A Town (Isafjordur) in Iceland  Paints 3D Zebra-Crosswalk To Slow Down The Speeding Cars

An Icelandic town paints an optical illusion in a crossing that forces cars to slow down. The amazing optical illusion has been successfully tested in other cities around the world!

The visual effect that slows drivers down

The effect makes the pedestrian crossing seem suspended in the air.


The small Icelandic fishing village of Isafjorour in Westfjords, with just 3,000 inhabitants, has unveiled the first 3D pedestrian crossing in Iceland, which seems to be floating on the pavement.

The effect makes the pedestrian crossing seem suspended in the air

It is designed to slow down traffic and reduce the speed of those who drive through the narrow streets of the historic center of Isafjorour.

Gautur Ivar Halldorsson, manager of Vegmalun GIH, a road painting company that created this 3D pedestrian crossing, commented in a local newspaper that the idea had originally come from New Delhi, India.

Video of how the three-dimensional zebra crossing was painted and its effect on drivers and pedestrians.

“The optical effect only works from a certain angle and for a few seconds,” explains Halldorsson. That is to say, the driver believes in the optical illusion when he sees it at a distance, but when he is near he realizes the trick: the idea is to stop, not to stop in his tracks thinking that he is going to crash.”

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The crossing of New Delhi (India) that inspired the Icelandic painter was drawn last summer and has worked so well that the city council already plans to expand the initiative to 24 crossings throughout the city. However, New Delhi was not the first with a falsely three-dimensional zebra crossing.


In the spring of 2016 two women, Saumya Pandya Thakkar and her daughter Shakuntala Pandyaand, both artists, painted a prototype in Ahmedabad, the seventh most populous city in India. And since at least 2008, several Chinese and some Russian cities have their own apparently high steps.

the iceland zebra crossing idea that tricks your brain

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