How To Get A Good Deal On A Hotel

How to save money on your hotel reservations in Dubai?

The search for accommodation and finding ways to save money when booking hotels is one of the most difficult parts when planning vacations. There are so many great hotels, so many websites to book and a lot of comments that often confuse us. The hotel is often the most expensive part of the trip so it is really important to find a good price. Remember this:

If there aren’t many lights on in a hotel in UAE, It’s probably empty. This will put you in a better position to bargain.

When it comes to planning a vacation, finding hotels can take a long time. Not only do you have to decide where to stay, but also think strategically:

How to get the best hotel deals online?

Is it better to book now or wait for prices to go down?

What if you book on a website, but then find a better price elsewhere?

What happens if you change plans and you have to change the dates?

The choice of accommodation can be the difference between an expensive or cheap trip and can really increase your final expense. Naturally, most of us are always looking for the best hotel prices to help save a few cents on our trips.

There are many strategies to help you cut hotel prices or to get the most out of your stay. Of course, you should use hotel price comparison sites, but there are some more tricks to get the best hotel deals online

Travel in off-season

travel in off season to save money on your trip to dubai

The best way to save money when booking a hotel room is to try to avoid the months of more influx, that is, summer, Christmas or marked holidays. With fewer people traveling during the off-season, hotels lower their prices to try to maintain their income.

For starters, forget about an expensive holiday full of tourists and travel in low season. Tourists usually travel in high season for a specific reason, such as snow or sun, to enjoy the best weather conditions.

In beach destinations such as Dubai, the high season usually runs from May to September, while in winter destinations such as ski resorts, they usually receive the largest number of visitors from December to February. In the southern hemisphere the seasons are reversed.

If you travel outside of the busiest seasons you will save money and avoid tourists. Bingo!

Beware of entertainment packages

Many hotels offer entertainment packages for the whole family, including food, tickets to amusement parks and the price of a hotel room. These packages may be a good option, but do a little research before making or confirming the reservation.

Sometimes these packages include things that we do not really need or even want. Other times, it can be cheaper to buy each thing separately.

It’s good to know that the hotel has an indoor pool, spa and gym, but if you know you’re not going to use any of those things, why include them in accommodation searches? If you click too many filters you will be limiting your options too much, so just check the services that are necessary like (Wi-Fi, parking, breakfast included …). Choose only the services you need.

Consider booking a room with a refundable amount

Although booking a room with a refundable amount will cost you 5-10% more, in the long run it can help you save a lot more. It will give you flexibility with the dates, that’s for sure, but you can also use it as a guarantee.

If you end up booking, keep looking for hotels and look for a cheaper room (even in the same hotel). You can reserve it, cancel the first one and be happy with that clever action. Some hotels allow you to cancel until the day of arrival, so you have enough time to find another offer; Yes, read the cancellation policy well to make sure of the deadlines.

What is the best time to make a hotel reservation?

what is the best time to make a hotel reservation in Dubai UAE

If you book two days before your trip you are more likely to find prices more accessible than if you do it 20 days before. Hotel prices can change every day, everything depends to a large extent on the availability and the season in which you plan to travel.

Booking your room on a date close to the trip could surprise you with up to 50% off, taking into account that it is not high demand season.

Before making your reservation, try to search online for discount codes or promotions. If you are carrying out the reservation through a third party website, do not forget to look for the codes associated with that website, as well as the hotel.

You can also follow the hotel chains in their profiles of social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, since on many occasions they distribute promotional codes themselves. You can even send them a message through this channel to see if they have any kind of promotion.

Choose your hotel booking dates wisely

This may be obvious, but the best way to save money on your accommodation is to book outside the peak season, such as school holidays, holidays, Friday and Saturday nights. Big events and festivals will also raise prices. Avoiding these times will save you a huge amount of money and avoid the crowds of tourists.

You do not want to pay more for a room just because the city is full of tourists.

The large increase in demand for accommodation during major conferences or sporting events makes hotel prices rise a lot, so do a Google search to see if there is something important in the dates of your trip, so you can save when booking a hotel room.

It is not always possible to travel mid-week as most people are restricted to weekends due to work. If this is the case, look for offers where you will get free Sunday night if you book on Friday and Saturday. A lot of hotels offer this and you will only have to take a day’s work.

The number of hotel stars is not the best reference

look what is mean by hotel stars and how they are rating in UAE

Remember that a 3 star hotel can be much more comfortable and suitable to your needs than a 5 star hotel.

It is better to read the reviews that users post on the websites of reviews, this will help you to have a better reference of the hotel. Of course it is a good idea to read user reviews to know a little more about hotels, but do not let a single factor influence your final decision.

There are people who will always complain about something, so be reasonable when reading comments. If you plan to stay in the middle of Times Square, in the noisy New York city center, for example, you will hear construction, traffic and people noise.

That noise will be the price you pay to sleep in downtown New York and there’s not much hotels can do about it. So in general, some users write what they really live and do not restrict themselves to negative comments. Evaluate if someone’s complaint is realistic or simply an exaggeration.

Just remember that only the stars are not all that they appear to be…

Most travelers do not know that hotel rooms should have certain amenities so that the hotel receives each of the quality stars. One-star hotels should have all essential services, such as daily cleaning or bathing, while five-star hotels should offer additional services, such as gastronomic fusion restaurants and cafeteria, for example.

Avoid Friday Nights and Weekends too

If traveling in high season is something you can not avoid, then try to book your stay at the hotel for days other than a weekend. You will surely find lower prices during the week.

Avoid spending Friday night in a hotel, as it can be one of the most expensive of the week. Everyone wants to make the most of the whole weekend, so Friday is usually one of the busiest days and, therefore, more expensive.

Instead, you can get to the hotel on Saturday morning early. Leave your bags at reception if the room is not ready yet and go out to explore the city with the money you have saved on accommodation.

Compare, compare … and compare again

compare flights and hotel prices in dubai uae

Check the prices in several different sites before making your decision. You can use hotel comparators like,,,, to start. Make sure to erase your browser’s cookies to ensure that your search history is not influencing the results.

You can also call the hotel directly to ask if they have an offer. It might surprise you that sometimes the best offers are not on the internet.

As we know, that internet is a jungle, and if we look for a hotel for a specific destination, literally thousands of websites come to consult. But in itself it is a necessary step, since comparing prices between different websites can help us to obtain the best possible price in a hotel.

In itself, services such as Trivago, or Expedia usually negotiate a discount with the owners of the hotels – around 25% in general -, so they can offer them at a lower price.

Book a hotel far from the center and check out the price of transport 

Before booking the perfect hotel, check out the public transport prices of the city where you go.

Normally staying in the center is more expensive, because everyone wants to be within walking distance of the main places of interest. Look for a hotel outside the historical center and you will probably find some bargain. Then ask yourself: can you easily get to the center on a short (and cheap) subway ride? Is there a bus line within walking distance of the hotel?

This hotel, a bit removed from the center, can be a good option to save a bit of money but you have to take into account something fundamental. That there is a good combination of public transport and, eye on this fact, that the schedules allow you to communicate quickly with the center during the night or early in the morning. When making the reservation, have on the computer screen the map of the metro or the bus lines.

According to the price of the metro, trams, buses, etc. You can save money on accommodation if you choose a hotel further away from the center, as long as you do not mind taking a few more minutes to get around.

You do not necessarily have to look for a hotel

Lately Airbnb has taken more boom than we expected. And the added value of this application is that it does not help you find hotels, but houses.

The fact of being in a place that suits your needs and that also has homemade food can come quite well. But if what you want in a space for you alone, there are also houses for rent.

Some other tips how to save at the hotel and the flight on vacation

how to save on hotel and flight in dubai

Now I tell you the best travel hacks how to save on a trip between 18 to 30% with a simple action: choose correctly where to look and buy.

Avoid online travel agencies

Would you pay up to 30% for something you can do for yourself ? Many people do not know, but there are online travel agencies such as: Takeoff, Orbitz, Expedia, Best Day, Price Travel who charge between 18 to 30% commission for their services.

The best way to save money is to plan your trip from start to finish using meta search engines, like Google where you can find flights, car rentals, hotels. The advantage is that these search engines give you more discounts and do not charge you commission. Skyscanner, Momondo, Kayak are the best to mention a few.

8 tips to save the commission

Shake off laziness and you can save yourself the commission of travel agencies. Planning a trip will take time but will give you more financial flexibility to choose what you want and need according to the money and time you will be at the destination.

Before buying your trip with an online travel agency, you have to know what they offer you and their disadvantages:

  • They give you one or a few travel options, which do not allow you to compare why they buy wholesale.
  • They are not flexible. Many times they have incredible offers to travel only in established dates and periods.
  • They usually use the months without interest (payments in installments) as a hook to attract customers and you end up paying more than what your trip could cost you if you quoted on your own.
  • They often use deceptive legends to promote themselves.
    Many of their offers are not customizable. The offer is already armed and it is difficult to remove things that you may not need.
  • Hotels are usually more expensive to book with an agency, since it is the product where they earn the most commission.
  • They will try to sell things you do not need or do not really want.
  • They only offer you a few options of the hotels they work with and do not include hostels or AirBnb.

Other options to save money

Many travelers do not know how to make a travel budget that allows them to be comfortable on their vacations. A good budget should not exceed 50% for transportation and hotel. The rest you can occupy in fun and attractions.

To save and achieve the best rates, we recommend that you:

  1. Look for travel options according to your budget and never but never get into debt by paying with a credit card.
  2. Compare prices in various travel search engines. Never stay with the first offer. Make combinations between airports and departure dates, that way you can get a better price.
  3. If your flight is very expensive, use the scales in your favor. It will take longer to arrive but it is much cheaper.
  4. If the destination you are going to the hotels are very expensive I invite you to use AirBnb, they are usually cheaper and you can rent a room or a full house.
  5. Sign up for airline and hotel point programs. No matter how little you use them, I assure you that you can accumulate many points and exchange them for flights or free nights.
  6. Keep track of ant expenses. The best application that we have used is called TRICOUNT, in addition to being free it is easy to use. We highly recommend it!

Remember, you are the most important client. Leave your money with whom you have a better experience and a better price according to your needs.

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