The most demanded technical skills in dubai

Obtaining employment in Dubai is more complicated than doing it in Western countries, because it requires a work permit processed by the same foreign company that operates in this Arab city.

The corporations, which operate in the various industrial parks, must have signed a work contract with the emigrant, so that the latter can exercise their labor functions.

The industries in Dubai are growing rapidly and therefore professionals from other countries are increasingly in demand. The professionals and qualified personnel working in Dubai obtain large economic incomes, in some cases higher than those offered in Europe.

vocational and technical skills are more in demand today in dubai

In recent years Dubai has become the main country of the Arab Emirates, being an interesting destination for professionals looking for new job opportunities. Working in Dubai, specialized technicians who excel in their work can receive very attractive remunerations.

The rapid development of the construction sector and its industries have led to an increase in the demand for technical and specialized workforce from different parts of the world. Below we will give you a brief description of the different technical specialists that are most requested in Dubai.

Technical Jobs

Technical jobs are in great demand around the world and Dubai is no exception. Technical-industrialists, computer technicians and health technicians are well paid in Dubai. The main requirements for hiring is English language proficiency and work experience of more than two years.

The highest paid technical jobs in Dubai are:

1.-Technicians in electrical installations.

2.-Mechanical-metal technicians.

3.-Technicians in refrigeration and air conditioning.

4.-Mechanics in engines.

5.-Maintenance mechanics.

6.-Technicians in gas network installations.

7.-Industrial welders. (Classification 6G)

8.-Network technicians.


10.-System analysts.



13.-Dental technicians.


15.-Chemical and petrochemical engineers.

16.-Civil engineers.


18.-Systems and software engineers.

19.-Telecommunications engineers.

20.-Industrial engineers.

Operate heavy machinery 

Demand for heavy equipment and machinery operator in Dubai UAE

The need to operate heavy machinery is essential for most infrastructure and development projects around the world. Construction, mining, cleaning, military work and several other functions involve the operation of heavy equipment, such as trucks, crane services, excavation and drilling.

This set of skills of specialization remains in demand where human development is occurring. Thus, the job search of a heavy equipment operator is often as simple as looking where the construction boom is occurring. Getting a job, on the other hand, requires overcoming a few obstacles.

The operation of heavy equipment changes in details from one project to another. There is a solid space throughout the year only for drivers or crane operators, or for this type of equipment.

As a result, the operators that are most successful on the basis of contracts are those that are familiar with the operation of various types of equipment. For example, a truck driver may vary in his skill set in the operation of large mining transport trucks, semi-trailer trucks and fixed trucks of moving dumpers.

Mechanics of heavy machinery to work in Dubai

The construction sector in Dubai has grown so much that it has positioned them as the main Arab Emirate. Dubai has become famous for its constructive megaprojects, which have attracted important transnational companies.

In this sector, it mainly demands heavy machinery mechanics. The salary for these technicians can amount up to 15,000 euros per year and in addition to having medical insurance and housing.

Technicians in air conditioning systems to work in Dubai

The hotel industry has grown enormously and in all luxury buildings specialized technicians in air conditioning systems are requested.

Bearing in mind that Dubai is in the middle of a desert, with a scorching heat throughout the year, so having an air conditioning system is a must. Specialized technicians of air conditioning get to have a salary of up to 15 thousand euros per year in addition to count all the work benefits.

Maintenance mechanics to work in Dubai

maintenance mechanics job demanded in dubai uae

In almost all the companies installed in Dubai require mechanics in maintenance. It is mainly responsible for the technical maintenance of industrial machinery.

The maintenance mechanics who work in Dubai have salaries ranging from 8 thousand to 100 thousand euros per year, taking finds their skills and according to the company for which they work.

Welders to work in Dubai

The companies of the construction sector and those related to visual advertising with advertising panels are those that require welding technicians.

The welders in general who are hired by a construction company can get to receive a salary of up to 16 thousand euros per year, and the welders who work in the construction of advertising panels can get to earn up to 12 thousand euros per year.

Technicians electricians to work in Dubai

The construction companies of Dubai, are required to hire electrical technicians to be in charge of the maintenance and installation of the electrical systems in the buildings made in Dubai.

A technician who specializes in the installation of electrical networks can receive salaries that range between 12 and 15 thousand euros per year in addition to other labor benefits.

Conditions to work in Dubai

All those professionals or technicians who are interested in looking for job opportunities in Dubai, need to contact a company that is installed in this country to be the one that guarantees your hiring and thus grant you a work and residence visa.

The people in charge of hiring personnel can also be those who guarantee your hiring. To know how to contact a contractor or authorized managers to hire staff you should consult the Dubai job boards.

Dubai is a state that continues to grow especially in the construction sector. People who want to work as workers in buildings need a special permit.

This permit is granted by the immigration authorities of Dubai if the worker has documents proving their work experience and the company submits a request to have their services.

These are the best paid jobs in Dubai, we must emphasize that the hiring of professionals, technicians and workers is for one year and that the contract can be extended for longer at the will of the contracting company.

Job vacancies in Dubai

Below we will show you the web addresses where you can consult the different job offers for qualified technicians in Dubai.

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