What’s Google for jobs and how to use Google’s Job search engine everything is explained

If you already use Google all the time to search for everything, now Google wants you to use it also to look for jobs. To achieve this, it presented its new initiative tool Google for Jobs, which allows you to browse, explore and refine your job searches, taking advantage of many of the most important ad sites on the internet.

find a job in Dubai through google for jobs app

Google continues its effort to master each of the areas in which the users of its search engine are interested. In addition from travel, news and restaurants, the technology giant has now proposed to optimize the job search.

During the Google I / O developer conference held in Mountain View, California, the US company announced Google for Jobs, a powerful and intuitive tool to search for work directly in the search engine. The objective is to offer faster and more relevant results.

“The idea is that you spend less time looking for work and more time preparing to get it,” Nick Zakrasek, Google Search Senior Product Manager, told Forbes in an interview.

Google demonstrated the function during the presentation. A quick search for “jobs in the retail sector” produced a list of vacancies in nearby locations, which can then be classified by category, title, date of publication, and even the time it would take you to get there. Users have the option to activate alerts for available jobs based on established preferences.

How to use Google for jobs?

The tool, uses a combination of Google’s usual search algorithms, as well as Artificial Intelligence technology to help you find that job you did not know existed. To achieve this, the company has partnered with specialized sites on the subject such as Talenteca, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Love Mondays, and others.

use google for jobs app to find jobs in dubai

The principle is relatively simple: You type in the “Jobs near me” search bar, and then you refine the criteria by selecting preset options, such as the sector in which you would like to work i.e; Marketing and advertising, for example, the age of the advertisement, the list of what was published yesterday or the history of the last two weeks, or if it is part-time or full-time.

The tool also allows you to view comments and employer ratings on trusted sites, along with the job description; and if you have logged in to your Google account, for some jobs you’ll even see how long it would take you to get to work from home, the company explains.

Better yet, Google is using machine learning to clear up the confusion created by employers who use a variety of different titles to describe similar positions.

how google jobs api work

When the user selects one of the results, a general page describing the position will appear, as well as a Maps window showing the location. A “Apply” button will take you to the career page of the company that has the vacancy.

In addition, “to ensure that more jobs are included over time, we publish open documentation for all job providers, from third-party platforms or direct employers, large or small, can learn about how to make job vacancies that publish are recognizable in this new function, “Google added in a statement.

And, if you do not find what you’re looking for, you can also have the system send you an alert when it finds your ideal combination of factors, so you can also do a more passive job search.

The project was driven by a desire to resolve what Google CEO Sundar Pichai called a “complex and multifaceted problem”: the disconnect between the shortage of talent in companies and an abundance of job seekers.

“Just as we concentrate our contributions on teachers and students through Google for Education, we want to better connect employers and job seekers,” Pichai said in the I / O scenario.

To that end, the CEO of Google said the company invested last year in the development of a solution based on machine learning , exactly an API (application programming interface, for its acronym in English) of employment in the cloud that has been provided to employers and which, according to the company, has produced promising results in the tests.

Johnson and Johnson company, for example, reported an 18 percent increase in candidate applications through the use of the Google API. Pichai noted that the list of companies that use the API is growing, but that the real magic begins when job seekers write the desired position in the Google search engine.

“We realized that the first step for many people when they start looking for a job is Google,” said Pichai. “So we build a new feature in the search with the goal that it does not matter who you are, or what kind of job you’re looking for, you can find the job offers that are right for you.”

The executive stressed that Google’s solution is designed for employees of all levels of salary and experience, as well as those jobs that have been historically difficult to classify or search online.

(Google Search Senior Product ManagerZakrasek adds, that although he can not give an exact figure, “we do know that in Google for Jobs there are positions available in several thousand job search sites“, adding that “there is a lot of unnecessary competition out there and looking for work is already hard enough”.

So the focus of the company is to make the experience as simple and powerful as possible. “We do not want to get into the terrain of specialized sites, the idea is to coinvert, not compete with them.”

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