iPhone X To Cost Very Less In UAE Among 16 Other Countries

Apple finally unveiled its new line of flagship smartphones lately. Leading the line-up is the iPhone X which is priced at a record-breaking starting price of $999 in the iPhone history. If you convert this price tag in UAE dirhams then result would be close to Dh3,669, which is lower than the official starting price of iPhone X in UAE on Apple’s website. This is not just the scenario of UAE, Apple fans all around the globe who don’t live in the US will really have to pay more for the upcoming smartphone. Also, you will love ūüé∂¬†iPhone X theme song¬†ūüé∂¬†so don’t forget to check it out.


According to some online reports, in some countries such as Canada and Japan, iPhone X will cost an extra $100 more than it does in the US. Currently, iPhone X buyers in Italy will have to pay more than $400 extra to get their hands on the new gadget.


If we understand it logically that what is the reason behind this massive variation in costs in different countries then it is due to a number of factors such as currency conversions, local taxes, and also depending on the average resident’s income in the country.

Below we have mentioned 16 countries where you have to pay more for the iPhone X than the US, the most expensive being in Italy. List is in a particular order, the starting one has the highest price variation and it goes down with every successive country in the list:

1 Italy Р$1,423 (Dh5,227)

2 Ireland Р$1,410 (Dh5,179)

3 India – $1,391 (Dh5,109)

4 Russia Р$1,397 (Dh5,131)

5 France – $1,397 (Dh5,131)

6 Germany – $1,375 (Dh5,050)

7 United Kingdom – $1,327 (Dh4,874)

8 Mexico – $1,325 (Dh4,866)

9 New Zealand – $1,311 (Dh4,815)

10 China – $1,285 (Dh4,720)

11 Australia – $1,266 (Dh4,650)

12 Singapore – $1,224 (Dh4,495)

13 UAE – $1,115 (Dh4,099)

14 Hong Kong – $1,099 (Dh4,036)

15 Canada Р$1,082 (Dh3,974)

16 Japan – $1,024 (Dh3,761)


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