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In this current date, mobile banking apps are increasing in trend as there is advancements of technology with each passing day!

As we can see that the smartphone users are increasing rapidly and so is the demand of best ever, feature-rich, function-rich mobile apps which helps people in making life easy. There are various kinds of apps which helps people in saving time and also in making their life easy. The banking sector is also increasing a lot and there are various kinds of banking apps to watch out for. Well, a new one also arrives and also grabs the seat at just the high table and also at the time of just writing, plus also the global tracker, App Annie, also the National Bonds mobile app works wonders and this has also jumped just about 11 places for claiming to the top spot on the list of the free finance apps just in UAE itself.

Which Are the Best Mobile Banking Apps in Dubai

The ranking also quite depends just on the way they are famous on each of the platform. According to the data which was also being released by the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, just last October and then there is also the iPhone 6 has also turned out to be commonly used phone in the UAE. Here also we can just look at various kind of top rated banking apps in the whole country across ios and the Android devices which is also being based on the App Annie’s current listings also. And also the new entrants which have also managed for holding the way it is famous too.

7 Best Banking Apps in Dubai to Watch out for:

Here is the list of best in class banking apps of Dubai and you must surely know about them as these will help you to make your banking quite easier also:

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#1 Emirates NBD App:

This is one of the best in class app to be considered and it is the best funtion-rich banking app to be considered. This is also considered as the future of mobile banking and it is one of the best ever app which also enables you for managing every things related to the banking as such. You can do various things like to view your account details and also different kinds of transactions and also for managing your credit card and also other kinds of payments for transferring cash locally or also internationally. You will also be able to clink in the image of this ENBD cheque for just depositing it directly through your phone itself. Even there is a latest version which just adds to the whole ability for just converting the transactions to EMIs. As of now, there had been 100000 installs of this particular app and the user ratings aare also the best to check out for at Google Play: 4.5 from the 9402 ratings and also at the App Store: 4.0 from the 1300 ratings as such.

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#2 ADIB Mobile Banking App:

Snapping on the heels of the ENBD is also Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank’s mobile app too. Apart from this, you also need to check even your account details and also for just spending money and also for just taking the credit-card spends and you can also just recharge your phone and also the Salik credit, and also for paying the bills and also for just managing your Ghina savings account also. There are numerous installs of this app also. The user ratings are also best at Google Play: 4.2 from 2123 ratings and on the app store: 4.0 from 114 ratings to be considered.

 Best Mobile Banking Apps in Dubai

#3 ADCD Mobile Banking App

Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank’s app is also the best to know about and this app also helps you for enabling you to pay the utility bills which just includes du & Fewa. You can also just check the account status too, and also just transfer the money, plus also just settle the credit card dues, then just redeem or buy the TouchPoints and you will also be able to just locate ADCB ATMs and also the branches. This is also one of the best and interesting addition and also by just using your phone’s location for revealing the special offers which are there near you also. There is also the recent update which just adds the online chat service for you to just connect with the customer support agents. There are numerous installs of this app. TH user ratings are also quite good to be considered for. On the Google Play: the ratings are the 4.2 from 2985 ratings and also the app store is just 3.5 from 130 ratings too. You can also enjoy Dubai lifestyle by 10 best mobile apps.

#4 NBAD Mobile Banking App

While the ADCB app has the best ever graphics to know about and this is like the colorful boxes and also the icons which are also one from the National Bank of Abu Dhbai and this also prefers to the reduced green and white layout as such. This particular app will also want you to enjoy the online banking where you need this one for sure. And you can also just do this partly through just personalizing the complete main page and so that this also displays the complete key information which just matters to you as such. This is also the latest kind of update to be considered and also enables you for creating the international beneficiary by making use of the app too. There are numerous installs of this particular app too, and this is around 50000. The user ratings of this app on Google play is 4.0 from 581 ratings and on the app store, it is 3.5 from the 34 ratings as such.

#5 DIB Mobile Banking App

This app also just claims for delivering the new kind of banking experience and Dubai Islamic Bank’s app is also the must to consider about. This app is also just packed with more than the 60 services. This complete list also involves the fund transfers to know about and also the bill payments, currency conversions, account details and also the cash withdrawals too from the ATMs and even without the any kind of debit card as such. This app also just provides the portfolio view of many of the details and also the cash withdrawals from ATMs without just the debit card also. This app also provides the portfolio view of your accounts and also the deposits, financing and various things. The user ratings are Google play 3.4 from 1759 ratings and on the App store: 2.5 from 127 ratings.

#6 RAKBank Mobile Banking App

RAK Bank also has the best ever approach towards the banking sector to know about. And you can also make use of the best icons plus a bookshelf too, and this will also be perfect to know about and there is also a travel app. But before this, you must also note that you just need to go for any kind of bank too. You will just be able to manage accounts and also the cards, plus also just transfer the money in just UAE or just internationally and then you will also be able to open the new accounts through this particular app as such. There are various kinds of apps installs and there is also best user ratings like 3.8 from 1337 ratings on the Google Play and on the App store it is 3.0 from 113 ratings.

Mobile Banking Apps in Dubai

#7 EI Mobile Banking App

You will also be able to know about this function-rich app and this is the best to know about. This app also offers the free and also the fast and convenient access for your accounts and the cards, murabaha statement too, and also the portfolio summary to know about as such. You will also be able to use this app for making the series of different kinds of payments and this also includes Dewa, Salik and also phone bills too. There is also the September update of this particular ios version which is being brought in the support for the Apple Watch. There are numerous installs of this app and on the Google Play, it is 4.0 from the 788 ratings and App store 3.0 from the 62 ratings.

The Final Words

So, the above listed are the best in class banking apps which you must know about and these apps helps you in the best way regarding the banking purpose and you will also be able to know about the best in class facilities which are being provided through these class apart banking apps as such. These apps helps you make the banking simplified, right on your palms, through the smartphone.

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