What makes Dubai a popular tourist-attraction-underwater-villa

Some people like to know about the amazing architecture in the world which leaves them gobsmacked in fraction of seconds. Many floating villas with underwater rooms in the world leaves people thrilled to the core. There are various cities in the world which have the class architecture which makes the people feel over the moon when they visit that particular place. One such city is the gulf city, Dubai, where various tourist attractions of the world are nestled at which are worth visiting once in a lifetime.

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Yet another incredible architecture is all set to come up in Dubai, which will, make you jump out of your skin for sure.

Striking Floating Villas With Underwater Rooms: Upcoming Architecture Of Dubai:

Some people love the beauty of nature to the core that they desire to live near the nature itself. The beautiful gulf city of Dubai will give the lavish experience to these kind of people by coming up with the lovely architecture in Dubai. There are various developers who like to make people feel good by helping them realize their fantasies of living close to the nature in different ways.

The Construction Began In The Year 2015:

It was in the year 2015 that the Kleindienst Group was granted permission to construct the Floating Seahorse- a lavish apartment complex including around 42 villas. Each of the villas will have its plot in the Persian Gulf as the part of World Island Projects as such, as per the report of the Daily Mail.

Each of this unit is movable and this grabs the eyeballs of the visitors to the core of its beauty. The best architecture for the people who want to keep their privacy and enjoy a lot. In this luxurious architecture, there will be 3 floors and 2 will be above water.

The ravishing upper deck will have a shower, a small cooking area, a mini bar, a Jacuzzi along with the glass bar which will make you go awe.

If the central floor is concerned, it will have eye-popping spacious living space bordered by a fully furnished kitchen and a splendid dining area.

At the lower level, there is the master bedroom and the bathroom and this area will be under the water. You will just love the mind-boggling views of the marine life around you which will leave you astonished for sure.

What makes Dubai a popular tourist-attraction-underwater-villa

Each of this unit will have a floor area of 1700 square feet approximately. All the levels will be constructed of glass, right from the floor to the ceiling. You will get the experience just like living in the astonishing aquarium.

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The developers are also planning to create the artificial coral reef underneath these lavish homes and this will help protect the endangered seahorses.

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Where Will This Architecture Get Constructed?

There are the chain of islands, “The Heart of Europe” which are located on the coast of Dubai in the clear-waters. These are the man-made reconstructions of the actual European nations, on the smaller scale, though, a part of an even larger chain of the islands which are called as “The World”.

This island, “The Heart of Europe” saw its very first $2.8 million floating home, which is named as “Floatign Seahorse” as such. Now they are trying to construct even larger homes, which will cost a massive $12 million.

Amazing Facilities In These Homes:

This particular architecture is the astonishing product of 5000 hours of research and around 13,000 hours of designing and engineering, as per the design firm Kleindienst Group.

The first models of this astonishing architecture wen on sale in the last year, before any seahorses were even finished. In the year 2015, around 6 Seahorses were sold, as per the report of Kleindienst.

The underwater portion of this class architecture includes a master bedroom and the bathroom and it will make up around 270 square feet of the interior. Outside the walls you will see 500 square foot coral garden which looks so beautiful.

The residents of this home will be able to see actual seahorses dancing through the Arabian Gulf, which is the natural habitat of these animals.

A whopping floating bed and the observation deck will be above the water in these floating villas. For the people who desire to take a swim and get refreshed, there is a fitting step-ladder which provides a safe entry and exit. You also have the option for diving right in.

These magnificent architecture is nestled around 2 and a half miles away from Dubai’s shores and the inhabitants will be able to reach to their amazing seahorse through the boat at the seaplane- not precisely the most attainable way to get to and from the home. Once the residents are out there, then they can cross between the islands through the floating landing stages.

The company, which is constructing these lavish homes does hope that these homes set a standard of living the life lavishly.

The bigger structures will have the complete smart home automation, which will leave you gobsmacked. The underwater spectacular views look just mind-boggling with full display of the master bedroom. There will be around 900 square feet of the living space in this marvelous architecture and the 600 square feet will be outer the Seahorse for the garden.

As of now, the Kleindienst team is working on the 40 signature edition homes which will be launched.

Around 200+ designers, engineers and the architects from 25 countries are working jointly for making these underwater homes a huge hit.

Closing Thoughts:

Dubai is the wonderful city which is worth the visit once in a lifetime for sure. Apart from these floating seahorses homes, there are other various tourist attractions like the landscapes.

Are you just waiting to see this above mentioned breathtaking architecture?

Well, it will be coming up in the leading tourist-spot of the world, Dubai. Once it will be completed then it will be the spectacular sight which you will love to see when you go to visit Dubai.


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