Samsung Galaxy S9 Vs iPhone X

Samsung Galaxy S9 to come with a Face ID? Really Samsung?

Samsung Galaxy S9 is all set to be launched at MWC 2018 in February. Every single passing day is driving the smartphones fans crazy. Galaxy S8 and S8+ seriously made Samsung the boss in the smartphone industry.

It’s always exciting when Samsung is announcing stuff because they don’t hold back they always give you the best and everything you want that’s available on the market right now and we don’t expect that to be any different with the Galaxy S9.

Today in this article, we will mention the strengths the big things that Samsung is going to use to sway over Apple users to the new Galaxy S9, the advantages it’ll have over the iPhone X and yes this is still in the leaked rumor stage but this is pretty solid stuff considering a month out we know mostly everything about new phones new products coming out.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Vs iPhone X

We’ve already seen a lot of S9 leaks that you can check here in case you missed it: Samsung Galaxy S9: Release Date, Price, Specs, and More in Dubai. The leaks have ensured that Samsung doesn’t have much left to reveal at the event and we discuss the possible changes that could improve the overall user experience.

1 Screen to body ratio

The first advantage that the Samsung Galaxy S9 will have over the iPhone X is the screen to body ratio. The actual phone is shrinking the outside bezels are growing smaller. The screens are seeing the same size but the actual schematics is changed and we can see it by comparing it to the size of the Galaxy S8. So it is shrinking while the screen remaining the same size and the bezels getting smaller on the top and bottom.

The iPhone 10 right now has a screen to body ratio of ~82.9% mostly hindered by at up there and the Galaxy S9 is rumored to go from 85% to 90% somewhere in that area that’s really going to be impressive. It’s the fact that the phone is getting smaller while getting all of that new internals and features which is the most impressive part.

2 Intelligent Scan Vs Face ID

Yes, we know that Samsung and Apple both tend to copy each other once in a while and picking features that they liked from the other phone and incorporating into their own phone with a spin. So Samsung will be doing that this year with one of Apple’s biggest features on the iPhone time not only copy it but surpass it, Face ID.

So apparently Samsung is getting its own version to be called Intelligent Scan supposedly and this will be even better than Face ID for one reason the Snapdragon 845 chip that’s included in the Samsung Galaxy S9 will be capable of 50,000 data points from the infrared scanner in order to unlock your phone. So that means a more secure unlock using the facial system as well as a 3D recognizing system.

Right now, even only just a picture could fool the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the Note 8. Rumors say that Samsung will combine their version of Face ID with the Iris Scanning so that way you’ll be able to get an even more secure unlock system using your iris and your facial modeling.

Samsung Face ID

It’ll just be completely impossible for anybody to ever make a mask and an accurate eye recreation in order to unlock your phone. We think that is very impressive they’re getting Face ID but making it even more secure than Apple’s. Apple currently uses 30,000 infrared dots and Samsung’s would be 50,000 so a huge step up this is both one of the coolest and innovative things.

3 Next-gen camera

Many smartphone manufacturers have claimed to have “DSLR Replacing” camera quality in past. But we’ve  not seen this on a smartphone yet. And it’s almost 100% likely to happen on the Galaxy S9. Samsung will be introducing a camera in the S9 and S9 plus that will be able to widen and tighten the aperture much like a DSLR or more expensive camera on a smartphone.

Galaxy S9 Camera

That means you can adjust to nighttime shots or daytime shots and get the best possible shots. It’s really incredible what it can do. It’ll let in so much light so that means aperture will adjust to f/1.5 when it’s open and f/2.4 when it’s closed. So that means you can get some great daytime and even better nighttime shots.

Talking about the iPhone X, yes its camera at night is good too. But we think S9’s camera will do a better job at taking low light photos.

The camera sensor itself is supposed to stay at 12 megapixels which isn’t a problem because there will be so many other advancements in camera tech and the dual lens system will have dual optical image stabilization so the camera on the Galaxy S9 is likely to far surpass Apple’s.

4 Godlike Battery

Another advantage the Galaxy S9 will have over the iPhone X is a better battery. Even the base model but especially the larger model the S9 plus is the battery life. The iPhone X has a pretty small battery for a smartphone in this class with a 2716 mAh capacity while most are 3000 mAh or more nowadays but still, it has some fantastic battery life. The Galaxy S9 is rumored to have 3000 mAh battery, while its big brother the S9 Plus is going to have 3500 mAh.

iPhone Battery

These are very massive batteries but they’re actually smaller than last year’s Galaxy S8 and S8 plus. The Galaxy S9 Plus will have a smaller battery as compared to S8 Plus with 3600 mAh battery. We still think that the battery life will be better because of the advancements in the OS may be the RAM utilization also the processor should be more efficient so the battery life theoretically should be better than even the S8.

5 Bold Price Tag

Another advantage of the Galaxy S9 is pricing. Samsung’s pricing strategy is, of course, to play smart. Although S9 variants will be more expensive than the S8 ones and yet they will still be cheaper than the iPhone X. So for the base S9 pricing is going to be about $875 and the S9+ will be $925. It’s still almost $100 cheaper than the iPhone X while still being a newer phone in 2018.

We think that’s definitely a good strategy on Samsung’s part because they’re gonna want to undercut the price from Apple while retaining a lot of customers for being sub $1000 where most smartphones nowadays are getting so expensive it’s definitely a good thing. Maybe Samsung’s keeping it under $1000 due to a common mentality of the price crossing $1000 as to why so many people don’t want to buy the iPhone X it’s only 100 or 200 dollars more than the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. Honestly, it’s really worth it in the long run but people focus so much on that thousand dollar bits that they just don’t buy it.


6 Internet at its best

One more advantage is that the Galaxy S9 will have is Gigabit speeds using the Snapdragon 845. The iPhone X is capable of 600 megabits download speeds and the Galaxy S9 will still double that using the Snapdragon 845 to one point two Gigabit download speed.

S9 Internet

No offense but that’s truly ridiculous. Do you need those kinds of speeds on your phone? Sure in a few years where we’ll be streaming 4k on our phones so maybe it’s definitely good to be future-proofed.

Wrapping up!

So those are the advantages that the Galaxy S9 will have over the iPhone X. Both are fantastic phones but this one is just gonna do some things a little bit better than the iPhone X. So what are your views about S9? Please share your opinion in the comments section below. Don’t forget to follow our social media handles to stay informed whenever we post something new like this.

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  1. Thank-you, it was a good and well researched information you.

    Galaxy S9 Plus vs. iPhone X: It’s another battle of the camera titans. Samsung and Apple are continually pushing the limits in phone photography, and with the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus, Samsung has stepped up its camera game.

    I would like to add some more points with in brief.

    1. In ideal conditions In with normal lighting, and when using automatic settings, there’s no doubt these two phones are at the top of their class in terms of mobile photography. You’ll notice slight differences in color temperature and texture: The Galaxy S9 Plus tends to be a warmer, while the iPhone X has cooler hues. But neither overshadows the other, and the “best” in these conditions is likely subjective.

    2. When recording video at 1080p at 60 frames per second, the differences are also subtle. The Galaxy S9 Plus tends to have more contrast saturation in the shot, which makes it look sharper — and darker. Video on the iPhone X is brighter, making the shot look softer.

    3.The iPhone’s aperture is fixed at f/1.8, which means it’s relying on image processing and shutter speed to adjust to different lighting conditions. Shots on the iPhone X also look great, but since it has fewer options to play with, you get a consistent look across all the photos.


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