Healthy Tips for Ramadan

Ramadan month is around the corner. This is one of the long awaited and one of the complete blessed month Ramadan is the best for the Muslims around the globe!

12 Tips to Stay Healthy During Ramadan Fasting

Ramadan month is one of the most awaited for the Muslims around the globe. This is one of the blessed month for the Muslims to know about.

This blessed month in the year 2018, is predicted to begin on the 15th of May and will be coming to an end on 14th of June, with the Eid-ul-Fitr that is also anticipated on the 15th of June.

All of these dates are just anticipated and are also being subjected for the sighting of the moon.

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Well, some of us also tend for overlooking during the long fasts and also has the best importance about the healthy meal which can just go a long way for the both suhoor and iftaar.

At the Muslim Aid, we also believe that, in the importance of keeping the healthy and the energised during the blessed month of Ramadan, so we can also put together some of the healthy eating tips for some of our readers

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healthy tips during ramadan

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Fasting at the time of Ramadan will be improving the overall health of a person, but it needs to be done in the proper manner. When it is being performed in the incorrect way, then it may cause harm than the good.

This Ramadan, we would love to share to you about the best ever nutrition tips which you must surely follow for the overall good health. These will be the best tips to follow for being quite healthy in this blessed month of Ramadan.

This whole month gives you the best ways for tasting one of the special closeness with Allah and also for achieving the multifold ajr with the help of righteous actions to be taken into account.

Best Healthy Tips for Ramadan 2018

Here is the list of amazing healthy tips for Ramadan month 2018:

  • For the suhoor, there are various kind of foods which will keep you completely energized for long time, just like the bananas, muesli, porridge, oats, figs, prunes and the dates also. These are quite rich foods to be eaten at the time of Ramadan.
  • You must also not overeat at the time of suhoor or the iftaar and this will surely not necessarily keep you full for the longer time- it will also just make you sluggish. You just need to opt for the normal sized meal which you would also usually eat but the slow release energy foods which are being suggested above as such.
  • For the iftaar time, you must also have certain foods which can also help you to remain hydrated for longer time and just re-energise like the watermelon, grapes, olives, the lentils, rice, pulses and also various kinds of vegetables.
  • You must also avoid being overloading through the carbohydrates during either the meals because these will help you to slow down and also sluggish again.
  • Another thing to be considered which you must surely not forget isthe caffeinated and the carbonated drinks which will not be hydrating in any kind of manner at all, if you crave them or not so it is also the key for staying just away from them. There are also 12 things to do in Ramadan which you must know about.
  • If you also can’t quite fancywaking up and also physicallyeat something, then you must also try for whizzing up the super healthy and the good energy boosting smoothie too.
  • You also need to avoid the adding of too much salt in your complete food and this will also just bloat you as much as the can of fizzy drink.
  • You just need to try and introduce the little of all the 5 food groups for your complete iftaar meal.
  • There is a best way for the opening of your fast forthe iftar and you also need to break your complete fast with some of the dates and the glass of milk and they you can go ahead for praying your salaah.When there will be the returning to the table for sitting down and for eating, then you are just required to eat quite less of the wrong stuff and you will also be finding that you will feel full and not just bloated and just get satisfied too.
  • You just have to avoid the deep frying food and also for attempting for just braking or also swallowing fry instead, you will also use the few sprays of the oil for the baking part and it is just quite healtheir, tastes pretty much the same and will just make you feel less bloated.
  • Avoid oily curries and you will also opt for the making use of less oil in or just think about swapping with the healthy option like the oiive oil.

The Final Words:

So, the above listed are the best ever healthy tips to be considered for the blessed month of Ramadan and you will just love to do the fasting with good health benefits to be considered for sure.

When you also prepare your meals, you must also consider a thought for the people who just have little or no such means for the nourishment for opening their fast with. These are the best health tips which will keep you healthy throughout the Ramadan month for sure.


  1. These tips are really good,thanks. Here is some healthy Ramadan recipes which will help you to stay healthy and fit.


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