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“Tired of using that traditional calling system? Want to take your calling experience to an entirely new level? Then you are at the right spot!”

The period of using actual landline phones have come to an end. Between easily available Internet and less expensive cell phones, it’s anything but difficult to cut that string for good. Despite everything you’ll have to discover a data connection like an ISP or WiFi, however generally every application on this rundown gives you ability to make free calls using them. Here are the best free calling applications for Android! There are many companies doing battling it out in the data-calling space, each of which has its own advantages and downsides. Some offer voice calling, while others only allow video calls, photo transfer, and group chats. For those who always look everywhere to learn something new, here are some online learning apps Dubai.

Top 14 Free Calling Apps For Android

Using Android applications to make phone calls to any mobile number can be a gigantic advantage. With confusing and costly mobiles and long haul contracts wherever you turn, having a financially savvy approach to use your Android gadget for local and international calls to both landline phones and mobiles can spare you piles of cash and frustration.

List of Top 14 Free Calling Apps

While there are various popular calling applications out there, for example, Google Voice, Skype, etc, the market is certainly covered with newer applications which may prove more appropriate for you.

1. Skype

Skype is one of the most established and most prominent free calling apps for Android, PC, and other smartphones. Through this android application you can easily share videos, images, send instant message through chat and make unlimited domestic and global free calls on Skype.

Skype Features:

  • Skype to Skype free voice and video calls
  • Skype has made messaging very awesome. You can send videos, photos, voice messages, emoticons, emojis and much more
  • Almost free video and voice calls make it easier for you to stay connected with your friends, family, and loved ones.
  • Get instant Skype notifications on your connected Android wear devices.
  • You can send video clips from your favorite movies and TV shows in skype chat

Skype - free calling app

2. Viber

Viber is another free calling application for android that allows you to make phone calls, send text messages, video recording message and offer your current location in real time. You can make your messages fascinating and excellent using the stickers and emoticons and can also make groups with up to 100 members. The push notifications makes Viber very simpler to see who is calling you that you don’t miss the Viber call regardless of the possibility that you can’t see at the time of call.

Viber is absolutely free and makes it possible for you to message or call anybody on the planet using your Internet connection. Send an instant message to loved ones with Viber Messenger. Call your friends and family utilizing Viber’s live video call or voice call. Convey what needs be with cool stickers and emoji symbols, share photographs, and send your most loved videos.

Pick a contact from your telephone directory or essentially enter a mobile number to include another contact on Viber messenger. Send an instant message, or exploit the other stunning elements that Viber offers past simply free messages! Offer photographs and recordings, enjoy emoji symbols and cool stickers, record sound messages, and even send documents.

Viber features:

  • With Viber messenger, you can create groups with up to 250 members at any time!
  • Viber Messenger is your free universal calling application! No requirement for a username or login data, basically initiate by entering your telephone number
  • Pick between the basic voice call or go with live video chat if you want up close and personal! Regardless of whether you make a phone call locally or have worldwide calls to make, all phone calls have HD quality sound
  • Tap and hold the instant video symbol to catch the moment with 30-second recordings and release to send
  • Viber messenger automatically encodes instant messages, video & voice calls, photographs, recordings, and group chats
  • Breath life into your text messages by sending lively emoji symbols and cool stickers
  • Delete an instant message or voice message even after it has been sent
  • Conceal particular chats from your messaging screen and get to them later
  • You can write up to 7000 character long instant messages with Viber messenger
  • Support for Android wear devices

Viber - free calling app

3. Google Voice

Google Voice android app allows you to make free calls and send free text messages. All users need is some internet data to send messages or make free calls both domestic and international. This app gives you a free phone number for calling, text messaging, and voicemail. It currently works on mobile phones and computers, and syncs the data all across your devices. If you are listing your products or looking to buy something used through Dubai classifieds and want to hide your name and phone number at the same time then this app is a great option for communication purposes.

Google Voice Features:

  • Forward calls, instant messages, and phone message to any of your gadgets, and get spam filtered naturally. Block numbers you would prefer not to get notification from.
  • Calls, instant messages, and voice messages are accumulated and backed up to make it simple for you to look through your history.
  • Send group messages and offer photographs in just matter of seconds.
  • Google Voice gives free voice message translations that you can read in the application or have sent to your email.
  • Make worldwide calls at cheap rates without utilizing your mobile internet.

Google Voice - free calling app

4. Facebook Messenger

Facebook is world’s top social media platform as of now. Facebook app also lets you make free video and voice calls. If you are already using Facebook’s messaging app aka Facebook Messenger then there is no need to download any other app for video and voice calling on your mobile device.

Facebook Messenger Features:

  • Record video and voice messages and send them with just one click
  • Know when individuals have seen your message
  • Forward messages or photographs to individuals who weren’t in the discussion
  • Look for individuals and groups to quickly get back to them
  • Turn on location to tell people when you’re adjacent
  • See who’s available on Messenger and who’s active on Facebook
  • Make alternate ways to get to any discussion right from your home screen
  • Turn off push notifications when you’re working, sleeping or simply require a break
  • Stay signed in so you never miss a message

Facebook Messenger

#5. Line

Line is additionally an easy to use free calling android application that gives clients extraordinary components to make free voice call any time of the day. Clients can share media and in addition instant messages with your companions on Line. You can make calls the world over to any Line user on your phone contacts list.

Line features:

  • Private conversations can happen anyplace with group video calls
  • Talk with up to 200 companions in your group at the same time! Enjoy face-to-face chat with companions also!
  • From where to meet to what to eat, keep away from lengthy discussions and settle on choices effectively by creating a poll.
  • Enjoy incredible quality calls for free of cost, regardless of where you are. Indeed, even international calls with to 200 individuals at the same time are totally free! Utilize effects and channels for considerably more fun amid video calls.
  • Share messages, photographs, recordings, stickers, voice messages, and live locations effectively with buddies.
  • From messages and photographs to recordings and areas, share your every day minutes with friends on Timeline!
  • Browse hundreds of highly popular free stickers in addition to delightful stickers of the world’s most loved characters! Browse a variety of LINE sticker sets to liven up your messages in your own one of a kind way.
  • Regardless of whether in a hurry with the mobile version or connected to the desktop client using your PC or Mac, your LINE talks are always up-to-date and adjusted consequently over all platforms.
  • Store messages, photographs, recordings, and more in Keep where you can without much of a stretch share them with friends.
  • Interact directly with your most loved celebrities and organizations by friending their official accounts.
  • LINE gives a gateway to amusement and lifestyle applications that will keep you engaged and bring new comfort to your life.
  • Place global calls to cellphones and landlines at low rates. You can even call your buddies who aren’t on LINE.

Line - free calling app

#6. Tango

Tango is another free calling application for Android that enables you to make voice and video calls with your loved ones. Using this Android app, you can connect with your buddies and group chat up to 50 members. Tango free call application works with almost every Android devices and have an incredible quality with 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi.

Tango features:

  • Make absolutely free video and voice call
  • Send text messages for no charges. Share photos, videos, and status updates
  • Create groups for interesting chats with your loved ones
  • You can also play games and challenge your friends at the same time

#7. Nimbuzz

Nimbuzz is another example of great social apps. You can use it for making HD video and voice call for absolutely free. This app has more than 150 million satisfied users all across the globe and is available on almost every platform like Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry and for some Nokia series of Symbian devices.

Nimbuzz Features:

  • Free app that allows you to send text messages and make video or voice calls to other Nimbuzz users
  • Send videos, images, and audio to other Nimbuzz users
  • Almost free or cheap calls to any mobile number

Nimbuzz - free calling app

#8. Fring

Fring is another free calling android application, which gives some awesome user experience on making free calls. Fring users can make free calls, send messages, video, group calls & videos and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. You can add up to 4 individuals at the same time in group call and get the most astounding quality calls.

Fring Features:

  • Free individual and group calls, texting, video conferencing
  • Group calling with 4 buddies at the same time
  • Free global call, texting and video calls to other Fring clients around the world

Fring - free calling app

#9. Nanu

Nanu application is a new free calling application in the rundown and furthermore one of the unique and best android application. Users can make free calls using this application yet fascinating things is, it doesn’t require rapid 3G internet connection for making calls. You can undoubtedly make do with the 2G.

Nanu - Free calling app

#10. TalkU Free Calls +Free Texting +International Call

Now you don’t have to pay for those expensive calling charges and text messages! TalkU app for Android lets you make almost free phone calls to anyone over 3G/4G data networks or WiFi without using your smartphone balance.

TalkU Features:

  • Free Calls & Text Message
  • Crystal Clear Calls
  • Cheap International Calls
  • Free U.S Phone Number
  • Amazing Premium Features
  • No annoying ads!

TalkU Free Calls +Free Texting +International Call

#11. iEvaphone: Free calls

Using iEvaphone, you can call any cell phone or landline phone of your friends and relatives absolutely free of cost. iEvaphone is a completely free app which even allows to call abroad for no charges. Person on the other side doesn’t need to be online or even install the app, just dial the number and it lets you make a free call.

iEvaphone: Free calls

#12. FreeTone Free Calls & Texting

FreeTone app offers you the best quality online calling experience. It is one of the best FREE calling and texting app available for Android on the Google Play Store so far. Unlike other calling apps which claims themselves to be free, you don’t need to earn any credits or pay money for buying credits. Simply dial any US or Canada number and have an absolutely free conversation. This app has the following features:

  • Get your own personal phone number with voicemail capability
  • Calling in US and Canada is absolutely free
  • Enjoy unlimited free texting (SMS) and picture messaging (MMS)

#13. International calls

With this app you can make free calls with uncompromising quality to any phone number all across the globe.


  • Cheap online calling via Edge/3G/4G or Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • Works even on the slowest of the networks.
  • Secure VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection.

#14. Free Calls & Text Messenger

It is the best calling and texting app for free VoIP and WiFi calling. Make cheap worldwide calls and free texting to your friends and loved ones anywhere in the world with arguably low charges.


  • Free calling facility over WiFi and 3G/4G
  • Insanely economic international calls and SMS to any phone
  • Send photo, picture messages, videos, and location
  • Crystal-clear call quality
  • No annoying ads!

Free Calls & Text Messenger

Final Thoughts

Staying in touch with friends and loved ones anywhere in the world using your Android phone is very convenient! This was our list of top 10 best free calling apps for Android in 2017. Use them for making free voice and video calls to people around the globe. All you need is a working internet connection. If you are a diehard Apple fan then there are many iMessage sticker packs apps for iPhone.

If you look carefully then hopefully you will find an app you might be looking for. Also, some of the apps are apps specific that means they only allow ‘app-to-app’ communication. In other words, both sides need the same app installed on their device in order to communicate.

We hope that you liked this article. If you have any kind of query or suggestion then don’t hesitate to share them in the comments section below. We will try to get back to your query as soon as possible.


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