best French Restaurants In Dubai

Dubai is a lavish city having a hot spot of restaurants that serve splendid dishes. It has ‘n’ number of French restaurants that have spectacular look and has great service. After sight-seeing and more when you feel hungry, you can taste French food in the below mentioned French eateries.

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French Restaurants In Dubai

Top 10 Stunning French Restaurants In Dubai

Here are some of the best French eateries in Dubai. So, without wasting any time, let’s get started with the list:

#1. Fournil de Pierre

When you’re inside, Fournil de Pierre doesn’t ever make you feel less than welcome. It invites you in with its glass-fronted pastry counter and a perfect spot for coffee and pastries and the weekend papers. From the pastries to the quiches, fresh-baked bread and the lovely light salads it is the smaller dishes here that make it worth seeking out.

This is a venue built for a lazy late breakfast though for you we would particularly recommend the smears of cream cheese, a pillow of flaky crepe enveloping top-class smoked salmon and Galette au saumon. You could pretty much be on Le Croisette in Cannes when you order one of those and a coffee, sit back on your chair on the terrace and close your eyes.

Open: 7am-2.30am (Daily)

French Restaurants In Dubai

#2. La Petite Maison

It is an astonishing place to grab a bite as far as lunch or dinner is concerned. It has a huge reputation of being one of the finest French spots in town. The menu is endlessly appealing and extensive and due to this reason, you could easily over-order. To sample the rest later you will just have to make some tough choices and make a follow-up reservation.

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We would recommend the spectacular burrata with tomatoes and basil, the lamb cutlets, which are the finest we’ve had in this city, the mushroom risotto, octopus in lemon oil and the lobster tagliatelle – each dish is served by the amicable and knowledgeable staff when it’s ready.

Open: Noon-3pm, 7pm-11.30pm (Daily)

#3. La Serre

Sometimes we need to put a question mark over some of the pricing of the food at La Serre (our recent lunch for two, with two soft drinks, came in at north of Dhs1,200) but the fact is you can not argue with the food.

The restaurant is set over two floors (the top one being the posher of the two) with a huge glass front overlooking the bustling Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard and is based in the Vida Downtown Hotel, itself a triumph of decadence minus frills. The desserts are playful twists on French classics, top quality while the menu that you will find for the mains and starters reads almost as well as it tastes. The seafood bears particular mention with langoustines, a veritable jamboree of mussels, and prawns all cooked so perfectly that if the cost didn’t relegate it to special occasions only we would be there every week.

Open: [Daily] 7am-10.30pm (boulangerie); noon-3pm, 7pm-11pm (bistro).

#4. Le Classique

This place has a welcoming feel, good service and great food and it is overlooking the championship course of Emirates Golf Club. In truth, it has a menu weighted way more toward tradition rather than innovation and it is also one of the oldest restaurants in the city. We would be failing in our duty if we didn’t recommend a perfectly executed main course of sea bass on a cauliflower risotto preceded by a snail ravioli in chicken consommé that you want to seek out immediately.

Open: Tue-Sun noon-3pm, 7pm-midnight.

Superb French Restaurants In Dubai, UAE

#5. Maison Bagatelle

It is a sister restaurant of Bistrot Bagatelle in New York’s. The food includes highlights such as excellent dessert choices that come courtesy of a patisserie, an excellent wagyu beef burger and such food should not be missed. It has a great location and an impressive decor – It is in the shadow of the Burj Khalifa as it sat just around the corner from The Dubai Mall and therefore– will justify your visit.

Open: 9am-11pm (Daily).

#6. Nineteen

The restaurant at The Address Montgomerie Dubai and at a severe hook away from the toils of the 18th fairway (seriously difficult, trust us) lies Nineteen that gazes out over a spectacular course. By night the sounds of the fountain in the adjacent deliver soothing sprinkles while getting out on the terrace and by day the views are spectacular. Either way, it has a nice ambience and the menu contains some nice sumptuous food delivered from the live cooking “show kitchen”. The grill food includes a stunning cream of porcini soup to a delicate amuse-bouche and the tiger prawns served with garlic kick, a nice chilli and sprinkled incongruously with pomegranate. This is a good restaurant for dinner with friends.

Open: Sun-Thu 7pm-midnight, Fri 6.30pm-10.30pm, Sat noon-3.30pm, 7pm-midnight.

#7. Reflets par Pierre Gagnaire

It is not at all a cheap restaurant, very French and serves you with lots of food it gets borderline Monty Python by the end (fortunately, a final “wafer-thin mint” isn’t ultimately forthcoming). Reflects should figure a long way up your shortlist if you are after a food experience in the city. You should spend money and make sure you go with a full wallet and an empty stomach.

Open: 7pm-11pm (Daily).

#8. STAY by YannickAlleno

This restaurant is a brainchild of French master chef Yannick Alleno, STAY (the abbreviation standing for Simple Table Alleno Yannick, apparently) and you must experience the food here if you are in the city. Service and decor are impressive. Those who give you service in the restaurant are knowledgeable and friendly. And the decoration is outstanding. Here the waiters help you in assembling dishes on your plate in front of you. They place items so nicely and delicately that they look very well trained waiters. It serves excellent delicate seafood ravioli to melting wagyu beef. The menu is executed keeping in mind the taste of the customers.

Open: 7pm-11pm (Daily)

Best French Restaurants In Dubai, UAE

#9. Sass Café

The Dubai branch is open in one of the emirate’s more salubrious districts, DIFC and the original Sass Café is apparently frequented by the rich and famous in Monaco. The diners get the feeling of the distinctly nightclub-esque entrance of the venue as a red carpet flanked by floodlit pools leads to an impressive welcome. The sense of being in a nightlife spot, rather than an eatery, continues beyond the blacked-out front door. The dining room ahs a very dim light that the visibility of the food is not the best and it is not easy for non-smokers as they may feel a little put off having to dine in smoky, bar-like surroundings. You will get an expected welcome at the reservation desk and not especially warm but to be honest the service from the waiting staff fills in this gap.

The menu includes classic Mediterranean options that are perfectly designed for sharing and are priced in a sensible way. I would like to say here that we are not impressed by the ambience and interior and it is the great quality and standard of food that would call us back.

Open: Sun-Wed 7pm-midnight; Thu-Fri 7pm-1am; Sat 9pm-midnight.

#10. Traiteur

It delivers both spectacular and intimate from the raised open-plan kitchen to its whale-bone ceiling with tables spaced far enough apart to talk business in private or whisper sweet-nothings. The menu can come up with more choices and classically executed but to frank, the parsley and snails in garlic are a flattering delight and the wagyu beef a master class in the melt.

Dhs465 (with soft drinks), Dhs570 (with sparkling grape), Dhs690 (with bubbly), Dhs235 (for children aged six-12). Fri 12.30pm-4pm. Park Hyatt Dubai, Deira (04 317 2222).

Summing up

Folks when we talk of food, Dubai is almost non-native to imagine. The above restaurants serve virtually hard core yummy French cuisines that you will remember throughout your life. One thing is for sure that the above top French restaurants will help you plan the perfect meal.

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