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Free Money Earning Apps in Dubai For Android 

On some occasion times are difficult and on some occasion times are good. But the question arises how to deal in tough times so that you can use a couple of extra bucks for the holidays. To be honest you do not need to worry as technology has advanced to a great extent now. So there should be no fear. Technology has come up with some apps that let you earn real money from an Android or iOS device.

how do you make money by the apps

Top 5 Free Apps to Earn Money in Dubai

Here you go with some earning apps that give you a wonderful money fetching experience:


Bitwalking is one new app that helps you in earning Bitwalking dollars (BW$) simply for going about your daily routine. It was launched in September last year and is still in a private beta phase but be informed that you are free to request an invite to the platform.

The moment you get into what you need to do is keep moving to start earning. Infact let me tell you that one need to do a lot of walking almost around 10,000 steps for 1 BW$. I do not think that there is any harm because sometimes you spend all day in searching your job so what is there to lose?

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The company made an announcement that you would be able to redeem your earnings against items offered through its own store or you can transfer the cash to your bank account.

But be informed that the service is into testing process so it can change in the future.

2 Slidejoy

In case of Slidejoy which is an Android-only app neither you really have to do anything to eventually get a payout from the service easier nor it will going to make you rich.t

The fact is that it would put ads and news on your lockscreen and in return you earn ‘Carats’ that can be exchanged for real money and credited into your PayPal account.

Now let me throw a light on the process. Process is that for signing up you get 20 Carats and you will need 2,000 or more to check anything out and above all 1,000 Carats equals $1.

So it is all up to you that is can bear ads on your lockscreen it free money. Every day your carats will vary.

3 Pact

Pact is an app that focuses on getting you to stick to your exercise regime and is very unusual money making app.

Now this is hpw the process starts that is first you need to sign up to the commitment you are comfortable with and then pledge an amount that you’ll pay if you miss those goals.

Let us If you become successful or let me put in this way that you make them then you are paid rewards directly from members who failed to achieve their targets.

There are chances that you would not like to make more than about $100 – $150 per year , but you might stay healthy and live a little longer in a long run. Do you want to join the best place for buyers, sellers, businessmen online, then go for best classified apps UAE.

The cons of this app is that it could end up costing you a whole big amount of money if you don’t stick to your goals and also be informed that some of the reviews aren’t all that positive.

4 Google Opinion Rewards

For Android users it is to some extent a no-brainer and let me tell you that it most certainly falls into the ‘never going to make you much cash’ category

Now let’s get into the procedure that is once you installed the app then it will going to pop up a survey every now and then. You will come to know by answering few questions that how many are in each survey and in turn you get a small amount of credit added directly to your Google Play balance where it can be redeemed for games, movies, apps and anything else

Each survey takes such a short time and the amount that you get is small but filling a survey is worthwhile, especially when you are happy to share the data. And please, notice that that not all the surveys have a payout but the majority have. Do you want to apply for job fast, then reads about top 10 job apps in dubai.

5 Foap

Do you want to turn your photos into cash. If answer to this question is yes then go for Foap app, so let’s keep the introduction precise.

The Foap market is all yours so all you need to do is upload your photos and sell them through it.And let’s make the things easy by stating that each shot costs $10 to buy.

The fact is that the creators get 50% of each sale and then the cash be transferred into your bank account.

The one thing that makes this app enticing is its simplicity and ability to upload shots directly from your phone from other photography apps like Instagram, Flickr and EyeEm. Get all set to save time by using taxi apps smartphone in Dubai.

The Final Words

Every app has its request and challenges and it is upto you how you want to take it. Of course there are lots of free money earning app and there is no shortage of the same but there are many which do not have the amazing reviews that you would like to see. So in this blog i have avoided that takes you straight away into problems and therefore we have shied away from such apps that ask you to fill long surveys specially.

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