Floyd Mayweather Vs Conor McGregor watch live streaming from U.A.E
Floyd Mayweather Vs Conor McGregor fight

When you talk about $ 500 million projections, it’s the fight that has to happen in the sports industry

After two years of retirement, Floyd Mayweather returns to the ring for a particular boxing match against Irish mixed martial arts star Conor McGregor in what will be the last multi-million dollar bout of his successful career. 

Fox Sports Premium will be the channel in charge of transmitting the fight that is scheduled for 00:30 am Argentine time, although the event will begin at 20:30 with five preliminary fights.

mayweather vs mcgregor watch the biggest fight of the year tonight live in Dubai
mayweather vs mcgregor watch the biggest fight of the year tonight

The self-styled ‘The Best Ever‘ believes that their appointment with the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fashion fighter will serve him to reach the long-awaited 50-0 mark, which would put him above the myth of American boxing Rocky Marciano, Died in 1955 with a record of 49-0.

“After this victory I’m going to say goodbye forever. That’s settled,”Mayweather said in a statement this week before kicking off pre-August 26 action at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. 

While McGregor is not a born boxer, he has shown strength in his fists to send his opponents to sleep. He is not the conventional mixed martial arts fighter and his ambition has pierced the sport. 

McGregor started out as a young boxer in his hometown of Dublin, but has never boxed professionally. The left-hander is known for his aggressive and counter-punching style, making 18 of his 21 UFC victories by knockout.

“People always think it’s a game or a performance,” said McGregor, who is given a 6-1 favor, according to early stakes. “I’m just the best fighter, that’s all.”

In his favor, Mayweather expects that McGregor will face him in his boxing ring and with the rules of that sport, although the Nevada Athletic Commission authorized the use of eight-ounce gloves for this fight, something that in theory Could benefit the power of Irish hands.

“God made one thing perfect for me: my record,” Mayweather said of the reasons that led him to fight the top UFC star today. The advantage in McGregor’s stature and reach are two issues to be considered by the former champion’s team, who have vowed to win by knockout to clear any doubts about which is the most dominant combat sport.

The fight is scheduled for midnight on Saturday (20hs of Los Vegas) and will televise by Fox Premium Action. It can be viewed online by the Fox app, which is accessible to Fox Premium subscribers. An international TV PPV sale is expected to be paid in 4,500,000 households, at an average price of US $ 100.

The Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor fight breaks US money bags.

The biggest bag in boxing history?

Given the expectation built up over two years in social networks for the fight between these striking opponents, the bag at stake in this super heavyweight fight was just too big to resist.

“When you talk about $ 500 million projections, it’s the fight that has to happen in the sports industry,” said Scott Hurst, a mixed martial arts expert and co-founder of the Real Sport website, CNN’s World Sport program.

numbers have yet to be confirmed, but Mayweather has previously stated that he would not take anything less than $ 100 million guaranteed, and offered $ 15 million to McGregor. 

In his previous megacombate, a fight of 2015 against Manny Pacquiao, Mayweather raised a record of 500 million dollars, according to the two organizations and the networks of television implied.

In January, McGregor boldly stated that a fight between him and Mayweather would generate a $ 1 billion bag.

“One thing that can excite us is that we already have a fight between Mayweather and McGregor,” adds Hurst. “I think the period before the fight and the accumulation of the bag is going to be 100 times better than the fight itself.”

“If you’re running a marathon, then the marathon runner will win against a sprinter 99.9% of the time,” Hurst says. “Unless Mayweather falls out of the ring, or does not show up for the fight, I think it’s very unlikely that this undefeated fighter, the best pound-for-pound boxer, will lose against McGregor, who has no boxing experience at all. absolute”.

“He will last as long as Mayweather allows him to last,” legendary boxing coach Teddy Atlas told ESPN. “All these UFC guys are very tough, tough guys, they have fighting skills and (if) they throw you down, you know that for the average athlete everything is over,” he added.

“But if they are ruled by the strict rules of boxing, there is no case, baby.” “They are cave dwellers, they can not beat third-level fighters.”


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