Samsung Foldable smartphones in UAE
Samsung Foldable smartphone

Mobile Future Trends: Will 2017 be the year of  Cellphones with Flexible and Foldable Screens?

Apparently the history of technology is a loop from which we can never leave. Do you remember those Startec telephones that were folded; and that to answer them had to be opened and automatically answered once opened? Well obviously giant companies like Samsung, Google and LG want to return to those floors and soon to launch foldable handsets. Although of course with all the technology that exists today; one can create devices much more powerful and visually very attractive.

While there are already many in the category of televisions that offer a curved display; on mobile devices there is still no one who has taken the fearful step of launching a smartphone or tablet with foldable screen… or so we believed until now.

Google will launch a Foldable Display in the 2017 Pixel Smartphone

The foldable smartphone is no longer a brainstorm, but probably not as far away as we might think. Now, Google has come out with a new concept, which could soon become a reality.

For years, the big manufacturers at the trade fairs have always shown smartphones and tablets with futuristic displays; which can either be rolled, kinked or even folded. So far, however, no manufacturer has been able to bring such a device onto the market and actually produce it in larger quantities. This could soon be changed; and Google could be one of the first manufacturers to offer such a marvelous device.

“In recent years, there have been few really big innovations in the smartphone industry; but a major innovation may soon be coming. Which could push not only the smartphone but above all also the tablet market”

Displays that fold And thus can dynamically alter their size. The talk has been going on for years; but this year it could finally be the actual time.

Finally, the display manufacturer LG should now have succeeded in producing these flexible displays in large quantities; and with impressive demonstration devices. Both Apple as well as Google and Microsoft are to have signed with the Korean manufacturer and such displays will be used in their products in the future. The world’s largest smartphone maker Samsung is not part of it; but is using the technology from its own company.

Now you can ask yourself, of course, what Google will do with these displays – and actually there is only one answer: Since the tablet market is as good as fall asleep; Google could use this with the next pixel smartphone (or another device) Again completely revive: The below photo from LG’s road map already shows a smartphone; whose display can easily be opened like a book and thereby doubles in size and turns into a tablet.

A smartphone that can be turned into a tablet

A smartphone that can easily be turned into a tablet is likely to be the next really big innovation on the mobile market.

Since Google is strongly active in the hardware sector; one could also be among the first companies to offer such a smartphone. And so we would be synonymous for a killer feature of pixel 2017.

At the moment there are still many question marks in the room. The next step will be the scrollable displays; which are also aimed primarily at the tablet market and allow for a very compact and space-saving design. Of course, these technologies can also be used in other areas; but the interest of the three technology giants (Samsung, LG and Google) is likely to target the mobile market.

Future Smartphone Trends: Foldable and Fast

So what news can be expected in the coming smartphone generations?

As we discussed earlier that LG and Samsung may be launching some models of phones and folding tablets by the end of 2017. This news is published by The Korean Herald, a newspaper famous for having generally exclusive or first-hand notes on these two brands. 

The information shows that both Samsung and LG could be releasing 100,000 units of new devices with folding screen for the last quarter of this year. Also, it is not known for sure if Samsung will achieve its mission after the great fiasco that was the Galaxy Note 7. This problem put the company in a complicated position in relation to consumers and investors.

The South Korean manufacturer Samsung has set itself the goal to score with a new display technology. Because after a curved display, a completely foldable display is now to conquer the market. However, whether or not there is really a value added for the user has to be waited. Actually, the foldable Samsung smartphone should appear this year.

Samsung to introduce two Flexible Phones this year: the Phone that becomes Tablet

According to a new report, Samsung is currently working on a pair of foldable phones with a model expected to hit the market later this year.

As per recent rumors, Samsung is soon to introduce the two different foldable smartphone models at Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona (February 27 to March 2, 2017). While a device is to be folded over the horizontal center axis; the second new model is probably a hybrid of smartphone and tablet. In the folded state, the display diagonal is supposed to be 5 inches and thus accept smartphone dimensions.

This unit would come with two screens and could be unveiled during the CES or MWC in January or February 2017. A foldable phone, opened into a tablet, was a long dream for the industry. During the Tech World Event last June, Lenovo showed a phone that could be folded and bent into a bracelet. The company also showed a tablet that could shrink to the size of a phablet. No product is produced for the public so far.

Samsung’s foldable phone with the two screens would have a hinge in the middle; so there are three positions. One would have both displays facing out, so that the device can have one screen in front and another in the back. In another position, the two indicators would point inward. This would be done to protect the glass from breaking while the device is being moved in a pocket or act pocket. The third and final position would allow the user to have both screens combined into one large tablet size display.

Remember that according to report, Samsung has not decided to go “full speed ahead.” The company is using the device to see how much demand it will be from the public sector for such a phone; and to show the public what a foldable phone can do. The company should have a plan in mind that calls for it to analyze consumer feedback and then apply it to two designs that it has worked on. One is a “fold-out” design, the other is an “in-fold” design that Samsung used in a 2013 Ad.

Currently Samsung brand is progressing slowly; as the company and its reputation is still recovering after the recalls of Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

LG makes the difference

For its part, LG may have a greater chance of launching these new devices since reports say the company has been working on these types of features for two or three years; which is more feasible to take this step.

As the company, which has probably worked most with the nature of smartphone displays; LG can confidently call itself an expert for foldable displays. And since LG delivers its components to Google and Google itself has a soft spot for innovations; it should not be long before the foldable Google smartphone. And Google’s innovative new folding pixel phones will be released soon. 

Whatever the decision of these two brands; it is time for some of them to take the lead in a new type of device. Usually Apple is the one that takes the difficult steps in this type of decisions and then lately launch a ground-breaking product.

Folding Screens come from Korea

The new addition to the informal confirmation of the existence of these folding devices is that LG also wants to join the party. Samsung’s rivals, and compatriots, prepare another model with similar output. Another 100,000 units a future flip phone from LG will hit the market coinciding with the fourth quarter this year.

So, Samsung would win the game as to be the first to place flip phones on the market; but would have to check how they work either model. Remember that Samsung has been evolving its Super AMOLED screens for some time; and it is logical to think that its Galaxy X, if it is named, will feature one of these screens.

LG mobile manufacturers to launch an LCD panel as the proportion of 5.7 inch 18:9 which is ready for future LG G6 smartphone. Therefore, we would have two folding screens two different technologies coming to market with few weeks apart. And do not forget about the Xiaomi handset; which already has already developed a flexible display concept that could curdle into a marketable terminal later or earlier.

As a last detail, it seems that Samsung could make its model to the public with folding screen in the next MWC in Barcelona; but production times will be forced to sell it for the third quarter. We would be talking about a 7-inch smartphone, which would be more a tablet than a phone; although we would have to see the dimensions of the terminal once folded.

Will Flexible Screens finally arrive in 2017?

It is true that we have already seen some point exponent of this type of terminals; but the fact that large companies such as Apple or Samsung are already working piece wise in this type of panels; makes us think that they are closer to reach in general, to All consumers, than we could think at first.

Almost all of these claims have their origin in rumors and unofficial news; but it is true that,

the market for mobile telephony has reached a level in which there is little differentiation between top-of-the-range terminals.

In all, the performance and the multimedia sections are excellent. The next step is to enter directly through the eyes of the consumer; and with such devices would be to sew and sing.

This is well known by Xiaomi, who recently introduced its Xiaomi Mi Mix, with some spectacular screen frames. Interestingly, it has also been rumored that this firm could begin to use flexible displays. Curiously, it just raised another fighter to the ring.

It is not the first time that we talk about that in the coming years technology will advance a lot; and we will all enjoy great devices and all the stories we have heard thousands of times. But the fact that so many important firms are already working on these types of flexible panels; and with the maturity that has reached the mobile phone market makes us optimistic and think that; maybe yes, 2017 is finally the year we see Flexible and Foldable screens on smartphones.

And you? What do you think? Do you think we will see this kind of screens in 2017 or will we have to wait longer?



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