (828 meters high, the highest in history), Dubai offers some of the places most exaggerated of the planet.

On weekends, foreigners residing there go to restaurants to enjoy brunch with champagne. Ladies can even drink for free most nights of the week thanks to the Ladies Nights specials.

Of course, when it comes to drinking, there are things that need to be taken into account. Once in Dubai, you will not be able to buy alcohol if you do not have an alcohol license. You can buy some alcohol at the Duty Free airport, but the exact amount will vary depending on the country of origin.

Do not drink or drink alcohol in public places (such as beaches or parks). Do not get into trouble, arguments or fights; It is there, where things start to get ugly and when tourists are generally arrested if they agree that they have alcohol.

We must always be very careful and respectful of their culture and way of life, try to stay with class and be able to stay, and keep the drinks in the places where they are served.

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