iPhone users vs Android users who wins

Below we have answered some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the iPhone and Android devices that you might not find anywhere else.

  • Why do people prefer iPhone over Android smartphones?
  • How iPhone is easier to use than an android?
  • What makes the iPhone better than Android, and vice versa?
  • Why are iPhones more expensive than Android phones?
  • What has the iPhone that it won’t devalue so quickly?
  • Why do people buy iPhones, despite being so expensive?
  • Why are Android phones so cheap compared to iPhones?
  • Does the iPhone hang like Android phones?

These questions run through the minds of many customers every day and so I decided to write an article where I explained and compared the iPhone and Android in a new unique way. And I hope that with the following explanations, you can make the best decision and buy a cell phone that really meets your needs!

It is logical to invest heavily in something so useful, but do not pay more than what you really need. Of course, if you want to endure, you have to go to the highest range.

To buy a new cell phone it is not an easy task. Apart from being a large sum of money invested in a gadget, there are many factors to consider when making a purchase such as the operating system, processor, memory, camera, etc; Besides all, the question is that:

What makes the iPhone better than Android, or What are the pros and cons of Android over iPhone?

A remarkable phone for the reimagined camera galaxy s9 vs. iphone x

The things that I didn’t like about iPhones and I’m sure you won’t as well are as follows:

  • If it is connected to any Wi-Fi and at the same time its battery level is above 50 percent, then it starts downloading the latest software updates on its own without notifying you.
  • If the size of an app is more than 100MB it doesn’t allow you to download it.
  • You can’t share the phone contents with your friends and family members via Bluetooth etc.
  • It lacks external memory-card slot hence its memory is limited. (either 64GB, 128GB or 256GB)
  • The battery autonomy of any iPhone is less; you just can’t play with it the full day.
  • The operating system is not flexible and open.
  • Majority of useful apps are paid
  • It is a very expensive device for what it offers

The things that I like about iPhones are:

  • It freezes or hangs in extremely rare cases
  • It has incorporated the best camera, hence the quality of pics are as natural as you look through your eyes.
  • The Apple logo is just awesome.
  • iPhone is the best-looking phone.
  • Latest games and Apps updates come to iOS first.
  • The iOS is more easy and user friendly.
  • iPhone is the best phone in terms of security.
  • The keypad of iPhone is extremely precise and intelligent.
  • iOS has a better support.
  • Yes, iOS has the best animations.
  • iOS consumes less resources, therefore needs less processor and RAM.
  • iOS is the fast operating system.
  • The same single use environment for all iPhones and iPads.
  • Its resale value is much higher.

How do iPhones last longer than any other high-quality Android phones?

how do iPhone last longer than android phone

This theme comes from the recent publication of Apple on the environment. They have made a great effort to have more recyclable components, biodegradable packaging etc.

If you take good care of your iPhone, chances are it will last longer than any Android phone (regardless of smartphone manufacturer) is much larger. First of all, it has one of the most secure and simpler software that is not exposed to viruses, something that happens constantly in Android.

Secondly, the hardware material is much tougher than most other cell phones. Obviously, if you let it fall on the floor all the time, there’s no cell phone that can stand…

For now the iPhone 5 is still alive, although it was a phone that was announced at the end of 2012, still receiving software updates and now with the re-introduction of this screen size with the iPhone SE they gave a little more life to These 4 inches phones.

I had an iPhone 5 with me last year and, it was in the best condition, worked quite well. Same case of the iPad 2 that was announced in 2011 and has already passed the 5 years and counting, still supporting the current OS.

Laptops and Computers are easier to maintain for long periods of time, but eventually technology reaches them and makes them obsolete. But compared to iPhones, iPads and Apple Watch, these are less likely to suffer falls and have larger batteries with support to a greater number of cycles.

How do Android phones last longer compared to iOS Smartphones?

The situation with Android phones is a bit different. Although brands stop updating their mobile devices after one or two years, still they can work perfectly with an older version of the operating system. The time of life depends entirely on the quality and durability of the equipment not only of the system.

Good News to All Galaxy S8, Note 8 phone holders, Get Oreo update within 3 weeks

When considering the price of a cell phone it is important to analyze and know how long it will last with you, and if you really want it to be worth taking care of it and keep it as long as possible to extend the life of your smartphone as much as possible.

And you, How often do you change your cell phone? Why did you change it? How long did your last cell phone last? 

What are the differences between Android and iOS?

iOS vs Android, two ways to understand the software

Android is an open world, you can do whatever you want with the system, and this has a price to pay, the resources you need. On the other hand, iOS encloses you in a bubble, and you choose whether you are comfortable inside it or not.

Both the operating systems have their pros and cons, and that of course; each one has his/her own taste and is free to choose the one he/she likes.

the difference between android and ios operating system

The good thing about the iPhone

iOS is more comfortable for basic use

Those mobile users who use Android OS, I’m sure that it is an easy to use system, is intuitive and that anyone can adapt to it. But the case is not the same with all the users, here I will tell you why iOS users can not even see Android.

When you turn on an iPhone, your mobile desktop is already full of apps, and when you download apps, they are grouped automatically filling the spaces. This makes them all very accessible and at hand.

In Android, the launcher is not ordered, we are the ones who have to open the app drawer, select the application, and then drag it to the launcher. Yes, it seems extremely simple, but you already have to take two steps more compared to iOS, and this is something that iPhone users do not like.

Constant Updates of iOS

Apple is very concerned about the user experience and so is constantly sending new software updates. And this update takes place regardless of the years of life your smartphone has. In my case, I had an iPhone 5 (already 5-6 years old) that kept updating the operating system and ran without problems.

For Android phones, you will only be able to update the software within 18 months of purchase. After that, if you want to use the latest version of the software, you will have to buy a new smartphone. Looks silly!

Most beautiful and exclusive apps

If you are a person who values ​​design very much, then the iPhone is really the best choice. Most applications end up having a much more interesting design on the iPhone than on Android devices.

ratio of apple apps to android apps

In addition, most companies choose to air the iOS app first and then only the Android app later. This is because, statistically, the public of the iPhone has more purchasing power and for this reason many brands give priority to it.

The bad thing about the iPhone

Some basic thing is missing on iOS

With the iPhone you just can’t pass music or videos without iTunes. Not having real multitasking is also quite annoying. For example, on the iPhone you can’t use an app while updating it.

So if, for example you have a slow internet connection and WhatsApp takes 10 minutes to update, you will have to wait for 10 min without using WhatsApp, because the iPhone is not able to do two things at the same time.

It is very expensive for what it offers

It is true that in iOS what you pay is worth because in return you get a longer support and a better technical service, but pay almost $800 dollars for the most basic version of a mobile phone without fast or wireless charging, without HD resolution, and with nothing more to offer part of a good software is what I think is not a good idea.

Currently, we can find for 350 or 380 dollars mobile phones like the S8, the G6, the P10 or the OnePlus 5, with some finishes at the height of the iPhone and a much higher hardware, which we will talk about now.

After 10 years they have finally fixed the most basic thing in iOS 11, to activate and deactivate the data from the control center. Sounds weird!

The good thing about Android

Better hardware at a better price

Yes, it’s true, that iOS consumes less energy than Android and needs less processor and RAM, but that’s where the hardware issue ends. In Android generally the basic versions start from 64GB.

This is double the storage of what the basic version of the iPhone 8 offers. We also have spectacular curved screens with 2K resolution.

You can have better battery on android, and if not ask the Mate 9, the S8 + or the Xiaomi Mi 6 users, whose mobile batteries last almost twice that of an iPhone 7 Plus. Not everything is processor and RAM, Android is far above in hardware.

A world of personalization

In Android we can configure our phone to taste such as ROMs, kernels, launchers, icon packs…. Yes, there’re fewer users who are dedicated to investigate what can be done at the level of customization, but it does not hurt to have the possibility.

If you do not like the ROM, you have the option to change it, if you do not like the icons, you can change them as well, and you can increase the performance of your mobile device to the limit with configurations in the kernel. Isn’t it Wonderful!

The bad thing about Android

Updates that never arrive

One of the biggest problems of Android OS is that we depend on the manufacturers to release updates, and not Google. This means that more than 80 percent of devices are not updated to the latest OS versions, and that is the main reason why Android phone slow down with the passage of time. While in the case of iPhone 90 percent of devices end up updating.

android vs ios security and plus points

This is a big problem for the performance, security, and user confidence in Android terminals, and it looks that there is no solution in the short or medium term for this. So, we have to admit it that iOS updates more frequently compared to Android.

Depreciation in value

Finally, the worst thing about Android devices is the incredible way in which prices go down. Yes, this allows us to buy high-end terminals at relatively low prices, but the one that spends a lot of money always loses. For example, today, a used Galaxy S5 will give you just over 100 to 120 dollars, while for an iPhone 6S you can still get about 350 to 400 dollars without major problem.

That person who sell and buy enough are handicapped by the depreciation of Android, and is that in a few months can reach almost half of its price.


Android vs ios which os is better

In short, none is supposed to be better than another, but in a sense that operating systems that adapt to different need. In my personal experience, I prefer Android for notifications management, personalization, and how to interact with the OS. From iOS, I’m left with how simple and easy it is, the fluidity and security it has and its updates.

And what do you think about, is Android better than iOS?

Why are iPhones more expensive than Android phones?

The iPhone is the star Smartphone of the Apple brand. The benefits of this product are recognized worldwide, however many wonder: Why are the iPhone so expensive?

Any iPhone offers a unique experience for its users. However, the price of Apple products always end up leaving the buyer undecided: Is it worth investing so much money on an iPhone? Or would it be better to opt for an Android phone?

The company Apple creates its Smartphone with certain parameters that guarantee to produce high quality equipment. In such a way that, when an iPhone arrives at the hands of its distinguished clientele, it meets: an attractive and resistant hardware, an efficient, practical, and easy to understand and secure software, hand in hand with an image that sells. They have definitely built an excellent reputation.

The final price of the iPhone is not more than the total sum of the cost of the actions carried out by Apple before its arrival in the market. And this encompasses a large number of processes related to: research and development, engineering and design, manufacture and purchase of components, materials, manufacturing, assembly, production, marketing…

foxconn iphone production cost and the reason why it is so expensive

What makes an iPhone so expensive?

Let’s go in parts, as a Foxconn employee would say, Apple costs a total of $220 to manufacture an iPhone 7. This cost is related to the acquisition of components such as the processor, the battery, the cameras, the screen, the sensors, etc. On the other hand, its manufacturing materials such as (aluminum, copper, cobalt, nickel …) have some costs as well.

But before reaching the market the iPhone has to go through a series of very important processes that influence its final cost. As mentioned earlier, all components must be linked in manufacturing and assembly. And this has a price.

In addition, we must take into account the publication of commercial spots, marketing, and even the testing phases, in which all kinds of tests are carried out on the terminal including; (water, resistance, battery life etc…).

But there is still more to count, unfortunately the company of the bitten apple also has to pay additional export taxes abroad. This is the reason why in the United States it is a little cheaper than in Europe and the rest of countries worldwide.

The manufacturing cost of an iPhone - and the reasons why it is so expensive product

As you may have seen in the above image, the manufacture of the iPhone is not as expensive as it seems, but if we add the cost of all the manufacturing processes we would reach an estimated figure between $ 500 – $ 600, leaving a profit margin of $150 – $250 for the Apple Company, something completely understandable.

Another factor to take into account in relation to the cost of an iPhone is that it varies depending on the country in which you are. For example, in Turkey, an iPhone exceeds $ 1,000. While, in Canada and the United States, you get it around 600 dollars, while for Mexico and South America due to import taxes on technological products, transportation, etc., it is around 900 USD depending on the company where you buy it, promotions etc.

The variation of prices is nothing new for Apple. The company already has a record of charging consumers different prices based on the exchange rate with the US dollar.

The five countries where the iPhone is cheaper are Canada, United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, Russia and Taiwan.

And the five countries where the iPhone is more expensive are the Czech Republic, Hungary, Sweden, Brazil and Turkey.

Therefore, if you live in the United States or Canada and you think that the iPhone you bought expensive, keep in mind that it could be much worse if you lived in another country.

Apple also increased the prices of apps in the following seven countries as well: Canada, Israel, Mexico , New Zealand, Russia , Singapore and South Africa.

How much is a second-hand iPhone worth?

Normally when a technological device is resold the sale price is half the price when it was purchased, but in the case of Apple products it does not turn out to be that way, due to the same fanaticism and exclusivity that the brand has created with the passage of the time, and is that even if you have one or more years of use the owner does not want to lose more than 30% of the initial value of the product. 

After reading this … Are you still thinking that the iPhone is too expensive? Should Apple lower their prices?

What has the iPhone that doesn’t devalue so quickly?

I have been in charge of carrying out some searches, generally of iPhone 6, 6s and 6s Plus, models that were launched on the market in 2014. Will they have been devalued just like an Android? Not at all, it is more, still have a price quite high for the age they have, but this has a logical explanation that clarifies everything.

Obviously, it is not the same to own an iPhone like you own an Android terminal, confused? Let me explain, those of you who intends to get an Apple phone has no other option, except to buy an iPhone or waits, because until the next year the signature does not present anything new.

And that is a great advantage for Cupertino, because they know that the most loyal users of the brand will not fail and will not look for alternatives to their terminal. Contrary to this, what happens with Android? When we go to buy a smartphone that has integrated the operating system of Google happens just the opposite, we have a large catalog in which we have the freedom to choose any phone easily.

For that reason, you will notice a sharp reduction in the terminals value in a short time, and also the manufacturers are still launching new models to the market, so in a very short time the smartphone becomes something of the past.

In addition to this, the sale of used mobile phones causes Android smartphones to be devalued much earlier, because if we look for some high end android phones, we will not only find one model, but several.

android vs ios the battle of the two gian companies

On the other hand, who wants an iPhone 6, it is clear and will buy it anywhere. This works well, there’s no alternate option. Because the best knows no alternative ~

The truth, there are thousands of ads with Apple devices, and higher prices, we have come to find an iPhone 6 for 400 dollars, even more, after the arrival of the last iPhone, the searches of the previous iPhone models have increased by 25%, very strange. But we have already mentioned above, an iPhone is something exclusive, a device that has no rival.

But of course, if you look for an Android terminal with a 5.5-inch screen, how many different models will you find? Hundreds, and logically the sale of high number of android smartphones make their price drop drastically as well, reaching a point where a 2014 Apple terminal like the iPhone 6 costs you more than a high-end android of one year ago.


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